Picasa ajaxified for iphone and mobiles

Google now adds Picassa to the list of iphone optimized services.Google had earlier released a new iPhone application that integrates its multiple services into a single interface, making it easy for iPhone and other mobile users to access and switch between Google search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and more.

All that the iPhone users need to do is just point their web browser to http://www.google.com.
Joe Walnes, a Software Engineer at Google’s London-based mobile team, has developed the ajax interface to Picasa.

Here is an excerpt from the the developer’s comments as published on Google mobile blog:

“I had a look around some websites and I really liked how they looked on the iPhone.I could get to everything I needed. I went to [Picasa] but it didn’t quite feel right. It was using some very cool AJAX features, but these were designed with a desktop web-browsing experience in mind. So the next day I had a go at creating a new interface for Picasa Web, designed for the iPhone.”

Joe Walnes, added:

Today, I’m happy to tell you that we’ve just released this new iPhone interface for Picasa. After you go to Picasa on your iPhone and log in, you can quickly see all your albums that you’ve uploaded to Picasa web. If you click on any of the albums, you can get a full view of your picture with comments from your friends. Or you can click on Slideshow, sit back and watch the pictures scroll. You can also search for photos in your album or through community photos. Finally, with one of my favorite features, you can view your friends’ albums through favorites.

Additionally, pictures in picassa can now be displayed in both landscape and portrait mode.Picasa also has an iPhoto plugin that will automatically transfer your pictures from iPhoto and put them into Picasa.

This comes only a few days after Google announced a streamlined core menu for iPhone users. As such, the new mobile friendly Picasa has been duly added to the “More” tab on Google’s iPhone-optimized homepage.

Google’s software engineers are now being encouraged to make everything mobile friendly.Google’s main goal now is to provide users with access to information, wherever they are.One good example is My Location, a Google Maps for mobile feature that shows users their location directly on the map with or without GPS.

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