Page Title Rewrite in WordPress

Page title of any web page is an important SEO parameter. Web pages usually rank in search engines for keywords in the Page title. It is well know fact to many that if you are targeting a particular keyword then you should have that keyword in the post title.

Page title or post title in wordpress can be search engine optimized using Platinum SEO plugin. If you had read that article, then you know that you could have two titles for a page (post) and drive traffic from both search engines and social media sites using different titles.

Thus post title rewrite is an important functionality provided by WordPress SEO plugins like Platinum SEO plugin.However there may be instances when you will want to turn off post or page title rewriting feature for a particular post or page.

Though platinum SEO plugin provides the ability to turn on or off title rewrites through Settings–>Platinum SEO in wordpress admin, it lets you to do that for all the titles.Until now, you didn’t have the ability to turn on or off Page title or Post title rewrite in Platinum SEO plugin. Version 1.2.9 of platinum SEO plugin will now let you turn on or off Page title or Post title for any particular post or page.

Page Title

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