Enhance PC security with Secunia

Enhance PC security by ensuring that you have the latest version of all installed softwares on your computer system, with Secunia.

Earlier we covered how to enhance PC security with winpatrol for windows and by using netsafe to improve computer security and be safe while accessing internet.

Secunia is neither an antivirus software nor a firewall software, but it is rather a software that revises all your installed software applications and makes sure you have the latest versions for them. Having the latest versions of applications is just another simple way to keep your PC safe, as updated versions usually include safety fixes and keeps away potentially harmful bugs.

Secunia is a free computer security tool with the sole purpose of helping you secure your computer from software vulnerabilities.Quite often hackers take advantage of software vulnerabilities to spread viruses or hack systems.Unfortunately, it is not easy to manually ensure that you have the latest software releases on your PC. PC security tools like secunia are a must on any computer system.

Get secunia for free and ensure latest software installations on your PC and thereby improve PC security.

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  1. Secunia PSI will definitely fix the vulnerabilities in softwares by mentioning the updates ad patches available to them ,Adobe Reader,Java Runtime environment,Flash player plug-in these must be updated to be safe.

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