Platinum SEO Pack V1.2.4 Supports Canonical URLs

Version 1.2.4 of Platinum SEO Pack has been released. The major feature of this version is support for Canonical URLs.

Version 1.2.4 of Platinum SEO Pack provides options for automatic generation of canonical URLs. canonicalization is the process of picking the best url when there are several choices for a web page. There may be more than one URL for a particular web page. A canonical URL is a way of specify your preferred URL (among many) for a particular web page, to Google and most other search engines that support it now.

rel=”canonical” is a hint that is used to specify the canonical URL to search engines.You can find out more about canonical URLs on Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Apart from support for canonical URLs, an option to use tags as keywords for posts, has been included. Earlier tags were automatically included and now this has been made optional.Despite Platinum SEO plugin being used by many blogs on the web, there have not been many donations forthcoming.An option to link back to this Plugin blog has been provided for folks who want to contribute in some ways.Request you all to link back, review and spread the word about Platinum SEO plugin.

I would also like to develop a useful plugin for the forthcoming plugin competition by WeblogToolsCollection.Would like you all to continue providing your support and encouragement for my Free WordPress Themes and Plugins. Thank you folks.Enjoy.

Update: Version 1.2.5 Corrected a minor character set problem for an European language (Bulgarian) and Version 1.2.6 Corrected a minor problem with canonical links for single pages.

2 comments on “Platinum SEO Pack V1.2.4 Supports Canonical URLs

  1. I of course did a write up on your plugin 🙂
    Can you make the rel=”canonical” point to ://site instead of :// in your plugin as it is now?

  2. Mark, I don’t get you.It does point to the correct url. This site doesn’t use www and canonical url points to the non www version.If you use www for your site then canonical will point to the same.

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