Platinum SEO Pack 1.1 released to support wordpress 2.6

Platinum SEO Pack 1.1 has been released.This new version does not include any major changes except those needed to support wordpress 2.6.

Enjoy wordpress 2.6 with the ultimate onsite SEO solution – Platinum SEO Pack 1.1. Let me know your valuable feedback.

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6 comments on “Platinum SEO Pack 1.1 released to support wordpress 2.6

  1. […] Options to noindex cateogory pages, archives, tag pages, comment feeds, rss feeds, search result pages, sub pages of home or category or tag pages.These are not available in All in One SEO pack. check out these smart options for smart SEO benefits. […]

  2. There is no Autogenerate Descriptions option to check between Home Descriptions and Home keywords. It’s just not there. It doesn’t seem to be anywhere else on the page either. Could you please tell me where it is?

    David’s last blog post..Google Update/ What I Have Learned About Google Lately

  3. It is there on the settings page for Platinum SEO. To be precise it is the fifth option from the bottom.

  4. Why would I use this plugin over, say, All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO)? I see Uberdose is attributed to this plugin on But he was the one who initially created AIOSEO! Help me understand….

  5. Joe, uberdose’s All in one SEO is the base for this plugin. That was the reason behind the attribution.

    To understand what Platinum SEO privides over and above All in one SEO, you could read this:

  6. Well thank you for this plugin. Now start using on my blog

  7. Thanks for the info of this plugin

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