Create panoramas with Pos Panorama Pro

Make panoramic images from a series of overlapping photos with Pos Panorama Pro.This is a free panorama software that does a good job of creating horizontal and vertical panoramas easily and quickly.

Earlier we covered a free software to stitch a panorama called Microsoft Image Composite Editor. Panorama is a wide angle representation of photos, drawings, films or videos.Panoramas are a very popular way to represent landscapes.A panorama software helps in assembling multiple images of a view into a single wide image.Though there are cameras such as “panoscan” which lets you capture very high resolution panoramic images, software such as Pos Panorama Pro has also made image stitching much simpler.

Create panoramas

Features of Pos Panorama Pro:

  • It has a user friendly interface and the software lets you make horizontal and vertical panoramic images quickly and smoothly
  • No special camera is required and a panoramic image can be created using any series of overlapping photos from any camera model
  • The entire process of stitching a panorama is automated
  • Advanced users can control the panoramic image creation process at any stage
  • There is a built in image editor that lets you add additional personal and professional touches to any of your images
  • The user can control many of the file format properties such as compression ratio, type, number of colors, etc.

Pos Panorama Pro works on windows vista and XP and supports PNG, GIF, PCX, BMP, DIB, RLE, IEV, LYR, TIFF and XIF image formats.Free download Pos Panorama Pro and enjoy creating panoramas.

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