Platinum SEO wordpress plugin, FAQs

If this FAQ page does not answer your question, before you post a comment, please consider:

  • What exactly is not working? The meta tags are not in the source? The page is completely blank? Please be as specific as possible.
  • What is your PHP error log saying?
  • Please specify the versions you are using: PHP, WordPress, Platinum SEO Pack.

You are of-course free to leave appreciatory remarks and valid suggestions.Let us move on to the FAQs folks…


Does it work with older versions of WordPress?

Yes it does work with earlier versions. However it is always recommended to update your wordpress blog to the latest version.There is no harm in upgrading. WordPress is free buddy πŸ™‚

Is Version 2.0 of the plugin backward compatible?

Yes, it is. The plugin does not delete any of the old data like Titles, descriptions etc. But it is necessary to ensure that the new settings are in place. If you are using an older version of the plugin, make sure that you Deactivate it update to the new version V2.0 and then Activate it again. it is essential to do this. For example, make sure that Use Title Rewriter is checked by default in General settings under the SEO tab of Platinum SEO and Social Pack.. If you are using an old theme that does not support “title-tag”, then you may ckeck “Force Rewrite Title” option in General settings. This is needed only if your titles doesn’t appear to be rewritten.

I am not able to see the new features after updating to the new version

You must always make sure to clear your browser cache after updating to a newer version of the plugin. Browsers like Chrome cache javascript and CSS files for extended periods of time. Plugin changes may have been carried out in any of these existing files too. So, it is always recommended to do this step after updating to a newer version of the plugin.

The plugin does not seem to be working…

Test it with the default wordpress theme. If it works there, your theme is missing the appropriate call to wp_head() usually found in header.php. Please patch it, taking it from the default theme.If you don’t know how to do this, the following steps might work. Do them on your own risk:

  • In your admin panel, go to Plugins – Theme Editor
  • On the right bar, click on Header
  • Locate the line with </head>
  • Insert the following link before it:
    <?php wp_head(); ?>
  • Save

If it still does not work, then your theme needs scrutiny. You can leave a comment on this page for any plugin issues, but please specify what exactly isn’t working, your WP version and if possible your PHP version.

After activating Platinum SEO Plugin I see two sets of meta tags

Disable other SEO Plugins and enable Platinum SEO. This plugin gives you all the functionality and gives you more cool options. Also make sure to edit your theme and remove whatever static meta descriptions and/or meta keywords you have in there. If it is not your theme, you are probably using another plugin that is generating them. Disable that as well.

My URLs do not get rewritten

Platinum SEO Pack doesn’t handle this, it’s already done by WordPress itself. Visit Settings- Permalinks to set it up. However Platinum SEO Pack gives you the option to rewrite titles.

How to get help on Platinum SEO Settings?

For help on any of the settings, read the description against it and also read the article on Β WordPress SEO. You may also read other guides on this website. You may also ping us on Twitter @Techblissonline or on Facebook or send us an email.

How often will this be released?

A new release will be made only for bug fixes and for new features that may be essential from an SEO perspective.If you have any suggestion, do ping me.I will consider to implement them, only if you can convince me.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted…What is that?

Platinum SEO uses output buffering to rewrite the titles only when you use “Force Rewrite Titles” option in version 2.0 of the plugin. In most cases this option is not needed, if you are using a theme that supports “title-tag” via add_theme_support WordPress API. WordPress has now made it mandatory for themes to provide support for “title-tag” via the add_theme_support API. But if you are using an old theme that doesn’t add titles via this API, you may have to ensure Force Rewrite Titles option is checked in SEO -> General Settings of the plugin. When this option is checked, title rewrites happen using output buffering and this needs memory, There’s no way to optimize that much more, and on most hosting setups it just works which leads me to the conclusion that there are some companies who are just skimpy with memory. If the above error appears on admin pages, it’s not even output buffering related. I’d recommend switching to a host that can provide sufficient memory or disabling some plugins.

Home page title gets rewritten by category in my theme. How to resolve this? (Old FAQ)

Many magazine themes use multiple loops (wordpress loop) on their home page. If your Home page uses a custom query or multiple loops, make sure you use WP_Query for those calls. If your code uses query_posts then wordpress gets confused and thinks it is on the Category page for the last post it selected instead of on the home page. As a result Platinum SEO includes a category title instead of the home page title. Hen for your home page template use WP_Query so that Platinum SEO outputs the correct Title on the home page.

Example code for WP using WP_Query:
$myquery = new WP_Query('showposts=5');
while ($myquery->have_posts()) : $myquery->the_post();

If you have a premium theme, request your theme designer for support and ask him to use wp_query instead of query_posts. Refer him the “Important Note” on wordpress Codex Page for query_posts() here –

117 comments on “Platinum SEO wordpress plugin, FAQs

  1. I’m using separate header files called header2.php and header3.php for a couple of categories to create their own local branding.

    PSP inserts the keywords and descriptions to posts using those headers, but not the titles.

  2. @Michael,

    So you are using different header files for posts under two specific categories alone? While Platinum SEO works fine for posts under all other categories, title rewrites does not work for posts under these two categories.Isthat what you are saying?

    are you using any title tags in those special header files? Is there any special reason for using those special header files? Is it for any other plugin?

  3. Yes, there are separate header files for two categories. It’s for branding reasons. They are separate newspaper mastheads.

    Yes, Platinum works fine for posts under all other categories, thanks.

    I have empty title tags in the additional header files currently.

    Michael’s last blog post..Great day out

  4. Michael, i am not sure how I can test your specific case.But I will give it a try and let you know.but just give me some time as i am busy with my day work currently.i will get back to you on this before next week.

    Is it possible for you to share your theme? Some very specific themes like yours are very difficult for me to test without having them.

  5. Hello,

    My individual pages don’t have titles, yet the titles are in the source code. I.e.: home/about/contact I thought I would see:
    Jane Doe’s Blog/about Jane Doe’s Blog/contact but all I see is Jane Doe’s Blog. I’ve tried the options both with and without a home title….

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. google webmaster tools tell me that my description is too much short (but in real your software was stoping to grab my description at the end of sentence, at dot and my real description is mro long). anyway I’m gone to add another new post with longer description but it look that seo platinum don’t see it and don’t change meta description, what I have to do?

  7. Hi, I installed this plugin on three different blogs and it works fine on two of them. But it doesn’t work on the one with the copyblogger theme by Chris Pearson.

    If you can help that would be great!

  8. Very nice plugin. I’d been using All in One SEO plugin before this, and I have to admit, the Platinum SEO interface when editing posts is very user-friendly and convenient. Two questions for you though. Is there a way to “noarchive” all pages? I’d like to set that as a default, and it’d be nice not to have to go through and manually edit all the posts/pages. Also, I’m curious if there’s a way to “noindex” a specific category.

  9. Unfortunately, the answer is no to all your questions.But if you do like, i can give you an SQL statement for updating all older posts/pages as Noarchive.You can execute that thro. you phpmyadmin.

  10. and congratulations for being named the Top 7 photographers of 2008 in michigan πŸ™‚

  11. Hay thank you, i am new to wordpress and i will definitely try this cool plugin.

  12. thats cool stuff ! i will try this cool plugins !

  13. problem with the title tag:
    choosing “Rewrite Titles” I should see “post/page title | blog title” but I see just blog title… what’s wrong?

    @Taryn Merrick
    I think I have the same problem… any news?

  14. check out the comments in the main page for platinum seo pack on this blog.A user has a solution.

  15. I have problems with the title-tags. I have tried all possible combinations. Either way it only shows blog title or if i fill in home title it shows the home title on every single page. Whats shall I do?
    Thanks in advance..

  16. Has this been tested with WordPressMU (open source, multi-user version of WordPress, which is used by

  17. I have not tested it with MU, guess it should work.If not do let me know.

  18. Hi, this plug-in does not seem to work with the eVid theme by elegantthemes. The header already has the line in the codes so I have no idea what’s wrong.

    Here is my header.php

    I’m using 2.6.3

    Thanks for any help

  19. check a comment in the main post for this plugin. See whether that resolves for you…

  20. the same error is on this site

    Why changed the code for one space more and now work fine with validate xhtml you can see here.

    Thanks for the plugin is great i love it
    Greats from Spain

  21. Which part of the code is causing error?

  22. […] Lets you override any title and set any META description and META keywords, for any post or page Platinum SEO wordpress plugin, FAQs | WordPress SEO & Plugins The link is to the plugin FAQ Hope thats of […]

  23. Hi Admin,
    Its really nice plugin… i really love it… if you can help me in 1 problem i will be really really thankful to you….

    The problem is, PSP plugin automatically inserts “category description” to Meta Descriptions of category pages, it would be great if there is an option to have custom meta description for category pages…. or if not… at least option to disable Automatic Meta description on category pages…

    I’ll be waiting for your reply…you can even mail me…
    thank you,

  24. Hey guys. Plugin not work with Arthemia Premium theme. Look it on Plugin now is off because of all titles of all pages are “Video | Blog name” it’s because of in footer of my theme using last post from category Video. How to fix this?

  25. I have updated the FAQs to answer this question asked by many.

  26. Hi Ricardo, you can give a custom description for each category under Manage .. Categories.

    However currently there is no option to selectively disable meta description tag for categories.

  27. HI, very nice plugin, but %post_title% | %blog_title% doesn’t seem works correctly: on the top of my browser appear “Luxemozione news dal mondo della luce” as i wrote in text box and not “%post_title% |Luxemozione news dal mondo della luce”
    here is my blog url
    How fox this???

  28. It does work. Not sure why it doesn’t for you…Have you checked “Rewrite titles”option in settings? If yes, it should work…

    Moreover you should only specify formats and not any text like you have. i.e. you can only specify %post_title% | %blog_title% and do not try to enter text here directly…

  29. Hi!
    i don’t know…i usually use ALLinONE SEO and works correctly.
    Here is printscreen of my Platinum plugin page
    any suggestion?

    thanks in advace

  30. That looks ok…then i believe that one of your plugins is conflicting with title rewrite…It is quite strange…Disable all plugins and then enable akismet (if you are using it), Platinum SEO, and other plugins one my one…check what happens after enabling every plugin…

  31. I undrestood! It’s my theme….with basic theme works correctly.
    Can I Fix?

  32. for theme issues, i may not be able to help as each theme differs from another..but you can have a look at the last FAQ on this post and see whether your issue is related to it.If that be the case and you have knowledge on modifying your theme code, then you can try a fix as suggested.But do try it on your test environment first.

  33. Goodmorning,
    When you say “test environment/” do you mean on Xampp?
    Anyway…thank you & Merry Xmass

  34. Yes…Merry christmas….

  35. […] here to download Platinum SEO Pack from the WordPress repository. If you want, you can read the FAQ here. Don’t forget to disable All In One SEO Pack before activating Platinum SEO Pack (don’t […]

  36. I have no TITLE tag generated for any page.

    I have: robots/description/keywords

    But no Title. Each page does have the title variable, but why isn’t it showing in the HTML?

  37. check your WordPress theme’s header.php to see whether it includes a title tag. Your pages does not display the title tag.

  38. i have same issue as above – the title tag only prints the blog name – all in one seo wrote the title tag fine – please help – i neeed the page title to print on post pages

  39. Deez issue was different.He didn’t have a title tag in his template and I see it corrected now.

    I cannot help until i see your website.

  40. Hello,

    First of all thank you for this great plugin.

    Can you please tell me how can I use %post_title% and %description% together for description meta tag? I tried to enter these 2 parameters from plugin options panel but it does not work.

  41. Nope, there is no such option to automatically prefix meta description tag with post title. You will have to manually enter it within the text box for meta description tag of WordPress Post Write panel (Platinum SEO Options for Write Post page of wordpress, are grouped under the title Platinum SEO Pack).

  42. Hi,

    I tried using the plugin on my blog, but the keyword and description tags do not appear in the section.

    Can you please help?


  43. I hope you can help me. I would like to know how can I add the new description of the site in my page automatically?

    What is the code for the description in PHP?

    This is what I would like to do:

    I would like

    to also become:

    This is the description automagically.


  44. This is a great plugin. Thank you so much. You have made my day. πŸ˜‰

  45. They all show up. But you seem to be having some meta tags (description, keywords) in your header.php file. Those can be removed as Platinum SEO automatically inserts them and they need not be duplicated.

  46. Rajesh you should consider giving a screenshot of the settings which works best for SEO.
    since most of the people are migrating from All in one SEO plugin I will suggest if you include the difference in terms of settings…its good that you have included most of the settings which is requires for SEO but though I will suggest if possible you can write a detailed post on getting most out of platinum SEO…
    If you have no time writing it let me know I can write a well informative post for the same because most of the users coming here are looking for SEO and they using right keywords and meta tags importance will be a great info for all of them including me.


  47. I have already made a detailed post on the various options here – Moreover, I have enabled certain options by default, when you install Platinum SEO. Those are the standard settings I recommend and they are good enough for many users. But I personally feel, that there cannot be one standard setting which would work well for everyone. The most appropriate settings depend upon your niche, wordpress theme you use, etc.

  48. Hi,
    how can I get meta tag key words on catatgories

  49. When this is implemented, does it affect archived posts as well? Or just posts that are made from now on?

  50. hi, how to put meta title, description, keywords in the categories and sub-categories?

  51. For categories and sub categories, you cannot have keywords meta tag. Title meta tag is taken care automatically.For description, give the category descrition in your wordpress admin where you define categories and subcategories i.e. Posts–>Categories in WP 2.7.

  52. Hi,

    Does this work on wordpress MU?


  53. I really like Platinum SEO. however, when it is activate, it causes my entire web site to disappear in browsers. When it is deactivated the site reacppears. I tried removing it and reinstalling it and the same thing happened. Are there any plugins that are incompatible with it? can you provide any advice?


  54. Platinum SEO plugin often cause my index page or my catagory page become blank page.

    I use WP 2.7, how do I solve it?

  55. test it with wordpress default themes. If it works there, then it has got to do with your wordpress theme.
    but I could see them working properly on the site that you have linked here.

  56. The tool is great. It works perfectly…Just a question – I have problems with 404 Errordocument…. – I would like that all non-existing pages are forwarded to another page – below you can see my .htaccess

    But .htaccess does ignore my Errordocument and brings just out the 404.php which is in my theme folder…how to change it? Any help would be great….

  57. Everything works fine except title tag gets duplicated across the whole site. The title tag for my top page (1st page in ‘page’ list in admin) is repeated throughout the site, description and keywords change but not title tag. Problem goes away once I uncheck “rewrite title tag” but that defeats the purpose of the plug-in. Any ideas?

    Great work on this. It fixed the problems I was having with AIOSEO not showing anything.

  58. I have a question which I hope to get answered before I launch my site this week. (fingers crossed)

    Is is good for SEO purposes to have the blog title included in all title tags. So for example a guy owning ultimate, on his blue widgets page has a title tag of Blue-Widgets – Ultimate-Widgets?

  59. Yes, if you have a site dedicated to a particular topic and your blog title has an important keyword related to that topic. For example if your blog is on windows vista and your blog title has vista in it…

  60. How do others find that this compares with other “SEO” plugins for WordPress? We are trying to find the most efficient solution for ourselves and our many clients here at Xerces but there are just so many options to choose from — and so little manpower/man-hours to spare for such things these days!

  61. I’ve created a static homepage for my site at:

    However, it also shows as a duplicate at:

    How do I make this redirect so it won’t show as duplicate content?

  62. @Alan do a 301 redirect in your .htaccess file

  63. That’s originally what I was trying to do, but I don’t quite get how to do it in wordpress. I tried Googling it and didn’t really understand which file I’m looking for to enter into the .htaccess file. I posted in a forum where someone suggested this plugin.

    Do you know of any good tutorials, I’ve already looked at about the first half dozen on Google for 301 redirect


  64. What it can be? All works good but my keywords in meta tag is not displaying right.

  65. how do i custom configure the options like. blog_title

    I would like to have %page_title% | %tag%

    I try it but it is not working.. what do i do.. Thank you !!

  66. Hello Rajesh,
    I have an urgent problem.
    I have been using your plugin from a long time and it had worked great for me.

    Yesterday night I got a theme change and although the new theme defines the head tag, but still the post titles are not displayed
    Instead for all the posts it shows Technoworld as the title.

    I have currently disabled it.
    Please look into the matter ASAP

    Thanks and Regards,

  67. Hi Rajesh,

    Just now I tried to use your plugin, and I have some issue with Mimbo theme. If I activate you rewrite plugin, the main page cannot load.

    Appreciate if you can help me to find how to troubleshoot this to work on my theme.


  68. Hi Rajesh,
    I have just one post per page and want to have different meta description and keyword tags for each page. How do I do this?

  69. Define your Meta Keywords or Meta Description for each of your page, through the Platinum SEO Pack’s widget on your Worpress Post/Page Write Panel.

  70. Hi,

    Great plugin!

    One question I see all my comments have the posters name and any url in the post set to no-follow. I would like to remove the no-follow from all comments.

    Please advise best way to do this.


  71. NoFollow comment links is the default wordpress setup.It is not introduced by Platinum SEO plugin.You may have to use a DoFollow plugin …

  72. I am trying to get the tag archives to be nofollow, no index but not able to do so. I tested this with both our theme and the default theme.

    I have the “Use noindex for Tag Archives” checkbox checked.

    Here is what I see in the view source:

    Also, I am at the bottom of the first page of the index page, we have a link to next and previous pages. Is there a way to nofollow these?

  73. @Khalid You haven’t updated to the latest version yet.Check it with the latest version and give examples. NoIndex just adds noindex meta tag to the tag archives but links on those archives will be followed.I don’t see any reason why you don’t want to follow links on them.

    The plugin does not provide options to do specific nofollows as you had asked for.Infact it is good to follow the urls , in the example that you have given.

  74. Hi Rajesh,

    thanks for the quick response.

    I update to the latest version but I see the same issue. I am trying to get our tag archive pages to have a noindex directive:

    but here is what I see

    I have the same issue with the default theme.

  75. Rajesh,

    I sorted this out. We had installed the noindex,nofollow plugin that was causing this issue. When I deactivated that plugin, PlatinumSEO worked!

  76. I repeat that I need examples…Making generic statements won’t help. There is only one option to do “noindex, nofollow” on posts (Single) , and you can change it to default “Index, Follow”.

  77. Hi,

    I really want to give this plugin a shot, but I have been using headspace2 since i started my blog and there is a lot of meta data in there that I don’t want to go and replace. Is there a way to merge the headspace data with you plugin?


  78. Hi,

    Is there a way to noindex a parent page and automatically noindex all it’s child pages (in other words, without manually setting it on each child page)?


  79. Hi Rajesh,

    If you look at my source it seems that the plugin is duplicating itself twice and showing the header information twice. Is there a fix to this.

  80. @thomas, @Fame,

    It is difficult for me to look into each one of your individual requests and help in resolving problems that are not related to this plugin.Pls. do understand.

  81. Platinum seo plugin ensure to edit your theme and remove whatever static meta descriptions and/or meta keywords you have in there.

  82. Hi Rajesh.

    Just want to say thank you so much for this plug-in. It is the best. Can not believe that I did not use it before.

    Outstanding performance.

  83. Smth bad happends with the code above. Here is normal code from my index.php:

    ‘category__not_in’ => array($ar_headline,$ar_featured),
    ‘showposts’ => 1,

  84. I think this has been answered in the FAQs. I may not be able to get into the specifics of each individual. Sorry about that.I will soon be introducing a forum where people like you can make these questions while other users can help with their answers. As a plugin developer, I am no longer going to provide help for specific individual’s problems like yours, any more. It is a free plugin and several use it and get benefitted, but only very few feel like giving back any credits. check my updates on my main platinum seo page.

    This plugin will be supported and maintained free for general issues that affect everyone.BUT NO MORE INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT. IF YOU NEED ONE YOU CONTACT ME AND IF I HAVE TIME AND IF YOU HAVE THE FEES, I WILL LOOK INTO IT.

  85. Could someone please help my blog page title is not what i want and i would like to edit it.
    Here is the information I can give:

    title in source code: – Earn Money Online Opportunity Reviews | Earn Money Online Opportunity Reviews –

    I would like the title to just be:
    Earn Money Online Opportunity Reviews –

    I am using the flexsqueeze theme and the header.php shows the following

    In Dashboard general settings Blog Title I have:
    Earn Money Online Opportunity Reviews –

    In the platinum SEO plugin Home Title I have:
    Earn Money Online Opportunity Reviews –

    I hope this is enough information for someone to give me a fix please if not please tell me what else you need to know.


  86. My site uses a static homepage (a page in wordpress) and a blog page.

    Creating meta tags in the WordPress page setup as the homepage was working when editing the page itself. Every page’s meta tags were working except. . .

    The blog page would not accept the meta tags added when editing the page in WordPress. I discovered that with the basic custom theme I’ve created, the Platinum SEO Pack options for home title and home description would apply the tags to the blog page (index.php).

    I hope that there will be a fix or new feature to accommodate this in a new version of PSP. A lot of people out there are using WordPress with a static homepage and also doing a blog page.

    @Simon Hilton

    Go into the Platinum SEO Pack options. Under the “Page Title Format” field, remove this 😐 %blog_title%

    When finished, the field should only include this: %page_title%

  87. Hello, I installed this plugin and it works for my pages but it isn’t showing up for my posts. I’m using windows vista and I’ve had the same results through IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

    Could you please offer some suggestions as to what I can do beings as I need a plugin such as this. Thanks πŸ™‚

  88. OS may not be the issue but may some thing about your wordpress set up. do you mean the Platinum seo box that you find on post creation page? Aren’t you finding it? Are you sure that you don’t find it?

  89. Hi,
    I’ve been using platinum on my blog for some time now and it’s worked very well. However I also added seopressor by daniel Tan. in the past two weeks whilst individual posts have done well, my mains site title has dissapeared from page one locally and I now find it on page 24, it has also dissapeared form other localities altogether. do these plugins interfere with each other?

  90. Martin, I think you are talking about titles as they appear in Google search results. Remember that google is altering Page titles in SERPS these days.Wordpress plugin have nothing to do with it.

  91. Hi Rajesh,

    You have stated that your current version of Platinum SEO Pack (1.3.7) is compatible with WP up to 3.0.5. Current WP version is 3.1 now. Please advice on how to deal with this matter and what is the version of your plug in that you suggest I should use.

    Thank you

  92. Ken, It does work with 3.1 as well. I haven’t released an update for the last few wordpress updates, as they were minor and intended to fix security issues. I will soon do it for 3.1.

  93. Hey Rajesh,

    Can you please outline installation procedure of your plug-in in more details.

    Thank you

  94. Installation is just like any other plugin. The default settings will be good enough.If you like to modify, you can check the posts linked from this one.

  95. Hi,

    I can’t change the ‘index and follow tags’ with Platinum SEO. I checked and the header page did indeed have <?php wp_head(); ?> in it.

    However, I went to default theme and now I can change the meta tags so it seems to be a theme issue.

    Im using Flexibility theme and I’m using WP 3.1.

    Any help would appreciated. πŸ™‚

  96. Kenneth, it will be difficult to look into theme issues and the theme developer will be the best person to help. Thanks for your understanding.

  97. In the comments section, we have the “Reply” link to every comment. This is generating duplicate content for every comment that the blog gets. The urls are like this:,, .
    These pages are indexed. “canonical” is selected in platinum seo settings. We have also chosen “Use noindex for comments”.

    But we get the “Duplicate meta description” errors in webmaster tools -> diagnosis -> HTML suggestions.

    Only for this text, we have 3 pages indexed other than the original. How can we eliminate this problem? Thank you for your attention.

  98. If you use the canonical tag, only the main page i.e. will be indexed as all other pages will use this url as the canonical link.So, you shouldn’t be getting the problem.

    I don’t see you using platinum seo for the above site.I also don’t see these urls in google index. I am not sure how I can take a look.

  99. does this thing works with wordpress 3.1? it seems very promising.

  100. yes it works with wordpress 3.1

  101. Hi Rajesh,

    How do I add meta for my home page?

    When I go to page, edit, first thing within Platinum SEO Pack is Title. Is that the place where I should add my meta tags for the relevant page?

    You have mentioned earlier that Google is altering Title Pages now days. Can you please elaborate on this.

    Thank you for your clarification.



  102. If you click on each one of those labels, you will get the required help. google determines page titles on its own these days. Most of the times it uses the title that you provide in the title box but when it finds the content to be not relevant to the title, it can change the title.

  103. hello
    if my site is in hebrew, the plugin will still work?

  104. Yes it will work. You can test it.

  105. The meta tags are not in the page source. What is not working?

  106. It will be difficult to answer what is not working without taking a look at the site. Some people have them in the page source but fail to notice them. In a few other cases, there could be conflicting SEO plugins. In several cases, it is because of themes. Does the theme makes a call to wp_head() function?

  107. The meta tags are not in the page source. I did what you said in editing theme editor in header. Still not working. I use WordPresss 3.1 with platinum seopack 1.3.7. In my dashboard written wordpress 3.1.2 is available. I am not sure I need to update this new version of wordpress. What shall I do now to make my meta tags is in the page source? Thank you for your kindness…

  108. Hi Rajesh,
    I would like to change the author. How can I do this. Can’t see the option? Please advise, many thxz!

  109. Hi Rajesh,

    It seems Platinum SEO Pack plugin does not work perfectly when I turn on GZIP Compression on my website. When I put the code (ob_gzhandler code) at the very top in the header.php file, all the settings in Platinum SEO Options are not working properly.

  110. i would suggest you to use a properly coded caching plugin like super cache, hyper cache etc. to enable gzip compression rather than adding something on your own to header.php file.

    I guess that what you have added is interfering with wordpress wp_head() function which is always added to header.php file in themes and is used by plugins.

  111. This is a great plugin. Almost perfect. I just have one small problem. The blog title is being repeated twice in the page title on the pages where I leave Platiunum SEO to do the automatic rewrite. E.g. RoomsMetro Newquay | Metro Newquay

    I would expect to see just Rooms | Metro Newquay. It is pulling in an extra ‘Metro Newquay’ from somewhere.

    This site is on WordPress 3.1.3 and Version 1.3.7 of Platinum SEO Pack. Can you suggest a fix to remove the first blog title reference?

  112. Check the page or post title format that you have in your settings page.

  113. I have recently moved from seo all in one to your plugin, and was working o.k,,,Then the post part of the plugin is completely gone.
    No where to be found…I cannot make changes on a post to post level, because there is nothing there anymore?…

    Please help me understand what happened…and the fix..thanks

  114. Dean, you should check the plugins that you might have installed recently. Also check any other theme changes that you might done. It is most likely the plugins. To check it, you should deactivate all plugins and then activate them one by one to find out the conflicting plugin.

    sometimes, the section might not appear expanded. Do check this too..

  115. How do you want me to help?

  116. Probably an easy suggestion:
    On the CATEGORY pages, you take the WP category description and use it for the page meta description (in CATEGORY archives). WP also supports descriptions for TAGS also, it’d be great if you used that for TAG archive pages too. I’m going to see if I can add this myself but the next time you update it’ll go away…

    My other suggestion is that meta keywords aren’t used on either of TAG or CATEGORY archive pages. Maybe the first TAGS and/or CATEGORIES from the first 10-20 posts on that page could be used for the keyword meta tags?

    Thanks for listening,

  117. Gary, It is already supported from version 1.2.7. Check it out here –

  118. Does “Use noindex for Categories” really help with ranking/less content duplication ? Is there an example when it’s better to let google index categories ?

  119. These are options provided for sites with different architecture. While it might help some if they do not index their category or tag pages, it isn’t a must for all sites.

    When you have a tag and a category with the same name, it is usually better to no-index one of them. Some prefer to get tag pages indexed while a few others prefer to have category pages indexed. If you own a site where you had tagged every post under not more than one category and a few meaningful tags, it doesn’t harm the site if you get both of them indexed. But if you have a site where you tag posts under multiple categories and also use several tags for each post, it is preferable to no-index them to avoid too many duplicates.

    All these are tools to build a site with better architecture and navigation and it is up to the webmaster to determine the best way to use them.

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