How to optimize for overhead in mysql tables?

What does overhead in a Mysql table mean? How to optimize mysql tables in my wordpress database for overhead? My mysql tables crashed as the Overhead against it increased. What causes “Overhead” to develop in mysql tables and how to optimize them?

The above are a few questions that wordpress users and mysql users in general, ponder.Earlier we saw, how to repair mysql tables upon a crash/corruption and this article is on what is overhead in mysql tables and how to optimize them?

What does overhead for mysql tables mean and how is it generated?

Mysql tables often get overburdened and create overhead, after several deletes or several changes (edits) to a table, with variable-length rows (i.e. tables that have VARCHAR, VARBINARY, BLOB, or TEXT columns).Overhead is comparable to defragmentation in a hard dive.Overhead for active mysql tables can reach high levels, over a period of time i.e. overhead often builds up for tables that are constantly accessed,updated or deleted.

How to optimize mysql tables for overhead?

Mysql tables like any other database will, over time, require some kind of maintenance to ensure optimal performance levels. optimization of mysql tables mean purging deleted rows, resequencing, compressing, managing index paths, defragmenting, etc. The following are the steps for optimizing mysql tables for overheads.

  • Login to phpMyAdmin
  • Select the affected database. If you own only one database, then it would have been chosen by default
  • In the main panel, mysql tables for the database would be listed. Check the boxes besides the mysql table/s that you want to optimize for overhead.You can instead choose “Check tables having overhead” at the bottom of the window.
  • At the bottom of the window (below the list of tables), you will find a drop down menu. Choose “Optimize Table” from the menu

optimize mysql db tables for overhead

You are done with optimizing mysql tables for overheads.Choosing the database again will show you the mysql tables without any overhead against them.

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