Create 3D photo slideshows and organize pictures with Pictomio

Manage, organize, archive and optimize your photo/picture collection with the photo organizer Pictomio.This is a free picture manager software for easily managing and categorizing your entire photo collection.

If you have a huge collection of photos/pictures on you PC, how easy or difficult had it been to organize your photos? With Pictomio, you can sort the pictures based on quality (pixel count, orientation), date taken, rating, filename, file size etc. Pictomio not only eases the task of organizing or sorting photos but you can create brilliant 2D and 3D animated photo slideshows through simple drag and drop.Pictomio literally breathes new life to your photo collection.

Pictomio also has a color picker that lets you grab any hue that might have fancied your eyes and save the color code for your development projects. You can also accurately calculate the dimension of any picture area, using a handy ruler. Pictomio also has a histogram for you to analyze the colors and their proportions within photos.

Features of the picture manager – Pictomio:

  • Easily manages huge photo collections on your PC
  • Sorts photos by quality, date taken, rating, filename, file size etc
  • With Pictomio you can View, edit, and save meta data associated with JPEG images through the integrated EXIF editor
  • Has enhanced zooming capabilities with mip levels to reduce aliasing
  • Has a useful color pipette and measuring tools to determine color proportions and sizes of photos(including any section of a picture), for web designers
  • Has an eye catching 3D image carrousel to quickly flip through your photo collection
  • Lets you easily create stunning slideshows

This photo manager works on windows Vista/XP and runs best on a PC with atlease 1 GHZ CPU and 1 GB RAM.Free download Pictomio and enjoy managing photos and creating slideshows.

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