Optimize Vista Services For Better Performance

One of the main reasons why Windows Vista did not get very popular is its poor performance. Windows Vista had several interesting features but the performance was really bad.Microsoft is off course trying to get this right in Windows 7.

Windows 7 is not very different from Vista as Vista is from Windows XP, in term of user interface or features. There are a few cool new features getting added in Windows 7 but still the user interface is not much different from Vista.Though the world has seen only the beta versions Windows 7 so far, there are many positive opinions aired about it all around.Though several people are yet to experience the cool new features in Windows 7 Beta like Touch Screen, they loved the beta version for its performance.

Coming back to Vista, there are many reasons behind its poor performance, but one of them is Vista Services. There are many Windows Vista services that are running in the background, consuming a lot of CPU power and memory (RAM). Many of these services may not be needed for the majority of PC users. Vista Service Optimizer tries to address this by letting you stop and disable all unwanted services in order to reduce CPU usage and free up RAM.

However, not everyone can manually tweak Windows Services as it may result in PC security risks and Performance risks including the risk of a total system crash. Vista Services Optimizer makes this easier and anyone can improve Windows Vista Performance and security with a simple mouse click. This free tool tweaks Windows services in an automatic and safe manner, according to your PC usage and softwares installed on it. Vista Services Optimizer even lets you tweak Windows Vista services manually.However, this is recommended only for advanced users and who need more control over Windows services in an easy and safe mode.

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Vista Services Optimizer lets you inspect and diagnose your system performance and security status according to your current Windows services configurations and the way you use your computer, and gives you a report about the optimized and unoptimized services.

This is a very safe tweaking utility but if you face any problem after services optimization, you can restore your system default settings, using Smart Rescue Center, with a single click. It also has a feature called “Services Profiles” that lets to save your services optimization options into a file called “Windows Services Profile”.This file helps you apply your different optimization options in seconds.

Free download Vista Service Optimizer from here. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack 1 and lets you optimize services on Microsoft Windows Vista Home/Ultimate/Business Editions with Service Pack 1, both 32 or 64 bit processors. Optimize Vista Services and enjoy improved performance.

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