Palm releases vista compatible Palm Desktop version – 6.2

Download Palm Desktop version - 6.2Palm has released a Vista-compatible Palm Desktop version – 6.2.Now you install applications using the “Install Tool” that has replaced the ‘Palm Quick Install Tool”.

Download Palm Desktop version – 6.2

Glitches of Palm Desktop version – 6.2

  • 64-bit versions of Vista or XP are not supported
  • You will not be able to synchronize email through the USB sync cable. However Wireless email synchronization, including Exchange ActiveSync for Outlook accounts, is not affected by this limitation.
  • Birthdays and Anniversary reminders that appear in the Calendar on your Palm device will not appear in the Calendar in the Palm Desktop application. however this does not apply to manually created Calendar events; it only applies to reminders generated from the Contacts application fields for Birthday and Anniversary on your palm device.These reminders will not appear in your Palm Desktop, but they will be backed up on your computer when you sync, and will be restored to your Palm device, if you erase your device and then perform a HotSync operation to retrieve data from a backup
  • Color coding of events in the Calendar is no longer supported .

I don’t understand the logic behind dropping some existing useful functionalities, while the focus should only be on adding more useful functionalities.No wonder,the love for Palm is diminishing as Windows Mobile and other OSes pass the aging (dying ? ) OS, feature-wise.

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