Office 2007 high-quality designer templates – Free download from Microsoft

Microsoft is now offering some free high-quality designer templates for office 2007 users. These free themes can be downloaded and used with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Office Word 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Accounting Express or Microsoft Publisher.These design templates were created by the design firm Bradley & Montgomery.

Thus, Microsoft Office 2007 makes it easy for small businesses to create professional-looking presentations and documents. The high-quality designer templates will help them to quickly create great looking presentations and documents.

Why does Microsoft give free designer templates for office 2007?

Microsoft’s objective of giving such free templates is to demonstrate the features and usefulness of Office 2007 and make it more attractive for small businesses.One can even try out these templates with a 60 day trial version of office 2007.

Free Download office 2007 trial version:

Free download 60 day office 2007 trial version in English or Spanish here

Free Download office 2007 designer templates:

Free download office 2007 designer templates here. Choose a design and click download template at right bottom corner of the office 2007 designer templates page.There are six template families with 9 colors to choose from. Each template has a place for a business to place its logo along with text and picture boxes to simply add their content. The templates are completely free, and businesses that don’t have office 2007 can also download the free 60-day trial of Office 2007 to use the templates to the fullest extent.

Read on how to apply or change custom or default themes of documents and presentations created with Microsoft Office Word 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.

3 comments on “Office 2007 high-quality designer templates – Free download from Microsoft

  1. […] Custom themes are available only if you created one or more custom document themes. You can download high quality free designer templates for office 2007 from microsoft […]

  2. Hey I am all set to give my project presentation next week. Now I will prepare my ppt with the newly launched template designs.

  3. Applied for mine. I hope I get them soon.

  4. Harris, i am not sure what you applied for? You just have to download them and use it with your office 2007 applications 🙂

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