Pagefile.sys in windows vista

Pagefile.sys is a virtual memory file in windows. It is nothing but an area on the hard disk, used my windows operating system, when it runs out of physical memory or RAM. The size of Pagefile.sys is normally 1.5-2 times the physical memory (RAM) on the PC.For eg: in a system with RAM size of 1GB, the size of pagefile could be 1.81 GB.

How to view and manage Pagefile.sys in vista?

Pagefile.sys is by default located on the same drive in which the windows operating system is installed (i.e. C: in most personal computer systems of the world).However to see Pagefile.sys in Vista, you need to set the following in windows vista folder options on the View Tab.

  • Enable “Show hidden files and folders”
  • Disable “Hide protected operating system files”

How to delete Pagefile.sys in vista?

If you would like to use the space used by windows paging file and have enough physical RAM on your PC, you can,

  • Turn off windows virtual memory,
  • Restart the PC and
  • Delete the pagefile.sys

Note that the physical RAM size needed to turn off virtual memory depends upon the number of applications you use and their memory requirements. However turning off virtual memory is never advisable and you can instead consider moving pagefile.sys to another drive with enough disk space.

You will have to read our earlier article on configuring and managing virtual memory in windows vista for finding out how to turn off virtual memory or move pagefile to another drive.

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