PDF Password Remover (Free)

Are you looking to download a free PDF Password Remover or Recovery tool to decrypt Adobe Acrobat PDF files and remove restrictions on copying, editing and printing them? You have come to the right place. PDF is a popular and widely used format to publish e books and prepare professional documents. We have already covered how to password protect PDF Files.

Update: Check out more about usage of this tool and a few more free PDF Unlocker online and offline tools to remove password restrictions here – PDF Unlocker – How to unlock PDF files with free password removers?

PDF documents are definitely a great way for sharing professional documents. Generally PDF documents are password protected by their authors to ensure that it is opened or used only by the intended recipients. However, there are sometimes genuine reasons to unlock or crack PDF password. There may be several instances where you have the legal right to open the password protected PDF document, but have unfortunately forgotten the password.

How To Remove PDF Password?

In PDF documents, password restriction can be applied in two ways. One is by restricting a few functions like printing, copying or modifying the PDF document. The other way is to password protect it in a manner that might prevent you from accessing or opening the PDF file.

Freeware PDF Unlocker is a free PDF Password remover tool that can help you in the above situations.To remove the first type of restrictions, simply drag your PDF document onto a shortcut on your desktop or alternatively onto the PDF Unlocker icon on your desktop. Instantly, it should remove the password and allow printing or copying & pasting the contents from the PDF document.

PDF Password Remover

To remove PDF password in a situation where you are restricted opening the PDF file, you have to right click and select “Remove PDF Password” and close the application.

Freeware PDF Unlocker works on windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 and it supports both PDF and EPS formats.Get it from free from here.

You can also try the free trial version of “Advanced PDF Password Recovery”.This will also be a handy tool for users who have lost the password to their PDF documents. However, like PDF Unlocker, this free version will not help if you have lost both the Owner and User passwords to the PDF file you are trying to open. Download Advanced PDF Password Recovery software from here and give it a try.There are also pro versions of this PDF security remover software with more advanced features and these will help even if you had lost both the owner and user passwords.

You can also try another excellent open-source command line utility for Linux and Windows called PDF Crack to crack PDF Passwords. This PDF password cracker is a good alternative to the freeware.

There are also several free online tools to remove PDF Password, if you are on a netbook or if you prefer an online application over a desktop utility.

If you are looking for a free PDF Converter, you can download one from several free options.

5 comments on “PDF Password Remover (Free)

  1. Great utility.

    There is a bug in the Shortcut when running under Vista

    The parameter -sOutputFile is missing a quote immediately after the equals sign.

    It should read -sOutputFile=”%tt%_noPW.pdf”

    As shipped it reads -sOutputFile=%tt%_noPW.pdf”

  2. Thanks. The software really works.

  3. Surprisingly, for a free program, it worked straight away. Installed easily and removed the password of my locked PDF file.

  4. won’t install on a 64 bit machine, which makes no sense.

  5. I aslo has issues installing this on my Windows 7. Latter I found another excelent tool to remove pdf security restricitons. I woould recommned using this utility.

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