Phishing (Email scams) protection with iconix

Protect yourself from phishing (email scams) or identity thefts with iconix.Phishing either takes the form of an email scam informing you of a chance to win a lottery, or an email scam requiring you to verify your bank account or paypal account or it could be even an email scam requiring you to validate your email account.

The above email scams (more popularly known as phishing in hackers’ teminology) will try to convince you to update your user names, passwords and personal financial information on to their fraudulent websites.These emails and websites will quite often be very cleverly designed and worded to assume the identity of a legitimate organization. There have already been several stories of internet users falling a prey to these identity thefts.

These email scams or phishing activities, to carry out identity thefts, are on a rapid increase every day.It is imperative that organizations take measures towards identity theft protection.Here is a free tool from iconix to protect yourself from phishing or email scams.It works against those phishing activities(identity thefts), where fraudulent emails are sent in the name of popular organizations.

How to protect yourself from phishing or email scams?

Free download and install a small tool from iconix to protect yourself from phishing or email scams.Upon installation, Iconix automatically adds visual identity to emails from their clients (iconix clients) and verifies that they are actually from the purported sender.Iconix does this verification in a simple three step process, outlined below:

  • Authentication – When an email arrives at your inbox, Iconix eMail ID uses the latest technologies like Domain Keys and Sender ID to verify the authenticity of the message. These technologies are backed by companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Yahoo!
  • Identification – The email sender is checked against the registered client list of ICONIX, Inc.
  • Display – If an email passes the above two steps, a Truemark icon is displayed in your inbox, against that particular email. If no such icon appears, then you can be sure of phishing and delete that email immediately.

phishing (email scam) -identity theft protection

Iconix works with emails from any of their clients.Their client list includes big names like Amazon, ebay, paypal, citibank, gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail etc.However iconix is a free tool to the end user i.e. it is free to the users/customers of their clients.

It will be great if all banks/financial institutions and other big organizations, make use of these kind of services, that ensures identity theft protection.On the other hand, it is also imperative that services like Iconix continue to make their software better against the ever innovative phishing/email scam thieves.

Iconix works for most email clients including gmail, Yahoo! mail, AOL mail, Windows Live Hotemail, MSN Hotmail and even Micrsoft outlook 2007/2003.Now, What are you waiting for? Download the free identity theft protection tool from iconix and get yourself protected from phishing or email scams.

If you are using Gmail, you can also prevent hacking by securing Gmail with HTTPS access and monitoring it with Gmail activity monitor.

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