Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 and Windows Phone 7

How to get started with Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 on Windows Phone 7?

– Microsoft had recently launched windows phone 7 and is now on the verge of partnering the mobile phone making giant Nokia! Nokia’s high end phones will run on Windows Phone 7, once this partnership is officially announced. All this makes it clear that Microsoft has big plans for its new mobile OS, which has already received some great reviews.

Though Windows Phone 7 sales figures are not something to cheer about, the partnership with Nokia may bring in the needed boost. Microsoft is all set to launch windows phone 7 in big Asian markets, including India, where Nokia already has a big market share. Year 2011 will not only be important for Nokia, but also for Microsoft and its mobile OS – Windows Phone 7.

If you already own windows phone 7 or intend buying one, you will be glad to note that Microsoft has also released a mobile version of its popular office suite – Office Mobile 2010, and it is available free at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

If you are on a Mac, free download Office 2011 Mac trial. If you are on windows 7 or vista, you could try the Office 2010 Free Download

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010

Office mobile 2010 suite of applications includes the following.

  • Microsoft Word Mobile 2010
  • Microsoft Excel Mobile 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote Mobile 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010

Office Mobile Apps are primarily designed to help the review process, by making it easy to review the Microsoft office 2010 documents shared via email or the Microsoft SharePoint site.

Update: Access to MS office documents via Microsoft Office Online (Skydrive) has also been promised by Microsoft in MWC 2011.

You can not only review the documents but can also add your comments. It is thus a very effective suite of office apps for Managers and Team Leads, to review the documents prepared by their teams, wherever they are.

Though Mobile Office Apps are primarily intended to support the reviewing process, they do let you edit the documents too! This will be very handy to make those small edits for typos or add some notes to your presentations, when you are hard pressed for time and don’t have the luxury of sending the documents back to your team to get them corrected.

Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile is one great app to get yourselves ready, before making that important presentation. Mobile Office 2010 will be more convenient to use than office 2010 or 2007 on a laptop, when you are in a crowded place or walking to office.

How to get Microsoft Office Mobile 2010?

If you are on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Office Mobile is already there and you don’t even have to download or install anything. On “Start”, flick left to the “App list”, and then tap “Office” to get to the Office hub and you are all set to start working on your Microsoft Office documents.

Will Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 be the app that makes the corporate users to move away from Blackberry to Nokia phones powered by Windows Phone 7 OS? Will the Microsoft-Nokia partnership help Nokia in avoiding further loss of its market share? What are your thoughts? Interesting and exciting times ahead for the mobile world.

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