Greater control over Page Title Format or Post title Format

Page title or Post title being an important SEO parameter, we strive to provide more options to control your wordpress post title or page title. Version 1.3 of Platinum SEO plugin has been released and it gives you the ability to control page title or post title format at an individual page/post level.

While the earlier version 1.2.9 of the plugin gave you the ability to disable Page title or Post title rewrite at an individual page/post level, this version gives you the option to disable page title or post title format (set via the Platinum SEO options page) for any single post or page while retaining the post or page title rewrite ability.

Page Title Format

Additionally Platinum SEO plugin provides the option to easily migrate from All in one SEO to Platinum SEO. Though this feature was there before, All in one SEO has recently undergone changes in the way it stores the various settings at the back end. Platinum SEO plugin now provides an All in one SEO migrate form for those intending to move from All in one SEO to Platinum SEO without loosing any of the SEO benefits that all in one SEO provided.At the same time, you could enjoy the greater flexibility and extra smart options provided by Platinum SEO.

Platinum SEO Options (Settings) menu in wordpress:

From version 1.3, Platinum SEO will have its own top level menu in WordPress admin panel.

Platinum SEO settings

Download or update to the next version of Platinum SEO Plugin from wordpress repository. Enjoy.

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3 comments on “Greater control over Page Title Format or Post title Format

  1. Thanks for a brilliant plugin.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Correction:

    Do you know or Platinum SEO is compatible with…

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Something else: (quote) “Click the button to migrate All in one SEO options to Platinum SEO”.
    Why do I have to migrate that?

  3. it is for the users who are interested in migrating to platinum seo from all in one seo…these users would have configured settings in all in one seo (for example, meta description tag) and they might want to retain those settings in platinum seo….

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