Pause Google web history to generalize your searches

Pause Google web history from storing all your web activities. Google web history lets you view and search across the full text of the pages you’ve visited, including Google searches, web pages, images, videos,news stories and sponsored links.

If you are looking at google web history for the first time, you will be amazed and shocked at how your browsing history has been tracked by google. Google web history would also show your browsing trends over a period of time.This includes information ranging from the sites you visit frequently to more granular information like the number of searches you did between any time interval and the number of hours you spent browsing every day.However google also lets you manage your web activity and remove items from your web history at any time.

Google web history personalizes search:

Google uses the web history to personalize your searches.Google now-a-days delivers more personalized search results, based on what you’ve searched for (on Google) and the sites you frequent.Thus Google algorithms take into account your web history for ranking search results.For instance, if your frequent a few sites too often (may be your own site), any relevant stories from those sites, would rank higher for your searches.This would happen, if what you search for has related keywords, on those pages.

However personalizing searches can be very annoying at times. It prevents you from getting exposed to what may be newer and better answers for your search queries.The chances of you discovering new and better sites are minimized. It is like Google making you find answers for your searches, from within a bounded territory and thereby limiting your exposure to more innovative results.

I always like to discover new sites and innovations irrespective of what I am searching for.I neither want personalized search results nor result from only a few sites based on their domain authority.Google seem to be placing a lot misplaced trust on domain authority and personalized searches.

Pause Google web history to stop google from personalizing your searches:

You can pause Google web history, to stop google from personalizing your searches.However only Google has to fine tune their algorithms, to limit the weights they assign to domain authority or trust.Google should instead place more weight on factors that encourage innovations and page quality.Rank the pages, purely based on their quality and not based on the family (domain) that they belong to.

pause google web history to generalize Google searches

If you like to genaralize your searches instead of personalizing them, go to your Web history link from the My Account page, and click the Pause link on the left side of the Web History page. Once you click Pause, your web activity won’t be kept in Web History or used to personalize your search results until you click Resume. Thus, pause Google web history and generalize your search results than allowing google to personalize the results for you.

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