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Windows live calendar is a free online calendar from microsoft, which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device! Irrespective of whether you are browsing the internet, or using microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail or your smartphone, you can access Windows live calendar at any time to coordinate your family, check holidays and birthdays, manage your personal calendar or access any public calendar!

Calendars are an important tool used by by several people to manage their busy schedules. Many corporate heads and businessmen go by their calendar schedule, as it ensures that they don’t miss any scheduled event with customers or even their own families.

Since Windows Live calendar is now accessible from any device, wherever you are, users will find it extremely useful to manage their schedules from any web-enabled smartphone. They can not only browse through all their scheduled events but also quickly schedule any new event.

How to get started with the free online Windows Live Calendar?

Go to Windows Live Calendar and login with your Windows live user id. If you don’t have one, sign up for a free account as you will then be able to use several free web based tools from Microsoft like Hotmail, Windows calendar and more. Once you are logged in, set your “timezone” and click “Go to your calendar” to get started with Windows live calendar.

When you login to Windows Live Calendar for the first time, it automatically creates a holiday calendar for your country or region, if there is one readily available. thus, you are freed from the task of manually creating events to remind you of all the important holidays. You can also customize the holiday calendar by adding any other holiday and lunar calendars, if you want. All the important events or dates are highlighted on the online calendar, which can then be printed if you want!

There is also a birthday calendar to keep yourselves reminded of all the important birthdays that you do like to remember. Birthdays of your friends and dear ones are important dates to remember and windows live calendar makes this easy for you. If you have added birthdays for your contacts or your contact adds his or her birth date to their Windows Live profile and shares it with you, they will all be automatically marked on this free online calendar. But you can add only birthday events and not other types of events to this calendar.

To add a birthday to the the birthday calendar, do the following.

  • 1.On the Toolbar, click the arrow next to “New”, and then click “Birthday”.
  • 2. Enter the person’s name and birthday information, and then click “Save”.

That is it. The new birthday will automatically be added to your birthday calendar. If such person was not in your contacts list before, the above step also adds him to your contact list.

To add any other calendar to windows live calendar, you can do the following.

  • Import a static calendar that doesn’t update automatically – Importing a calendar is a good way to add events that aren’t going to change like holidays, timetables, or lunar cycles. You can import calendars from websites or calendar programs that support the ICS file format, such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird, and Mozilla Lightning. You can also locate calendars that use ICS files by searching the Internet.
  • Subscribe to a calendar online and receive automatic updates – If the owner of a calendar has published the ICS file online, you can subscribe to the online calendar known as an iCal. Whenever the owner of an iCal that you’re subscribed to, makes changes to it, those changes will automatically be updated in your Windows Live Calendar.

You can add and maintain a to-do list as well and you may not need any todo list software.

You can also configure the calendar in several different ways. Click “Calendar options” on the top right and set the following.

  • language,
  • time Zone,
  • time format,
  • First day of your calendar week (as “Saturday”, “Sunday” or “Monday”),
  • Set a reminder time for your events so that you get automatically reminded,
  • Select when to delete your completed to-dos,
  • Get a confirmation to your Hotmail inbox when you create or edit an event, to-do-list or calendar
Online Calendar

By downloading and installing the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, you can access all your “Windows Live Calendar” schedule and events, Hotmail messages and Windows Live contacts in Microsoft Office Outlook.

If you own a calendar, you may either share it with only the people you choose or with anyone on the Internet. However, you can only share calendars you own. You cannot share your birthday or holiday calendar, or calendars that someone else might have shared with you.

Sign in to your windows live account and enjoy the free online calendar to manage your schedules from anywhere at all times!

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