Enhance PC security with netsafe

Enhance PC security and be safe while accessing internet with Netsafe This is a freeware that enhances PC security while using the internet.

Hackers, phishing and email scam activities are getting widespread on the web.With the global financial turmoil, these activities are expected to get even more rampant.Hence it is important to know about technology solutions and safeguard mechanisms to enhance PC security and prevent identity thefts.

PC security with netsafe

Netsafe is a very small and simple software that lets you customize what applications can access the internet.This PC security application will warn you of every program on your PC, that is currently accessing the internet.You can then determine to either whitelist or blacklist the program.
Netsafe works on windows vista/XP.Free download netsafe and enhance PC security. (Update – The program is not available now).

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