Photo Editing with free Picture Editor SunlitGreen

Download a free, light-weight and powerful photo editing software, SunlitGreen. We earlier covered an excellent Digital Picture Editor ImageMagick. SunlitGreen is a simple and easy to use free picture editor.

Features of the Free Photo Editor SunlitGreen

  • To edit photos, you can simply drag and drop them on to the photo editor’s interface.
  • It is not just a photo editor but also has a built-in Photo viewer with easy-to-use zoom tools.
  • Provides support for editable and savable image selections.
  • It also does automatic color corrections.
  • Provides support for advanced, channel-oriented color corrections.
  • Provides the ability to preview image adjustments.
  • It is easy to create special effects by managing the various filters.
Photo Editing Software

How to Re-size an Image? – To re-size an image Open it in the editor and choose ‘Image” => “Image Size….’. In the “Image Size” dialog, enter the values for the new size and press “OK”. If you like to reset the value press the Alt key and hold it. Then click on the “Reset” button. Note that holding down the “Alt” key changes the “Cancel” button in the dialog into a “Reset” button. This holds true for most dialogs in this Photo Editor.

How to Change the Canvas Size of an Image? – Open an image in the editor, choose the menu option “Image” => “Canvas Size”. In the “Canvas Size” dialog, enter the values for the new canvas size, and press “OK”. Note that you can also specify an anchor position as shown in the image below.

How to adjust the Color Balance of an Image? – Open an image and choose “Adjust” => “Color Balance”. In the “Color Balance” dialog, drag the appropriate sliders for a desired image tone.

How to automatically Correct an Image? – You can correct the exposure or contrast for your images with a single click. To do this, choose “Adjust” => “Auto Levels or Adjust” => “Auto Contrast” from the menu.

How to adjust Intensity Levels of an Image? – To adjust the intensity levels of an image, choose “Adjust” => “Levels” from the menu. A “Levels” dialog pops up and you can adjust the intensity levels of the shadows, mid tones (or gamma) and highlights in an image. The dialog also has an histogram that provides some feedback on the image and you can make adjustments accordingly. Note that adjustment can be made to individual color channels as well as the composite channel (RGB channel). The Channel drop-down list specifies the targeted channel.

Download portable SunlitGreen from here and the installable EXE from here.

SunlitGreen is a good freeware for editing photos.

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