Enhance PC Security with Winpatrol 2008

Enhance your PC security with winpatrol 2008.It is a free software that acts as a windows security tool for your PC running windows vista or XP or any other earlier version of windows.

Winpatrol is an ultimate windows security program that monitors Windows computers (Vista, XP etc.) for any signs of malicious hacker activity.It is a must have PC security tool for computers running windows (vista/XP/2003 etc.). WinPatrol 2008 is the latest version of this excellent PC security tool that exists for more than 10 years.Winpatrol has a watchdog named Scotty that sits on your Windows System Tray/Taskbar, in the right lower corner of your screen.

How does WinPatrol 2008 enhance your PC security?

Hackers are getting more and more active almost every other day, and we find vulnerabilities being regularly reported for some of the essential windows programs like Quicktime, RealPlayer, Adobe Flash, Sun’s Java or other 3rd party controls.The PC security is at great risk until patches are made available for the reported vulnerabilities.However WinPatrol 2008 takes the worry out of you, until a patch becomes available. When a vulnerability is found, the PC security watchdog Scotty, will let you disable or set the “kill-bit” on the appropriate control until a new version is made available.

With WinPatrol 2008 you are also safe with ActiveX components. Scotty will monitor your system and let you know when new ActiveX components try to make their home on your system. If it is not something you wanted, WinPatrol will kill the new ActiveX component, before it can do any damage.

Thus WinPatrol 2008 monitors all critical changes to your PC/computer system, such as startup programs (in the registry and startup folder), cookies stored on your computer, and active tasks. Scotty will always alert you, whenever your PC/computer is about to be hijacked, or a malicious malware or spyware is to be installed.Scotty will also alert you of certain running programs, that should not be actually running.

Winpatrol 2008 takes a snapshot of your PC/computer and alerts you whenever anything changes from the original snapshot. On double clicking scotty you will see all valuable information he has found out about your PC/computer.If you hold down the right mouse button, you’ll see a popup menu with additional features. Using this popup menu, you can select to have Scotty installed, so that he is always watching out for you. You can always go back at any time and change your mind and uncheck the “Always Run WinPatrol” menu option. Thus there is a way to exit WinPatrol, anytime you want.

PC security with windows security monitor - winpatrol

Features of PC security tool – WinPatrol 2008:

  • Detect and Review New Auto-Startup Programs
  • Automatically Disable Reoccuring Startup Programs
  • Monitor BHO’s and Tool Bars
  • Monitor Creation of Scheduled Tasks
  • Display and Kill Multiple Running Tasks
  • Monitor, Stop and Control Window Services
  • Manage and Automatically Remove Unwanted Cookies
  • Monitor IE Home and Search pages
  • Monitor and Edit HOST File
  • Detect and Lock Changes to File Type Associations
  • Detect and View Newly Created Hidden Files
  • Track Date/Time when programs are first detected on your system
  • Delay Auto-Startup programs for quick bootup
  • Multiple System Report Options
  • Undocumented or HIDDEN Registry Startup Keys
  • Monitoring and Management of ActiveX components

Ofcourse, you can improve windows startup speed by delaying auto startup programs.This is one great feature of Winpatrol, that would be loved by people who are frustrated with windows startup times.If you are using windows XP, then you will not miss the windows vista security feature – User Account control (UAC), with winpatrol. This excellent windows security monitoring software also has an excellent user guide and it is a must read before you start using it. Free download WinPatrol 2008 and enhance your PC security.

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