PC Cleaner And Optimizer – TweakNow PowerPack 2009

TweakNow PowerPack 2009 is a PC cleaner and PC Optimizer that lets you clean the system and optimize it for performance. TweakNow PowerPack 2009 is a free tool with which you can do all sorts of PC/system cleaning and maintenance tasks, from erasing temporary files to cleaning up start-up applications, windows registry and uninstalling software.

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TweakNow PowerPack 2009 Features:

TweakNow PowerPack 2009 has following built-in utilities:

  • A RAM Idle program that manages the free memory, available to run Windows programs.This utility prevents PC performance degradation as you swap files and programs in and out of memory.
  • An AutoShutdown utility that lets you suspend, hibernate, or shut down your computer after a specified period of time.In addition to saving resources, this program keeps your system more secure by making it unavailable to unauthorized people.
  • CD AutoRun utility which is an extension of Windows’ CD and DVD autorun features, giving you additional options for starting programs or listening to music.
  • A Virtual Desktop program that lets you run as many as four custom-designed desktop configurations simultaneously, allowing you to tailor your computer screen to your needs

Apart from the above, TweakNow PowerPack also gives you access to a few hidden Windows tweaks with which you can customize the way user accounts are managed, or customize the OEM info that appears on System Properties, among other options. This PC cleaner and optimizer also gives you a complete picture of all aspects of your computer’s hardware, including detailed information about your PC motherboard, processor, video card, memory, hard disk and network.

TweakNow PowerPack 2009 works on windows Vista and windows XP. Free download this System Cleaner from here and enjoy cleaning up your PC with this good PC Cleaner.

You can also download CCleaner to clean up your PC and registry.

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  1. Excellent tool. This is even better than the one I’m using, the ccleaner. Thanks.

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