Photocopier, a free download to photocopy any document

Photocopier is a free software that lets you convert a scanner and a printer into a copier. If you have a scanner and a printer then you can combine them into a copier with photocopier.

How does photocopier work?

Photocopier is simple and easy to use.Do you need a photocopy of a document? Then download this basic version of photocopier and install it.

  • Insert the document into your scanner
  • start Photocopier
  • Press its Copy button

Wait for a few minutes and you will see your printer printing a copy of your document.

Photocopier needs Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, a scanner that complies with the Twain standard (most scanners do) and a printer.If you have more questions, read the FAQs. If you have a scanner and a printer, use photocopier to photocopy any document.

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