Picture Viewer For Panoramas

Panorama is a wide view of any painting, drawing, photography, film, video or even a three-dimensional model. A panoramic photo is created by assembling multiple images of a view into a single wide photograph. You can create panoramas from a series of overlapping photos with “Pos Panorama Pro”, a free panorama software. You can even use Microsoft Image Composite Editor to stitch panoramas.

If you are looking for a software to view panoramic photos, then you can try the free Picture Viewer for panoramas called WPanorama.

Features Of the picture Viewer For Panoramas

With this free tool, you can view panoramas by scrolling horizontally or vertically on the screen. Find below a list of features for “WPanorama”.

Free Picture Viewer For Panoramas
  • 360° continuous scrolling of pictures
  • Scroll non 360° pictures back and forth
  • Automatic detection of 360° panoramas
  • Scroll pictures horizontally and vertically
  • Multi-monitor support i.e. the scrolling panoramas can span across several monitors!
  • Support for a mini slide show (one sample of it included in the package)
  • Display slide shows in full screen mode with aspect ratio
  • Has a mirror function to support special effects
  • Provides miscellaneous stretch filters
  • Support for variable scroll increment and speed
  • The pictures can be displayed either in a window or in full screen mode
  • Possibility to re-size the display window by dragging its edges or corners
  • A user friendly dialog box that makes it easy to configure slide shows
  • Provides tools to insert scrolling panoramas into movies as .avi files and to split the panoramas into several .bmp files
  • Support for moving the picture by dragging it with the mouse
  • Possibility to show on a map, the location from where the panorama was shot
  • Possibility to superimpose a description to the scrolling panorama in the panorama show
  • A logo can replace the description in the panorama show
  • Support for loading the panorama by double-clicking on the icon of its configuration file and to start a panorama show by double-clicking on the icon of the image list file
  • Customizable default parameters for the images
  • Support for associating music (.mid, .mp3, .wav files) with panoramas

Download the Free Picture Viewer For Panoramas from wpanorama here.

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