Photo Background With FotoMix

If you want to create a photo background and you don’t have a photoshop or don’t possess the skills to use photoshop for creating a photo background, here is a simple and easy-to-use free photo editor called FotoMix, that will let you create a photo background quickly and easily.

FototMix is also a good tool for photo composition (i.e. mixing photos).Though it may not be as versatile as a photoshop, you can still create some amazing photo backgrounds with FotoMix.

Features Of FotoMix:

These are some notable features in the free photo editor.

  • The tool makes it easy to add, remove or alter photo backgrounds.
  • The tool is also useful to mix photos. For eg., it is easy to edit photos to add or remove anyone from any picture.
  • It is also a good Collage Maker and it is easy to create photo collages and design eye-catching photo illustrations, wallpapers, CD and DVD covers, and miscellaneous Web graphics.
  • fotomix is also useful to create photo montages by combining multiple pictures.
photo background

Check out the tutorial at on creating a photo background with FotoMix. Any photo background created with this free software is of high quality and it is almost impossible to detect any editing done on any photo with this freeware.

hollywood photo backgrounds

Free download FotoMix from CNET and enjoy creating and printing amazing photo mixes or photo backgrounds.

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