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Platinum SEO Plugin is the ultimate WordPress SEO solution. This plugin is now in version 2.3.6 and you can check out the new features by downloading and using it on your WordPress Website. Find below the history of this WordPress Plugin. But for the latest updates of this reborn plugin, and to understand its usage, read WordPress SEO – the What, Why and How.

The plugin supports the following features which are generally available in Paid versions of other WordPress SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, SeoPress, RankMath and more :

Platinum SEO Pack has a 12 year old history. Here is when and how this plugin was born. Uberdose, built the world’s most popular WordPress plugin “All in One SEO” (His site no longer exists).. I too liked his plugin but was looking for more options in it.I then went on to develop Platinum SEO plugin for my own blogs. Platinum SEO plugin not only automated SEO for WordPress blogs, but also provided the ultimate on site SEO (search engine optimization) solution for WordPress blogs. The plugin was very popular in 2012 and earlier and had seen more than a million downloads then. You can find a comprehensive guide on using the smart WordPress SEO options in this plugin for smart benefits.

Techblissonline Platinum SEO

What has Changed and What is new?

= 2.3.9=
2021-04-27 – Version updated incorrectly in the main file

= 2.3.8=
2021-04-27 – A change has been made to accommodate JSON schema even if entered with the script tag. The plugin will sanitize and save the schema. Multiple schemas can simply be entered as comma separated script tags and the plugin will automatically combine them and use them to generate schema correctly.

= 2.3.7=
2021-04-25 – Platinum SEO is now integrated with WordPress REST API. You can now GET the SEO meta data for any Post/Page/Taxonomy/Home from the plugin as a field psp_head included in responses to requests via the built-in WordPress REST API Endpoints like those for Posts, Types, etc. The other way to retrieve the SEO meta data is through the plugin’s own custom Endpoint. You may find the details in the blog post – .

= 2.3.6=
2021-03-10 – Removed the meta tag added by the newly introduced robots api in WordPress 5.7. Added the ability to specify current year to title and description formats. You can also directly add the tag variables in the title field and the meta description field. While the title description formats allow you to add the tag variables only towards the beginning or end, you can now add the tag variables anywhere in between the meta title or description text. You can add the tag variable manually to these Platinum SEO meta fields in Post types.

= 2.3.5=
2021-02-27 – In focus keyword analysis, when a multiple word keyphrase is entered, the count of the phrase in content and its density was calculated wrongly. It has been corrected in this version.

= 2.3.4=
2021-02-23 – corrected the Tools menu on the admin bar that was throwing a lack of privileges error.

= 2.3.2=
2021-01-15 – Bulk Editor now lets you add JSON Schema to all Post types in bulk.

= 2.3.0=
2021-01-12 – Made the Bulk Editor to retrieve only built-in and Custom Post Types. Made similar changes to Redirections module. You may find the Bulk Editor interface in Platinum SEO & Social Pack – > SEO Editors

= 2.2.9 =
2021-01-10 – Added a Bulk Edit Feature to SEO – Editors. Users can now edit SEO Titles and Descriptions in bulk. Made a few changes to the way Posts can be searched in Redirections module.

= 2.2.8 =
2020-12-28 – Made some alterations to 404 Manager and Redirections Manager to make it more user friendly. Included an option to retrieve all Posts in Redirections manager. one can also filter the Posts based on Post name or WordPress title. This would make it easier to create redirections in bulk for Posts (all post types). Restricted the filtering option to Posts while Redirected URLs may only be retrieved as a whole (All option). The same also applies to Redirection logs which are created for Redirected URLs if one chooses to log the redirect. The log entries can be deleted as a whole or selectively.

= 2.2.7 =
2020-12-23 – In the export import utility, added a message to indicate the number of rows imported. This will help users to know whether all the rows in the file have been imported. Further, added translational options for the various headers and messages.

= 2.2.6 =
2020-12-20 – The plugin now has an Export/Import Utility to export Platinum SEO Options (Sitewide Settings) and platinum SEO Meta Data (of all Post types). You may find this utility in Platinum SEO and social Pack -> Tools.

= 2.2.5 =
2020-12-04 – Resolved the authorization error thrown for roles other than Admin, like Editor role etc. while trying to access a POST to which the Role has not been assigned access to Platinum SEO Metabox in role Manager.

= 2.2.4 =
2020-12-02 – Provided an option to disable published and modified time being added as open graph tags for article og type. Added a button to exit the setup wizard that is triggered on plugin activation.

= 2.2.3 =
2020-11-21 – Fixed dashboard console menu disappearing from the WordPress Admin.

= 2.2.2 =

  • 2020-11-21 – Fixed a bug that caused he featured image to be not set when using the classic editor plugin in WordPress. Fixed a bug that was logging an “Headers already Sent” error when updating a post.

= 2.2.1 =

  • 2020-11-20 – Introduced a comprehensive Role Manager that can be used to control who (which role) can access which Platinum SEO Settings. Introduced a SetUp wizard to make it easy for users installing Platinum SEO WordPress Plugin to configure various settings. It also makes it easy for users migrating from other popular SEO plugin to platinum SEO, to setup the SEO configuration. Fixed a few bugs in sitemap settings. Made the 404 guessing workaround to be compatible with the latest changes in WordPress 5.5.0.

= 2.2.0 =

  • 2020-09-06 – Fixed a bug that caused the Platinum SEO Meta Box not to render in Post type ‘Post’ and custom Post type Edit screens when the category name has a single quote or apostrophe.

= 2.1.9 =

  • 2020-08-18 – Fixed a bug in V2.1.8 that caused the Platinum SEO Meta Box not to render in Post type ‘Page’ and custom Post types.

= 2.1.8 =

  • 2020-08-11 – Support for WordPress Built In sitemap with some enhancements for enabling Image discovery by Search Engine bots. Support for WordPress 5.5. Support for importing SEO Data from All In One SEO Pack, if you are migrating from All in One SEO to Platinum SEO Plugin. The plugin already supports data import from Yoast SEO and RankMath SEO Plugins.

= 2.1.7 =

  • 2020-07-13 – Fixed bugs in JS files to be compliant with the proposed JQuery versions in WordPress 5.5 and beyond. Since WordPress sitemap files is proposed to be integrated into the Core in WordPress 5.5, made the necessary changes in the plugin’s version of the files.

= 2.1.6 =

  • 2020-07-07 – Fixed a bug in rendering of static Front page’s Platinum SEO settings (i.e. meta description and canonical tags) when multiple Static pages are used as front pages by multilingual plugins like Polylang. This bug had an impact only on users of multilingual plugins.

= 2.1.5 =

  • 2020-07-06 – A change has been made whereby the user is given an option to choose to display either the Home Page Settings(default) or the Platinum SEO settings for the Static Page chosen as the Home Page (Front Page). This option isn’t necessary for everyone, unless you are using, say, multilingual plugins like Polylang or WPML where multiple pages can be chosen as the Front Page i.e. one for each language. This need not be enabled by others.

= 2.1.4 =

  • 2020-06-23 – You can now set a preferred Term for any individual POST. This can be set for the chosen Preferred Taxonomy.
    Fixed a bug in sitemap date display.
    Introduced an analyse button in Analysis screen which will calculate the metrics for the most recent unsaved changes in content.
    Adds nofollow to Post comment feed links as preferred by Google. The plugin will also hide the main comment feed link by default.

= 2.1.3 =

2020-06-12 – Integrated the latest WordPress sitemap files.

= 2.1.2 =

  • 2020-06-01 – Sitemap has been further enhanced with the latest WordPress sitemap files. Also a few styling changes have been implemented to the sitemap rendered by the plugin. A few other cosmetic changes have been done to Help text wordings in a few files.


Platinum SEO Plugin has now become the first SEO plugin to integrate WordPress Sitemap functionality which is currently in development. WordPress developers are working on a Core Sitemap API that will soon be part of WordPress Core. We have integrated with this API, in this version, to give you a sitemap feature. Do visit SEO -> SiteMap Settings in the Plugin, to enable this SiteMap feature. But make sure to disable your current SiteMap plugin, if any, before you use this SiteMap. Do give us your feedback and it will be passed on to the WordPress Development Team. If you like our plugin, do give us a rating on WordPress here .


Platinum SEO Plugin will now have its own SEO meta table $wpdb->prefix.platinumseometa. All the SEO meta data used by the plugin will now be in this table. Hence, existing users of the plugin may have to run the Platinum SEO Importer to import all you existing data to the new table. There are separate Importers for Titles and Descriptions, Robots Meta Data and all other SEO and social Meta Data. Though the plugin will work seamlessly with both the current and the new setup, it is highly recommended to migrate the Platinum SEO Plugin data to the new table to ensure better performance and be ready for new functionalities that may get added in future. New users of the plugin will start with this new setup. If they are migrating from another existing WordPress SEO Plugin like Yoast or RankMath, they can migrate their data to Platinum SEO using their Plugin specific Importer tools that are made available in this Version.

In addition, Importers for Yoast, Yoast Indexables and RankMath WordPress SEO Plugins have now been included to make it easy for users using those plugins to migrate to Platinum SEO WordPress Plugin.


2020-04-16 – Redirection can now be created using Request URI, Request Path or Request URL as the source URL. i.e. if you want to redirect this Post to another URL, you can specify any of the following as Source URL.

  • /platinum-wordpress-seo-plugin/ {Redirect URI or Source URI)
  • platinum-wordpress-seo-plugin (Redirect Path or Source Path)
  • (Redirect URL or Source URL)

The Destination URL should always be a proper URL. For example it can be , in this case, if we wanted to redirect this page to the original Platinum SEO Pack URL on Techblissonline. If you want to specify an external URL as the Destination URL, you can specify its full URL as well. For example, if we wanted to redirect this page to, we can specify it in full against Destination URL.

= 2.0.8 =

Fixed a bug that prevented Redirection from getting created when “Create Redirection” was clicked in Platinum SEO 404 Manager. However, the ability to create Redirection through “Bulk Updates” dropdown was working as expected.
Modified a Javascript related to snippet preview. Hence it is essential for users to clear browser cache after updating the plugin to V2.0.8. Otherwise, browsers will continue to use the old Javascript file stored in its cache. causing issues. What this change does is show a boilerplate description text in the Preview and as a Placeholder in the Description field of Techblissonline Platinum SEO and Social Meta Box, when the Description is not explicitly set. This boilerplate text will read as follows:

Write a unique description that is short enough to fit search results snippet for this page. An ideal meta description is one that has a brief content matching what the user is searching for and inducing him to click through.

This has been done to let users know that a Meta Description has not been set for the WordPress Post or Page. However, if auto-generate Description has been turned on in Platinum SEO and Social Pack -> SEO -> General i.e. “Use description autogenerator:” had been turn on, then an auto-generated description will be used as meta description for the Post, though it is not shown in the Preview and not used in Description Placeholder by default. This will usually be the first few words from the text of the Post.
Platinum SEO Plugin now enables its users to disable 404 Permalink guessing that WordPress does as part of its canonical redirec function. Though this function does several useful SEO related functionlaities, this guessing may prove to be harmful in certain cases and it is always better to let the WordPress user determine the URL to redirect to by monitoring the 404 Error Log.This can be done easily using Platinum SEO WordPress Plugin. For more details, read how to disable Canonical Redirect for 404 URLs

= 2.0.7 =

  • 2020-04-05 – Introduces a complete HTTP Redirections Manager. It also now has a 404 Manager that lets you track and fix any 404 Error. This 404 Manager is integrated with Redirections to resolve the 404 Error by Creating appropriate HTTP Redirection. Make sure to clear browser cache after updating the plugin.

= 2.0.5 =

  • 2020-02-21 – Introduces Patinum SEO Content analysis that does a basic analysis of your content for focus keywords that you need to enter in meta ketwords input field as comma separated items. Note that meta keywords can be turned off sitewide in SEO -> General settings, if you do not want to add a meta keywords tag for posts and /or pages. You can even control it at the post or page level by switching it On/Off, if the sitewide setting is ON. Sitewide setting is Off by default. But you can get content analysis findings in your analysis dashboard, even if it is switched off. Also fixed a few other minor bugs.

= 2.0.4 =

  • 2020-02-12 – Changed a style setting to apply to this plugin admin pages alone thereby avoiding conflict with WordPress admin and other plugin style settings. Created options for users to specify Facebook OG type and Twitter card type for each individual post or page in Basic social settings.

= 2.0.3 =

  • 2020-02-11 – Made some changes to UI to improve usability. Also fixed a small superficial bug in snippet preview. Colors codes have been used. Blue is neutral or normal and can be positive or negative depending on the situation. Green indicates positive and recommended. Red indicates negative and not recommended. Users have to be doubly sure to make an option red. Orange indicates a warning and the users need to be careful.

= 2.0.2 =

  • 2020-02-07 – Fixed an issue that was causing featured image not to be set for Posts and Pages.

= 2.0.1 =

  • 2020-02-06 – Fixed an issue that does not pull description for existing users of the plugin, in respect of posts where they had filled them (description) in the older version of Platinum SEO Pack.

= 2.0.0 =

  • 2020-02-01 – Techblissonline Platinum SEO WordPress plugin has been completely rewritten and it now offers several new features in addition to fixing the bugs in the earlier version and improving Plugin Security.

Features of Platinum SEO Plugin (Versions prior to 2.0):

If you are already using All In One SEO Pack, this plugin will automatically import all the settings, that you have defined using that plugin.You just need to validate the imported settings.Platinum SEO Pack is also compatible with earlier versions of WordPress, though I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version.

  • Optimizes Post and Page Titles for search engines
  • Generates all SEO relevant META tags automatically
  • Helps you avoid duplicate content
  • Lets you override any title and set any META description and META keywords, for any post or page
  • Compatible with most other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.However you may have to disable All in One SEO pack
  • You don’t have to fear changing permalinks. If you are not satisfied with the current permalink, change it through Settings–>Permalinks in your admin panel, without worrying about loss of Page rank or Google penalty.Platinum SEO plugin will take care of issuing a 301 redirect to the new location.
  • Add meta description and meta keywords tags to WordPress Categories and WordPress Tag pages. Read on how to do it here
  • Add index, noindex, follow or nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet, noodp, noydir meta tags to any post or page.These options are not available in All in one SEO Pack.Find out why this option to set post or page level HTML meta robots tag is necessary?
  • Options to noindex category pages, archives, tag pages, comment feeds, RSS feeds, search result pages, sub pages of home or category or tag pages.These are not available in All in One SEO pack.
  • Nofollow external links on front page (Home page, Category page, etc – This feature is also not available in All in One SEO pack

How to install Platinum SEO Plugin?

  • 1. Unzip into your `/wp-content/plugins/` directory. If you’re uploading it make sure to upload the top-level folder. Don’t just upload all the PHP files and put them in `/wp-content/plugins/`.
  • 2. Activate the Platinum SEO plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • 3. Visit your SEO options (*Options – Platinum SEO*) for WordPress 2.3.x, (*Settings – Platinum SEO*) for WordPress 2.5.x

That’s all folks!


Download Platinum SEO Plugin from WordPress repository, install, use and let me know your feedback.

Version 2.0.6 – Platinum WordPress SEO Plugin now has 404 Manager to handle 404 Error and a Redirection Manager to manage any Redirection in WordPress using any HTTP Redirection Status Codes in Platinum SEO Plugin.

Version 2.0 – Platinum WordPress SEO Plugin has been completely rewritten from scratch while maintaining backward compatibility with the older version.

Most recent update: Version 1.3.4 of Platinum SEO plugin supports custom taxonomies. Custom post types are supported by default. You could find more details on this update here – Platinum seo 1.3.4

Update: Version 1.2.3 of WordPress Platinum SEO plugin has been introduced. Now you can prevent comments paging duplicates in WordPress 2.7. (Update: This option is no longer needed as SERPS now support canonical URLs and the plugin lets you have turn on canonical URLs.)

Update: Version 1.2.4 of WordPress Platinum SEO plugin provides support for canonical URLs.. Now you can automatically generate Canonical URLs using Platinum SEO in WordPress .

Update: Version 1.2.5 Corrected a minor character set problem for an European language (Bulgarian) and Version 1.2.6 Corrected a minor problem with canonical links for single pages.

Update: Version 1.2.7 of WordPress Platinum SEO plugin provides support for adding meta description and meta keywords tags to WordPess Categories and WordPress Tag pages. Check, how to do it here.

Update: Version 1.2.8 of Platinum SEO plugin has been released and it is almost the same as version 1.2.7, in terms of features.It only fixes a few typo errors that caused superficial PHP bugs.

Update: Version 1.2.9 of the plugin has been released. WordPress Page title or Post title rewrites can now be tuned on/off for any post or page.

Update: Version 1.3 of the plugin has been released. WordPress Page title format or Post title format can be disabled at an individual post or page level.
A separate form has been added to facilitate hassle free migration from All in one seo to Platinum SEO plugin.

Update: Version 1.3.3 of Platinum SEO plugin is now compatible with Brian Clarke’s Scribe LLC plugin.

Update: Version 1.3.4 of Platinum SEO plugin supports custom taxonomies. Custom post types are supported by default.

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  71. If we’ve been using the SEO Title Tag plug-in, will our title data be lost? It created some new tables.

  72. […] Platinum SEO […]

  73. […] You can get Platinum SEO from here. […]

  74. Sounds like a great alternative to the All In One SEO Pack. I especially like the option to include noindex, nofollow, etc. Have always wondered why that is not included in All in one SEO Pack. I’ve just downloaded it. Will put it up in my site later tonite.

    Thanks for the effort.

    KodeeXII of Current Events in Computer Technology’s last blog post..Euro2008 Soccer Champion: Spain?s 44 Year Wait Ends

  75. […] Platinum SEO Plugin helps you automate the onsite SEO (search engine optimization) process, Broken links Remover […]

  76. I’m really happy about the fact that I can add the nofollows to external links without having to go mess around in the code now – great job with that 🙂

    One thing I have to ask though – this only seems to apply to links on the blog home page – is there a way to enable it for links on individual post pages as well.


  77. simple…Choose “index,nofollow” for your post/page under “Platinum SEO Pack” – refer picture 1 above

  78. Love the plugin. just a quick question which options should leave unchecked in the options page for best seo results

  79. Love the plugin. Just a quick question. Which options should leave unchecked in the options page for best seo results? Not too sure what some of them mean. at the monet i have left categorie listings on page and catgorie lists on post unchecked. Is this ok or do i need to uncheck more or less?

    e-shoppinsaver’s last blog post..Compare Prices on The iPod Classic 160GB

  80. […] Platinum SEO Pack Verbessert und automatisiert die Suchmaschinenoptimierung Ihres Blogs. […]

  81. Just upgraded to WP2.6 but the PSP panel in the write post page seems to be constanly expanded. How can I fix this?

    screenshot ::

    Danny’s last blog post..WordPress 2.6 Released

  82. hey, thanks for working on this.

    i am on the latest wp 2.6, and i’m getting no pSeoPack fields when editing a page. posts and everything else seems work just fine.

    any ideas? thx again.

  83. […] Platinum SEO […]

  84. […] Platinum SEO Pack […]

  85. Dude, the plugin has stopped working since I upgraded my wordpress to 2.6.

    i think you need to update this plugin.

    Rizwan’s last blog post..Port, dock workers withdraw strike call

  86. Thanks for supporting this! The plugin doesn’t work on my installation of WordPress 2.6 for pages. Works just fine with posts. Any idea when 2.6 will be supported?

    Burton Kent’s last blog post..Getting Fancy

  87. Yes I haven’t checked it in wordpress 2.6 still…will do the updates and release it soon…

  88. Plugin updated for wordpress 2.6…upgrade,check it and let me know…

  89. […] any major changes except those needed to support wordpress 2.6.  Enjoy wordpress 2.6 with the ultimate onsite SEO solution – Platinum SEO Pack 1.1. Let me know your valuable […]

  90. […] site oficial do plugin é e o download pode ser feito […]

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  94. I have a little problem with this great plugin. I’m using a static page as front page. Platinum shows me on the article page (the blog) the same title, description and keywords as on the front page (static page with name home), although i use a specific title, description and keywords for the article page (blog). How I can fix it?

    Christian’s last blog post..Start des Corporate Blogs von meentix

  95. Thank for your plugin, I’ve used All in One and Meta Post Plugin. Futhermore this plugin can replace both of them.

    Could we add the title for is_front_page case with is_home ?
    Could we aplly a title for category like SEO Title tag (this doesn’t work with SEO Title tag) ?
    Thank you.

    quang ba web’s last blog post..Cu?c chi?n Yahoo – Microsoft

  96. @Christian : You can add a front page condition befor is_home page for the title and description in this nice plugin.
    if (is_front_page()) {$header = }

  97. @Christian: You have choosen a page (is it a page or a post?, i am assuming it is a page) as a front page for your blog.So the home title, description and keyword apply to it.

    Why do you want to have a different title, description and keywords as a page? i feel it may not be necessary as you have the same content.

  98. @quang ba web:

    Could we add the title for is_front_page case with is_home ?

    isn’t it that way already?

    Could we apply a title for category like SEO Title tag (this doesn’t work with SEO Title tag) ?

    you can have a category title format, and a description too for categories. The description for categories is picked up from how you describe them in Manage–>Categories of your administration.


    I have the frontpage which is a page (no blog-posts, only a “welcome-page”), that’s right. I have also an article page (the blog), but Platinum shows me on the front page the same meta-tags as on the article page, but i want different tags, because they are different pages. You can see it on the linked website.

    Christian’s last blog post..meentix Small Business Blog

  100. christian, – This is your home page.Which is your static front page?

    Is it this:

    or this:

    I guess your site is in dutch.But I am sorry that I do not understand dutch and I cannot make out which you have used as a front page, as the content of your home looks different from either of the above.

    If you have made one of these as the front page why does the content appear different from home?

  101. Hello,

    One interesting feature would be to add an option to nofollow the links to date based archives (as for the one already existing for categories). If you have a calendar and the list of monthly archives, it is currently being followed and this is spanning the PR juice for pages not really interesting as they are usually being tagger with the noindex… Google could find its way by walking through the categories or the previous / next entries links.

    Anyway, that’s a great plugin you have here!

    Olivier’s last blog post..Mamie se rebelle

  102. If you are tagging the archive pages with noindex then the PR juice is not given to the archives page.Rather, the PR juice is shared among all the links that you follow on those archive pages(provided you also also index those final landing pages/posts)

  103. I am indexing the categories pages. It makes sense as it contains excerpts and the subject is usually shared between the posts within the same category. It doesn’t make sense for me to crawl nor index the date based archives. I rather prefer google concentrating on the categories based archives.

    Olivier’s last blog post..Mamie se rebelle

  104. Thanks, this is exactly what i was looking for.

    Philix’s last blog post..The benefits of a freighter

  105. […] Plugin: Platinum SEO URL Original: Platinum SEO Autor: Rajesh […]

  106. Hello,

    I have found a bug. The subpages of categories archives and tag archives (ie not the first one but the second and onwards) get a noindex even if the noindex isn’t checked (ie if you still want to have these index). This is probably a conflict with the option : use noindex for sub pages of home (which is supposed from my point of view to concern only the subpages of the homepage, not of the categories or tag archives pages).


    Olivier’s last blog post..Je tagge le blog…


    It’s german, not dutch 😉 is my frontpage, which is a static page (it is named “home”). is the article page. You can make these settings in the backend of WordPress (Settings -> Read -> Frontpage). But both, the frontpage and the article page, have the same meta-tags (which I made in Platinum SEO Plugin Options under “Home Title” and “Home Description”), although I have setted different ones for the static page “home” (=the frontpage)…

    Christian’s last blog post..meentix Small Business Blog

  108. One of my favorite plugins. Mahalo.

    Stephen’s last blog post..POD: Unusual Wooden Bench At A Shopping Mall

  109. […] Platinum SEO está “basado” en AIOSP, de hecho es el mismo plugin, pero con algunos añadidos como … […]

  110. Are you still alive my friend techblissonline? We are nothing without you 😉

    Olivier’s last blog post..Pas de bouchon au péage de François

  111. Offcourse alive but a little busy. I still remember your need for a nofollow option for date based archives.That will be introduced in the next release.  

    “The subpages of categories archives and tag archives (ie not the first one but the second and onwards) get a noindex even if the noindex isn’t checked (ie if you still want to have these index)”.  

    Yes, all subpages will get a noindex if you choose the noindex subpages of home option.There are no seperate option for each one of them.When you do not want to index sub pages of home, probably to preseve and divert your PR to the more valuable individual posts, the same logic should be applied for these two.If not index all sub pages (home, categories etc).This was my though process when i priovided only a single option.Thanks for your interest.

    Can you pls. try out and vote for

  112. Hello,

    Glad to hear from you 😉
    Thanks for your detailed answer.
    I have obviously awarded a 5 stars to your plugin, you deserve it!

    In fact, with regards to the noindex of subpages, I would like to detail a bit the reason behind my suggestion. On my blog, the home and subpages have the full posts. So it is better to only index the home otherwise, it will generate a lot of duplicate content.

    For the archives (categories, date, tags), I only have excerpts. With the current behaviour, only the first page of archives will be indexed while it would be ok to index all subpages since they contain excerpts and so it will not be seen as a duplicate content. Also, since the archives (especially categories and tags) includes specific content on a subject, my feeling is that it is good to have these indexed (definitely more than the subpages of the home which in essence contain diverse subjects).

    Olivier’s last blog post..Et hop!

  113. A small bug 🙂
    Plz, replace functions like strtolower or strtoupper with mb_ equivalents.

  114. […] Download: […]

  115. It great plugin and I use it on site right now that WordPress 2.6

    Toopie like it!

    Toppie happy to!

  116. […] PlatinumSEO is a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) WordPress plugin that comes with everything but the kitchen sink. However, before we tackle it, let’s make sure that our permalinks are already search engine friendly. […]

  117. i have it installed on two of my blogs, it works great on one but the other features like the keywords are not appearing when i view the source of the page, any thoughts

  118. […] Platinum SEO pack or All in one SEO pack : Both do almost the same thing – give you a chance to increase SEO by […]

  119. […] As you go through the posts looking for bad links, you’ll also have an opportunity to make sure that they are in the right category, are properly tagged, and if you haven’t done so already, this might also be a good time to add post excerpts and unique meta titles/descriptions. […]

  120. Quick question/suggestion about the plugin : is it valuable to follow the blog feed links? Right now, there is an option to noindex this which is good. What is the value of following the feed links?

  121. […] Platinum SEO Pack Complete SEO solution for WordPress. […]

  122. I’m having an odd problem after having converted my blog from AIO SEO pack to Platinum SEO. The index (home) page is the only page where the page title is not correct.

    The page title front says “Rockland County New York” but the setting in Platinum SEO is “Search Homes Now! Orange & Rockland County New York Real Estate” so I don’t understand why after switching the plug-ins the homepage title is the only one to go rogue.

    I switched back to AIO SEO to try to correct it which it did for a second until I altered the title in the back end at which point it went back to “Rockland County New York”. Any idea as to why it went rogue and how to fix it?

  123. JGF, I know your problem. You home page display posts from different categories (multiple loops). The title for your home is getting replaced by the last category’s title.Let me check this and let you know.

  124. @olivier, I don’t see any…

  125. Ok so what about adding an option to add a nofollow tag to the rel of the feed link? 😉

  126. […] few days ago, a new plugin was released known as Platinum SEO Pack. This appears to be a “fork” of the All In One SEO pack. It claims to do everything All In One […]

  127. Hello my friend,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have found a bug within that wonderfull plugin. When you activate the “add nofollow to external links on home” option, it breaks the links towards the recent comments within the sidebar.

  128. What do you mean by it breaks the links? Can you show an example?

  129. Sure, here are some excerpts of code :
    Please not that I have the plugin nofollow free (for comments) installed.

  130. can you disable it and try.Platinum SEO does not remove the hrefs. Something else is not compatible, i suppose.

  131. You are right, the issue doesn’t come from the nofollow free plugin. I have disabled it and the problem is still there. I am lost…

  132. Have the basic plugins like akismet etc enabled and then enable platinum seo.then enable other plugins one by one until you see the problem.You can thus find out the real issue.

  133. Ok so I have disabled all the plugins then enabled back Platinum SEO and I can see the issue…

  134. […] few days ago, a new plugin was released known as Platinum SEO Pack. This appears to be a “fork” of the All In One SEO pack. It claims to do everything All […]

  135. Olivier, I am testing this currently.

  136. Ok thanks a lot for your support!

  137. olivier, can you let me know your email.I have a new version.I will send it to you for test.If everything looks ok for you let me release it officially.

    You can let me know ur email through my contact page.

  138. I updated to the newest version and I’m still having the problem I mentioned a while back. Have you had any luck finding the bug?

  139. JGF , there isn’t any bug.One thing i noticed when debugging for another person is while using too many loops there seems to be problems with memory and output buffering.Refer the FAQ. Does output buffering work for you with your host?

  140. I really wish there were a feature where you could list specific posts or pages by url that you didn’t want indexed. It is the only thing I can see that i wish was improved upon.

  141. It is crazy but all I see is general options. I don’t see the post page options that you show in your diagram

  142. […] Note:Platinum SEO plugin, that has seen more than a million downloads, helps in automatically 301 redirecting your visitors, for pages/posts whose permalink structures have changed.Platinum SEO plugin provides smart options for smart SEO benefits and helps you to avoid 404 error pages due to changes in permalink structure. […]

  143. […] feeds.    As regular readers of my blog and users of my plugins, you may be aware that Platinum SEO plugin provides a smart option to noindex all your RSS feeds.This will help in not indexing your feed […]

  144. Nice SEO Tools…
    Thanks very Much..

  145. Chinese translations

  146. […] ?????????? […]

  147. Hi:
    There i had some problem with the new theme…
    When i active the new theme…
    The page title will never show…
    Please check this image:

    Can you let me know what can i do ?

  148. […] if you are on WordPress, I’d recommend use of an indispensable Platinum SEO plugin to help you optimize your <title> without messing up your theme […]

  149. Just one more question: Is there a way to just have Platinum SEO insert the title/description meta tags — and leave off the index/archive/follow tag? If so, I could bypass that part and just use the php code I’ve built into my template. Thanks again!

  150. can you explain me what’s the meaning of noodp and noydir, should i activated these function?? and whats the benefits?? thx

  151. […] Platinum SEO Pack ist ein Plugin, das WPSEO und “All in one SEO” sehr ähnelt. Eine coole Funktion, […]

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  155. Thanks for your nice solution

  156. Thanks for this wonderful Plugin.
    A must have for all wordpress blogs.

  157. This is an excellent SEO plugin for the WordPress blogging platform. I also really enjoy using the category base killer to remove the /category/ part in permalinks and the yet another relevant post plugin to provide relevantrelated posts underneath every post; it’s a great way to boost your internal linking. You should try those two out, make sure if you use the category base killer to 301 redirect old urls!

  158. […] Tags This plugin allows you to manually tag each post for some extra traffic from Technorati. Platinum SEO Plugin This will handle most of the SEO-related modifications you’ll need to do to your blog […]

  159. Hey. I’m using your plugin on newly installed wp and it is great. One thing that is bothering thhos is the page title in monthly archives. Rewrite is ON, and the title format is %date% | %blog_title%, where %date% shows as “2008 september” (for example). Is there a way to change this to “september 2008”? Thanks in advance.

  160. […] Platinum SEO Pack is the ultimate SEO solution to getting your blog ranks high better in the Search Engine Results. Basically, what it does is to optimize your post and page titles and automate all SEO relevant META tag (description and keyword tags) for search engine. […]

  161. […] fato é que após eu passar a usar o plugin Platinum SEO há cerca de uns 3 meses mais ou menos, o meu tráfego aumentou de 40% no primeiro mês de uso para […]

  162. Rajesh,

    If i change the permalink structure on my blog from YYYY/MM/DD/ to just /. Won’t it effect the google traffic and other sites who are pointing to my post via old url?

    Let me know thanks…

  163. nihar, it won’t.what platinum seo does is to 301 redirect from the old to new url and this is what google suggests…so all your visitors to old url will be redirected to the new url…

    in terms of pagerank, google will pass it on to the new url within a few iterations…

  164. […] name)->Blog Archive->Post title. With the help of SEO Plugins like All in one seo pack or Platinum SEO pack, this can be changed pretty easily in the format – Post title | Blog […]

  165. […] Platinum SEO Pack: The plugin author claimed it is better than the famous All-In-One SEO plugin, as the ultimate […]

  166. The bug that JGF inquired about on August 13, 2008 is a bug, but not in this plugin. It appears to be in the WP core. I tested this extensively on WP 2.6.2 because I’m running into the same problem JGF had, and found that WP loses track of the fact that you’re on the front page the moment you run a custom query. This problem exists even if you don’t have this plugin installed.

    I’m jumping through all of the hoops on right now before I open a formal bug report, and will report back here once I get a solution.

  167. Solution to JGF’s (and my) problem, and probably others in the future: If your page uses a custom query or multiple loops make sure you use WP_Query for those calls. If your code uses query_posts then WP gets confused and thinks it’s on the Category page for the last post it selected instead of on the home page. As a result Platinum SEO includes a category title instead of the home page title in the code sent to the browser. I can confirm that after I changed my page template to use WP_Query that Platinum SEO outputs the correct Title on the home page.

    Example code for WP using WP_Query:
    $myquery = new WP_Query(‘showposts=5’);
    while ($myquery->have_posts()) : $myquery->the_post();

  168. great info Fred…i knew there is something wrong out there and it is not only JGF but a few other newspaper theme guys were also enquiring about it…

    but I never had the time to test these extensively on those custom themes…it is nice of you to debug and find this…kudos to you man 🙂

    I thought of having a custom theme setup and testing it…unfortunately i never got into it really…

  169. Very great plugin… I have to really give it a try.. Really great work dude…

  170. This is a great plugin for wordpress. A must have for all SEO. Big thanks for it!

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  172. awesome your information is very important to me to know how to maximize blog using platinum seo plug in, thanks that awesome information

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  175. Great utility, worth a headline in national news paper

    I am planning to run the site on blogger, could you pl. tell me whether we have some thing similar for

    thanks a zillion

  176. Is there a way to turn of the 301 redirects?

  177. Thanks for this improved plugin. I love it. The additions you’ve included will be very helpful and even thwart some spam.

  178. Brilliant plug-in. I feel totally in control of my Blog’s SEO now.

  179. PSP 1.2.1 has some new strings so it needs an updated translation – here it is in russian

  180. thanks anna…

  181. I love this plugin but it has a very silly problem.

    I could make by myself a function to rewrite the wp_title using the filter, then why doesn’t All-in-one SEO Pack and Platinum SEO Pack do the same too? You are currently replacing the whole title tag from the header. Why not just create a filter for wp_title?

    I’m requesting this feature because I’m facing really tough problem when trying my best to use SEO Title Tags plugin for category and tag pages. Platinum SEO pack doesn’t support this feature.

    Thanks for this plugin and wish you could consider my question.

  182. Platinum SEO does support title rewrites for category and tag pages.Can you be more clear on what feature you are asking for?

  183. Thank you for your work on this. Quick question: I didn’t notice the 404 redirect option and as I have built out a site the links structure and location of pages has changed extensively…. Google is reporting that there are too many redirects to find my pages. How do I RESET the redirects? Thanks!

  184. Very cool plugin man,
    A small issue? on my site the tags are not no-followed…also would it be possible to no-follow/index all tags including the tag cloud?

  185. in relation to my last comment the following seems to work for tag clouds (making it a plugin) but it conflicts with headers when deactivating.

    function nofollow_tag($text) {
    return str_replace(‘<a href=’, ‘<a rel=”nofollow” href=’, $text);

    add_filter(‘wp_tag_cloud’, ‘nofollow_tag’);

  186. Wow. . . Brillian
    Platinum SEO is amazing tool for my post
    Thanks a lot
    your the best

  187. […] Platinum SEO Pack  versucht sich als All in One Paket in der WordPress Welt Anteile zu ergattern, so liefert es aus dem Bauch heraus die Funktionalität des “All in one SEO Pack” mit denen weiterer Plugins wie “Redirection”. […]

  188. Hi,
    Its great plugin just installed. I have a question it only generates keywords if I use tags other i see only description. Is there any way to extract words from posts and use them as keywords?

    Thanks again

  189. Hello,

    Can i make NoFollow for TagCloud with this plugin?

  190. You can.

    But my suggestion will be not to nofollow tag links.Instead only noindex tag pages.This will ensure that tag pages would not be indexed by google but they will still be able to pass on the page rank to posts they link.

  191. Is this plugin able to handle meta tags for home page on blogs using a static page as home page ( from: settings -> reading -> “Front page displays” or the url: www.yoursite.tld/wp-admin/options-reading.php)

  192. yes it does…

  193. Have you tested this, or just assuming because i installed it and it’s impossible to change the title of the home page.
    There are very few plugins able to change the meta tags (or some of the meta tags) on blogs that are using a static page as home page.
    One of them is Add-Meta-Tags

    It’s almost 3 years old but still duing it’s job.

  194. OK… I made a mistake. This plugin is really working for blogs with a static page for home page.
    It was some kind of cache that I was seeing… that’s why I thought it’s not working.

    Installed again and now testing all the features 🙂
    This looks awesome!

    Thank you!

  195. […] на автора на плъгин: Platinum SEO Plugin За сваляне от директорията с разширения на WordPress:Platinum […]

  196. […] Platinum SEO Pack  […]

  197. […] Platinum SEO Pack强大的插件,可以说是 All In One SEO Pack的接班人。偶一直用着 All In One SEO Pack,感觉不错,后台写 […]

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  199. […] Platinum SEO Pack; […]

  200. I’ve set the Home Title to include the actual name of my website plus the subtitle which you can see on the main page. However, the title only shows the website name. The plugin works perfectly with my other blogs however.

    What can we do?

  201. can you send me a screenshot of your settings page (home title)…It should work properly unless there is something wrong with the theme of that blog…

    Se Fred’s comment above…and see whether it applies to your case…

  202. […] Platinum SEO Pack – is a complete SEO solution for your WordPress blog that is similar to the All-In-One SEO Pack plugin. […]

  203. […] SEO Terlengkap” dan “SEO Paling Hebat”. Setelah membaca artikel tentang “Platinum SEO Plugin – The Ultimate WordPress SEO Slution” ternayata banyak cara untuk untuk meningkatkan Page Rank atau rangking halaman blog kita, […]

  204. Thank you for this a great plugin. Now I also use it and share to my people in Indonesia and translate it based to your article.

    Once again thank you very much…cheers 🙂
    arya –

  205. Thanks for the plugin.Will give it a try.

  206. I have install yours plugin then my question is did I still need other seo plugin like SEO Title Tag and SEO Smart Links.

    Feel free to take a look and comment to my blog at

  207. […] Platinum SEO Pack Allows me to set the meta descriptions for each page, to boost the likelihood of getting picked up via search engines. […]

  208. Hi, thanks for your great plugin.
    I wanna ask for some features and bug fixes.
    Firstly the plugin should not redefine a rel attribute to a link already having it, but it should rather add the required value to the attribute. and on the other side, the plugin have a compatibility issue with wp_list_categories() function in wordpress; and the problem is that the plugin attached the rel attribute definition to the href definition and in conclusion, these problems bring INVALID MARKUP errors! Please help.
    Keep up the good work.

  209. Great improvement of the AIOSP plugin.

    Don’t know if this was requested already, but I’d prefer to UNSELECT the option of adding an index or noindex meta tag to pages or posts. As it looks like right now (on the above screenshot), there is no radio button option for “none”, which I’d prefer to select 99% of the time.

    It’s because I’m not crazy about having an “index, follow” meta tag on thousands of pages. They are being indexed and followed anyway.

    Just my 2c.

    Thank you.

  210. If it’s not possible to change the titles for categories pages can you please take a look at this plugin:

    May be you can make it import the meta tags from the associated category page 🙂

    Thanks for your great work!

  211. Thanks, have been lookinf for something to extend all in one.

  212. Thnx for the plugin. However I noticed a minor bug.

    When using 2 loops on 1 page, like I did on the home title gets rewritten into the categories name, which is a bit annoying since my specified home title doesn’t show anymore.


  213. Refer to Fred’s comment above:

    If your page uses a custom query or multiple loops make sure you use WP_Query for those calls. If your code uses query_posts then WP gets confused and thinks it’s on the Category page for the last post it selected instead of on the home page. As a result Platinum SEO includes a category title instead of the home page title in the code sent to the browser. I can confirm that after I changed my page template to use WP_Query that Platinum SEO outputs the correct Title on the home page.

    Example code for WP using WP_Query:
    $myquery = new WP_Query(’showposts=5′);
    while ($myquery->have_posts()) : $myquery->the_post();

  214. Thnx for the reply. I don’t get it entirely though. I indeed use query_posts but don’t know what to replace exactly.

    I use this query


  215. plz check my post, the php doesn’t show so it might query something.

    i used this

  216. You should use WP_Query object to retrieve posts.Refer the example.

  217. i’m no php wizz so don’t know what to replace, sorry

  218. […] Platinum SEO Pack – классика, SE-оптимизация страниц […]

  219. Thanks for a great WordPress plugin!

    Just one suggestion:
    Can we have all the available token list somewhere.

  220. […] Platinum SEO Pack SEO Friendly Images SEO Smart Links […]

  221. great plugin! I’ll use this plugin to my new site! thanks

  222. can somebody explain me what to change, refering to the example from fred ?

  223. Great plugin, used on one of my blogs and noticed the pages look much better, titles keywords etc

  224. Hi Admin,
    I am posting this second time… please read my post…

    I have used your plug-in on my website… I have problem with category Meta title and meta description.

    This plug-in is taking whole “category description” as a Meta description for category page, is there any way to add custom Meta title and Meta description for category pages?

    If not, can I stop displaying Meta Description on category pages.

    Please please help me, I am stuck here..i hope you will co-operate…

  225. There is no provision for custom category meta descrption.It is redundant as the category description that you give in Manage >> Categories is automatically detected as category description.

    However I can consider an option to disable meta description for category pages.

  226. Thank you for sharing it with us! Cool plugin!
    Hong Kong

  227. Great tool, installed:D

  228. This is a great plug-in.

  229. Great plugin. But how do I control the keywords meta tag to only show the keywords I input and not autogenerate aswell as my entries. I just want to add my own keywords? Note: I am using the pages feature in WordPress and not posts?

  230. Hi R,

    Is PSP compatible with WP 2.7? If not are you likely to provide an update?



  231. It was compatible when i tested with beta versions.I am sure it will be compatible with the the final wordpress 2.7.

    I didn’t find time to test it as there was a personal loss in the family as he accepted God’s invitation to visit him.

    Will soon test it and update the compatibility status.Thanks for the reminder

  232. Give as if standing before All in One SEO, and I want to demolish it and put Platinum Seo Pack. Older posts nothing budlet? or all have to interrupt?
    And you can use both simultaneously plug?

  233. They cannot be used simultaneously. There would not be any issues with older posts.

  234. How do I control the keywords meta tag to only show the keywords I input and not autogenerate aswell as my entries. I just want to add my own keywords? Note: I am using the pages feature in WordPress and not posts?

  235. Just wanted to let you guys now how awesome this plugin is!

  236. is it possible to add a bulk editing of platinum seo for each post? or something like quick edit in wordpress 2.7 wherein you don’t need to open each post just to edit its platinum seo details.. thanks

  237. im a big fan of this plugin, and im glad to know about another version of this plugin.

  238. Appreciate the update for WP 2.7 compatibility. Thanks for your ongoing support and dedication. PSP – the SEO WP plugin around!!


  239. Thanks for this plugin!!!!

  240. Been using All in One plugin .. will give this a try soon..
    Keep up the great work.. 🙂

  241. hi,
    what’s the purpose and meaning for the 3 boxes if checked?
    NOARCHIVE this page/post:
    NOSNIPPET of this page/post:
    Disable on this page/post:
    thanks for any help… 🙂

  242. Was using AIO and started using this recently. Thanks for the great work.

  243. I found the solution to the problem of not rewriting titles.
    I added an AT3 tracking code before the html tag which stopped the rewrite.
    When the code is placed after the head closing tags, both work without problems.

  244. People have to read all posts about Platinum SEO plugin on this blog, check their themes and then post for help.

  245. Many thanks for this plugin…I have been looking for a better SEO plugin (than the All in One SEO plugin) for sometime now. My blog is PR4 but it has been a victim of duplicate content for awhile now such most of my articles do not rank that well in SERPs. I resorted to tweaking the robots.txt file but that made it difficult for robots to crawl my pages. The fact that I use the Global Translator plugin complicated my problem even more.

    But with your plugin, I now see my way out of my problems. I can now go back to default robots.txt file with the understanding that duplicate content will no longer be indexed by search engines courtesy of your wonderful plugin. Once again, many thanks.

  246. Let me test it and Replace All in one SEO 😉

  247. Hi, What is the optimal way to configure the no follow no index part of your pluging? Is it simply to check off all the boxes? That is for example, no follow not only tag archives but tag links also? etc The more no follow no index the better as it conserves PR? Thank you!

  248. noindex will result in the pages not getting indexed. This should not be used normally. It is meant for those pages which you want the search engies to ignore. “Index. Follow” is the most ideal option for any page on your wordpress site.

  249. So far I’m using this plugin and it is good. I am so happy as it had helped improve my blog. Now my blog has got pageank 2/10 from google. Thanks a lot to the author of this plugin. Loved so much of your work.

  250. Rajesh,
    Therefore the above shown image(called “platinum seo plugin, ultimate wordpress seo plugin”) is the the Optimal SEO config for your plugin? This is important as I understand these options fuction but what is best for SEO. That is what do you personally use on your site? (Which rocks by the way). It includes 1) ‘no index’ of subpages of the homepage? 2) no index of category and tag archives, BUT do follow for the category and tag links? PS I have a site about wordpress and am thinking of writing an article on your plugin as it does the function of several plugins. Bests, Mark

  251. I would like to know if there is an issue with the wpremix theme, like All-In-One-SEO has (as described here).


  252. I checked that post.The solution actually adds two “remix” tags to the filter.Obviously these are custom tags introduced by remix theme and you cannot expect wordpress plugins to deal with tags introduced by custom themes. If I had to do it for remix theme’s tags then i will have to do it for every other custom theme tags and this is obviously not feasible. If you really face the issue, then you will have to edit the code, as suggested, for your installation alone and you will have to do this for every new release of the plugin…

  253. #1, Thank you so much for this tool. It’s SO much better than All in One Seo.

    #2, Very important question that I need to know the answer to. When it comes to this: (Use noindex for sub pages), if it’s checked on, will it affect my non-homepage, main pages?

  254. Not it would not affect pages that you have mentioned. It will only affect subpages of home, category, Tags etc.

  255. I’m going to be replacing my blog SEO plugin with this one, and I’ll be recommending it to my readers as well.

  256. The plugin only adds meta tags to the head section of the page and it cannot add content to your page…

  257. Hi there

    I am very new to working in WordPress. I am busy creating a site:

    I have installed the your plugin. I have been inserting the title, descriptions and keywords on the individual pages, but nothing will show up. I know it has something to do with my header.php page. I dont know the code that im supposed to insert –

    What does the above need to eb changed to in order for it to work!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  258. Rajesh, can you help me, please. After ticking “rewrite articles” option I’ve lost all categories and tags. You write here that nothing will change. I’ve backed upped my site for 6 times now trying to sort the problem out bot nothing changes. I’ve been truing to sort the problem out for 3 days now. Can you help?

  259. I don’t understand your problem really. The loss of your categories and tags have nothing to do with Platinum SEO 🙂

  260. What is the difference between this one and All in One SEO plugin?

  261. Hi Rajesh,

    I’m having a problem with Platinum SEO on my site. It’s displaying a – Part 1 at the end of my homepage title. I’m using Platinum SEO 1.2.3. Any ideas?


  262. Is there a way to make the Description and Keywords meta-tags appear just below the Title tag. Currently, this plug-in places the tags down near the closing head tag.

    What can I edit to make this happen?

    Thanks for any help.

  263. How is this one different from the rest of the SEO plugins? Thanks.

  264. Is there an option i am missing to keep a page’s tags from being appended to my purposefully chosen keywords without hacking the plugin? As a default, the plugin assumes i want tags used as keywords, though i do not, and appends them.

  265. I have provided that option for Categories but not for tags. Though most people generally use theirs keywords as tags, I will do add the option to choose or ignore tags as keywords.

  266. Hi Rajesh,

    I have discovered a bug with PSP 1.2.3 and WP 2.7. When you add a custom title or custom description to an already existing article and then you save, they are removed. Basically, they aren’t took into consideration.

    If the customer description and title was there before the upgrade, then no trouble, you can update it but the creation doesn’t work…

  267. Hi Rajesh,

    I have just one question before I replace my All In One SEO Pack plugin – will this conflict with the plugin called “Redirection”? It also automatically does 301’s and I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get some kind of weird thing going on with my code.

    So basically I just install your plugin, disable All-In-One and then activate yours and I’m ready to go?

    How does it compare to WpSEOSniper? ( I’m hoping to avoid buying that.

    Thank you,

  268. WpSEOSniper, AFAIK is a commercial solution. But i have never used it and may not be able to compare this with it.

  269. I use Headspace2 for SEO reason. If want to use Platinum SEO Plugin, do all tags/keywords/etc can be imported by Platinum SEO Plugin.

  270. If Headspace2 uses post level custom field called “keywords” to store the post’s keywords then it is imported automatically. Likewise, if they use post level custom field called “description”, to store the description, the import happens automatically. However, I have not tested them and you should test and find out. 🙂

  271. Hey Rajesh,

    Have you seen my comment on 01/28 wrt custom post fields? 😉

  272. You should try filling them (Title, description and keywords) within the PSP form and I don’t find an issue. Also make sure that “Disable on this Page or Post” option is unchecked to actually see the rewritten title, keywords and description on the Post’s souce code.

  273. Rajesh,

    Please receive my apologies for the fake report… I was confused by the new article layout in 2.7… I discovered that there was a special box for PSP…

  274. The layout in WP 2.7 is fully customizable. If you want, you can drag the PSP form above others.

  275. There are so many boxes on the article page…

    Sorry again for disturbing…

  276. 301 Redirection (including after a permalink change) is a feature of WordPress since version 2.3.

  277. Yes, but you can always toggle the boxes to open or close (through the button on the top right of the boxes) after rearranging them by drag and drop. Guess you still have not understood the customization part of WP2.7 admin screen layouts.

  278. Hi Rajesh,

    A quick note to let you know that I have been using your PSP plugin for some months now. From time to time I end up reverting back to AIOSP or trying out one of the other recommended SEO plugins for WordPress (eg: Headspace) – each time inevitably I gravitate back towards PSP.

    PSP has a heap more features than AIOSP and is much more reliable and easier to use than something like Headspace.

    In addition – the more I learn about the art and science of SEO in relation to WP – the more I appreciate the effort that has and goes into maintaining a plugin of the calibre of PSP.



    NB: Great to see that you are now averaging over 1500 downloads per week !

  279. I’m trying to rewrite some titles but I can’t figure out how to display the page number is a category is paged. can you tell me how you did it ?

  280. Thanks a lot Robert. I know you for sometime now and it is great to receive this kind of appreciation from a friend who has tried several plugins. I am now into WP themes as well and hope to release a few more good ones shortly.

  281. The format you set against “Paged” will apply to Home and all archive pages like category archives, tag archives, date archives etc.

  282. This was pretty clever of you to build a plug in like this, because it just may help everyone’s search engine optimization 🙂

  283. After update to wordpress v2.7, I can’t use “category_name” parameter in “query_posts” function: query_posts(“category_name=wordpress”).

    It display blank on my website. How and why?

    I like this plugin, Help, please.

  284. How is your question related to this plugin?

  285. After update to wordpress 2.7, when I enable this plugin, my website display nothing but blank.
    When I disable this plugin, my website display well.

  286. You have not given the website URL. So I can only guess. Your theme is using multiple loops for your home page to accomodate various categories, like in most magazine themes. However many theme authors make a blunder in coding the Home page and use query_posts inappropriately. I cannot help it.

    A few like you have reported this issue. If you had bought a theme, ask for support from your theme author. Otherwise, either change your theme or do not try to use PSP.

    I have coded a few themes and they work perfectly.

  287. Good Day, I had a problem with the plugin after upgrading to wordpress 2.7 and update the plugin for this update, I am with two descriptions of the default homepage and the platinum seo plugin in the same post the google bots to get the standard and thus is duplicated and all descriptions thus hampering my seo blog.Pois in the descriptions he sobscrever patterns, please ask to help with this problem.
    I am Brazilian and speak Portuguese, I am using the google translator.

  288. I don’t see two description on the site you have mentioned here…Platinum SEO adds only one meta description tag. If you have another description meta tag in your theme, you will have to remove it.

  289. Thank, finding my site titles etc are much better. Hoping for a better google ranking

  290. […] Platinum SEO Pack: Complete SEO solution for your WordPress blog. The most popular SEO plugin has been the All-In-One-Seo plugin, but it requires quite a lot of manually inserting of information for each post. The Platinum SEO Pack has automated some of this. I installed it about a month ago and never looked back. […]

  291. Please, remove [caption] shortcode from platinum seo. All the description is taked by caption. See for reference.

  292. hmm… I will do that…

  293. How about no index, no follow OPTION on sidebars, footers. Some themes, espec. newspaper themes, are loaded to the gills with unrelated content that appears in sidebars and expansive mid-sections or footers. This will make controlling single.php SEO difficult, as well as keyword density.

  294. The meta tag applies to the whole page and that includes sidebars and footers.

  295. Hi Rajesh

    I’m looking for a way to insert in meta keywords some general words about my site to increase adsense relevance. I try Additional Post Headers but it inserts visible words in the top of the page.

    I try headspace2 to solve my problem. The plugin have a great design and modules to insert meta for google analytics and webmasters that I’d love to see in Platinum.

    To use only one plugin o change the code of platinum_seo_pack.php. I chage the $post_meta spring to $meta_string .= sprintf(“”, $post_meta); . Have a better way to do that?

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    Salsicha – Brasil

  296. There are options for you to add meta keywords for Home page and posts. For adsense relevance, you could use Section targetting on your posts, and it works well. Moreover meta strings (description, keywords, etc) are inserted by the plugin in the head section of the web page and they may not be visible on the page. You can only see them in the source. So I am not sure what you mean, when you say, that Additional Post Headers inserts visible words in the top of the page.

  297. Send me an e-mail and I will send you a print-screen.

  298. I changed my permalinks with Platinum enabled, but the old URL just gave a 404 error, not a 301 redirect. I really need a solution for this…

  299. If you had ensured that the checkbox against “Automatically do 301 redirects for permalink changes: ‘ is checked , it should work. Moreover WordPress core now supports permalink changes by doing automatic redirects on its own.So the option in platinum seo is no longer needed.

    You must be having some other issues. What are the apache and php versions on your server?

    what is

  300. Can you include the new wp canonical url links feature into seo platinum in the next update?

  301. Nice plugin. I shall be using it on all my blogs.

  302. Is it compatible with qTranslate? Now THAT would make the difference.

  303. Hi, i tried to use this plugin with WordPress Magazine Theme 1.0 by Mehmet Ozekinci at but is doesn’t worked. Doesn’t work mean when i refresh the browser after switching the theme, the page was blank.

    p/s : this plugin work with the default theme. can you help me?

  304. You will have to check with the theme author then…

  305. Hi,
    I’m using this plugin since a few months but today I noticed a bug due to him : rewriting title function doesn’t work. Consequently, all my pages on my blog had no titles… After disabling it, all works fine.

    Could you help me ?

  306. I could see the titles on your blog. If it happened now, you need to know what you changed recently…

  307. […] Platinum SEO Pack: This plugin Optimizes Post and Page Titles for search engines and generates all SEO relevant META tags automatically. However you do have to plugin some info about your site but it will take care of the rest. […]

  308. […] Platinum SEO Pack: I know everyone talks about the All-in-One SEO Pack (which is not being supported any longer), and while that used to be my SEO plugin of choice, once I tried the Platinum SEO Pack, I never looked back! If you want to make sure that all of your on-page SEO is taken care of for your WordPress blog, you can’t go wrong with this pack. […]

  309. […] Platinum SEO Plugin – The Platinum SEO Plugin offers you such features as automatic 301 redirects for permalink changes, auto-generation of META tags, post slug optimization, help in avoiding duplicate content and a host of other features. […]

  310. I currently am using the All in One SEO plugin. I look forward to some of the additional resources you have included in your version. I am going to give it a test run on one of my blogs.

    Thanks for the heads up. Thanks to Mashable for writing about it.


  311. I am new to SEO and am not certain how to determine if the plugin is working, as i have noted some comments about meta tags being inserted into the HTML code, which i do not see. The plugin shows up on each web page with all the settings ok, so is that the only indication that i need to see to know that it is working? thanx

  312. […] Platinum SEO – You MUST use this plugin if you are serious about your blog/site. I cannot say enough good things about the options this plugin provides. […]

  313. I see the meta description, keywords and title tags on your home page and they look ok.You can read the articles linked on this post for more information.

  314. Wow,I thought ALL in SEO was the best in SEO, now I think I’ve found better one. Let me try it first

  315. Hi, I am reading through your post on WP plugins & checking them all in return too. I don’t see anything wrong with All in one SEO Pack so far. Do check my blog plz & let me know if I am missing on something important.

  316. I never said that All in One SEO pack is bad. You go figure out the difference after reading all the posts linked here.Do you think that I have no other job than checking your blog and telling you what you miss?

  317. For The “Post Title Format”, the “%post_title%” does not seem to work. It just leaves it blank. What can I do to change that?

  318. […] The Platinum SEO plugin […]

  319. […] Platinum SEO Plugin – The Platinum SEO Plugin offers you such features as automatic 301 redirects for permalink changes, auto-generation of META tags, post slug optimization, help in avoiding duplicate content and a host of other features. […]

  320. any problems working in WP 2.7.1 ??


  321. […] Platinum SEO Pack – The best SEO plug-in I have found for WordPress, bar none. It has the important and obvious features like the ability to customize the meta tags, keywords, page title and descriptions. But it also includes often overlooked features like automatic 301 redirects for re-named articles, categories, tags,etc. You can rename and reorganize at will without any concerns with dead links in search engines, or losing page-rank. […]

  322. […] need to create an SEO friendly website. There are similar other SEO plugin such as HeadSpace2 and Platinum SEO Pack which are also equally popular among […]

  323. I used All in SEO Pack but this plugin has got more useful options like follow or nofollow, thanks for this share.

  324. […] long as you are using WordPress, you can perfect your blog’s SEO with the Platinum SEO plugin. Now, before I discuss this plugin, I want to address one issue. I am sure that many of you have […]

  325. nice plugin.. this very good to change all in one seo pack.. This plugin so complex.. Thanks for share.. 🙂

  326. I’ve been looking for this plugin. It’s very nice..

  327. […] Platinum SEO Pack […]

  328. […] Platinum SEO Plugin: The Platinum SEO Plugin offers you such features as automatic 301 redirects for permalink changes, auto-generation of META tags, post slug optimization, help in avoiding duplicate content and a host of other features. […]

  329. Great plugin, I am currently using it on my site. Thanks!


  330. Bug: Any apostrophes (single quotes) in the “Home Title” field get doubled… probably an escape issue with the database that affects all the fields. Try setting the title to

    It’s Great!

    and see what I mean…


  331. […] 3.Platinum SEO plugin – The ultimate wordpress SEO solution. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. […]

  332. hi,

    we recently switched from All-in-one seo to Platinum SEO, and now we have a problem with the meta tags of our homepage. We have selected “re-write” titles as suggested, and we have filled in the proper fields for the page being used as our homepage – title, description, and keywords.

    The problem is only for the homepage, and it is this…

    Even though you can see our meta tags in our page source, they ARE NOT showing up in the display of our homepage in google search results. It is only displaying the blog title 🙁

    for example…

    our title tag for our homepage contains this:

    Teen Girls Shopping, Trendy Teen Fashion, Cute Teen Clothing | PrettyPrincess.US

    and google results only display this:

    | PrettyPrincess.US

    This is going to be very damaging to keyword rankings we have worked for. Is there a fix for this? Or do we need to go back to All-in-One seo? :

    thank you!

  333. I’m loving it 😉

  334. Platinum SEO and the issue you are facing is not related.

    The problem with your site is, Google is indexing while your site home page actually has this url:
    I am not sure why google is indexing the www version, while you actually wanted it to index

    I see you redirecting the www version to the url without it, but you seem to be doing a 302 redirect than a 301 redirect.Why?

    Next check your webmaster tools account to see whether you have set the preferred url to the one without www for your site.

  335. Hi

    Is there any plan to support WP 2.7.1? I tried to install but received multiple messages –


  336. WP 2.7.1 is supported already and I am using it. Those errors have nothing to do with the plugin.They are permission errors on your hosting.

  337. HI,

    is it already supporting the Qtranslation plugin or will this be available in future releases?

    Would be great to know, i really need the support for language translation plugins …

    Great work by the way!

  338. Great plugin! I think I have found a bug. On any page that uses a wordpress “page template” the page title reflects the title of a random category instead of the page title that is put on the Platinum SEO section on write page.

    Example: our sitemap uses a page template that lists content from the site…. instead of using the inputted page title of “Sitemap”, the page title is “Tutorials” which is the title of one of our categories….

    If we disable platinum SEO the problem no longer occurs…. just a heads up.

  339. Mate, im using 2.7.1 and latest Platinum SEO but i cannot get the Title stuff to work. Ive checked all the required fields, verified the FAQ, etc.

    I tought i could be my custom Theme, but even with the Default one the title doesnt change.

    He indeed overwrites my default title configuration, but doesnt switch when in a Category or Tag – its always the static “Home Title”.

    Any feedback appreciated. If theres a default thing i can put in my ‘s theme, let me know.

  340. This is a regular problem reported by sites who use multiple loops in any template page.You have used multiple loops in your sitemap (page.php) template .If you use multiple loop make sure to use WP_Query instead of query_posts for the loops.Many theme creators including the very popular ones do this mistake, but wordpress clearly states otherwise.

    Pls. read the “Important Note” here –

    Hence, If your page uses a custom query or multiple loops make sure you use WP_Query for those calls. If your code uses query_posts then WP gets confused and thinks it’s on the Category page for the last post it selected instead of on the home page. As a result Platinum SEO includes a category title instead of the home page title in the code sent to the browser. I can confirm that after I changed my page template to use WP_Query that Platinum SEO outputs the correct Title on the home page.

    Example code for WP using WP_Query:
    $myquery = new WP_Query(’showposts=5′);
    while ($myquery->have_posts()) : $myquery->the_post();

  341. Hi Rajesh,

    As said, my query is pretty simple.


    I couldnt find anything similar the Query you posted above … tried many different solutions, took a look in faqs, doccuments, older comments but didnt got any far.

    I’ve switched to » while i dont get this solved.

    In time, would you let me translate your plugin to PT-BR ? Recommend any tools ?

    Thanks in advance.

  342. @Lipe You can translate it. I understood your previous query.Will need some time to see how it can be allowed..

  343. […] With the help of Platinum SEO, the title of this article has been changed to How To Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic? Tweet […]

  344. […] Platinum SEO plugin – the ultimate wordpress SEO solution […]

  345. Hi there, great plugin, however I am having an indexing problem with two of my blogs. Everything was great and all of my posts were being indexed.

    Suddenly, after making no changes other than adding new posts Google is only indexing categories and tags – not posts?!

    Please can anyone assist me in sorting this out. Thanks!

  346. I was using the All in One SEO Plugin and it was changing the titles, but not inserting anything into the meta tags for “description” and “keywords”. I found this plugin and uninstalled All in One and installed Platinum SEO. I am having the same problem. Is there something wrong with my template that I have to change to get it to work? It’s not doing it on the home page or any other page. TIA!

  347. Platinum SEO does insert meta keywords and description on your blog.But there is one more set of these tags at the top, which are inserted by your theme header.php and you are actually looking at them.Scroll down and see the tags inserted by the Platinum SEO plugin.

    Make sure you remove those extra tags from your header.php, as they are not needed if you use SEO plugins.

  348. WOW! Thanks for the speedy response… I’ve removed the duplicate description & keyword meta tags in my header.php — I didn’t even see the real ones down there 🙂 Thanks so much!

  349. function strtolower($str) {
    global $UTF8_TABLES;
    return strtr($str, $UTF8_TABLES[‘strtolower’]);

    Please, add this function (You may be forgot about) and UTF_Tables cauze your plugin is now UTF unfriendy.

  350. @argusyk Thanks…Will look into this…

  351. […] Platinum SEO Plugin: This plugin is based in the popular All in One SEO Pack but is has more interesting options as […]

  352. […] Platinum Pack SEO – I have switched from All-in-one SEO because this plugin has all of the same features and more. I could write an entire post about all that this plug-in does and I highly recommend it. […]

  353. […] Platinum SEO – A lot of very cool SEO features. But pretty much all the ones I use are already built into this theme. […]

  354. Nice plugin, works without problems, easy to use, thanks for share!

  355. […] Platinum SEO Pack – This guy will automatically Search Engine Optimize your blog posts.  This is a more feature rich plugin than the All in One SEO plugin. […]

  356. […] 1.4 of Platinum SEO Pack has been released. The major feature of this version is support for Canonical URLs. Version 1.4 of […]

  357. […] and instantly one of Blog Design Studio reader and my buddy, Rajesh [he’s the author of popular Platinum SEO Pack as well.] left the solution to the problem in the comments and tweeted about it too. He suggested […]

  358. I love this plugin.

  359. […] you are using WordPress, you can use a plug-in to add or change these meta tags. I use the Platinum SEO plug-in. Once installed, it’s easy to add or change these tags. If you’re not using WordPress, […]

  360. Nice plugin, works without problems, easy to use, thanks for share

  361. Hi, i updated to 1.2.4 yesterday and after that has problem with my tags. I use rewrite title function and my tags are broken. Some encoding problem, i use Bulgarian language (Cyrillic alphabet), charset UTF-8, but on every one word in my tags, every first letter is with wrong coding. In source code it look like � and browsers shows it like square. With early version it worked fine. Now i cannot use rewrite title function 🙁

  362. I see you using All in one SEO plugin. Unless you give me examples, it is difficult for me to see what is happening…

  363. Can you give me an example?

  364. Yes, it is Ok now with 1.2.5
    You are great and i linked you back 😉
    Thanks again

  365. Reeeeealy good plugin! Easy and clean! 😀

  366. Hello,

    I discovered a minor “bug”. If you use the global translator plugin with platinum seo and you have the canonical url option activated, the translated page will have its canonical url set to the original page which is preventing google from indexing it.

    For instance, if you have domain/toto/ then translated it is domain/en/toto/ and the canonical is domain/toto for both while it should be domain/en/toto/ for the translated.

    I am not sure if there is anything you can do with that…



  367. I may not be able to help this. That plugin’s author should provide some sort of a filter for it to be handled. URLs for translated pages are generated by translator plugins through hacking the original permalink.Unless specific filters are provided by those plugins, it cannot be handled.

  368. Do you have plans to add defineable security features to this plugin? That is, only certain roles are only allowed to edit/change seo tags for a post or page? I plan to do this myself, but don’t want to duplicate it if you are working on it.

  369. Thanks for your prompt answer Rajesh 🙂

  370. Nice plugin, works without problems, easy to use, thanks for share!

  371. […] a new option, called the Platinum SEO plugin by techblissonline is available. This plugin expands on the features already available in the All in One SEO Pack. The […]

  372. Great Plug-in! I use this for our denver seo blog and it works great! Thank you!!!

  373. […] introduction in WordPress community as most of you already know him as the author of popular “Platinum SEO Pack” plugin for WordPress. Few days back, he released another plugin that allows blogger’s […]

  374. Well, I think this plugin is a serious alternative to wpSEO. But why do I have to choose the meta keywords for every page / post? That’s quite annoying. The big search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) don’t care about keywords at all, they entirely ignore them. So keywords are just something you add because you don’t wanna miss this 1% chance that you could benefit from them. So, I think it should be easier to add them and have the opportunity to display the same meta keywords on every page, like it’s possible in wpSEO.

  375. Great plugin, thx for that. I will definitely share it with my blog vistors 🙂

  376. I just installed your Plugin and found an odd problem. When you set your WP Blog as a page versus using it as the site’s landing page, the title set in Platinum SEO does not work. For example, I created a page called “Blog” – set the title to read something like “Education Blog”. The title shows up okay. Change the WP settings to have the WP Blog show up as a separate page and the title does not show.

  377. I created a page called “Blog” – set the title to read something like “Education Blog”

    — How do you name the page as blog?

    Change the WP settings to have the WP Blog show up as a separate page and the title does not show

    — How did you do this?

    Can you show me an example?

  378. Yes I can show you an example. Send me your e-mail address and I’ll send you some details – including screen captures. It could be that I am doing things incorrectly in WP. We’ll see.

  379. Thsi is one of the best WP plugins that exist!. It’s invaluable!

  380. Hello ,

    It really nice to have Platinum SEO plugin ,

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,

  381. This is really great super plugin !! Thanks for sharing !!

  382. Simply the best overall SEO plugin I’ve used with my WordPress sites. Lots of options out there accomplishing certain special things, but if you are looking for ONE to do as much as possible with, give Platinum SEO a try.

  383. Great Plugin. I have been using it for a while now. I have run into a small problem with my revolution church theme. The blog page template does not work when your plugin is activated. I have tested it with the plugin deactivated and it works.
    Any ideas??



  384. Hi Dave,

    It might be HTML mistakes, you can open your website and check it with Firefox + HTML validator installed.

    Best Regards

  385. I will give your plugin a try too. I used ‘All in one SEO’, but I still can’t find the perfect plugin for SEO. There is one major tweak for wordpress that everyone is not aware of it seems.

    Let’s say I want directories to be indexed, but the /pages of directories not. Can your plugin ‘noindex, follow’ the pages only? leaving the main category indexed 😛

  386. @malteseo, offcourse yes, if that is what you want, but I don’t understand the rationale behind indexing only the main directory (category) but not posts or pages tagged to it.

  387. what are the changes of the new version? a changelog update on the wordpress repository would be nice 🙂

  388. change log is there in the plugin zip.You could now also find a link to “What is new in this version” at the top of Platinum SEO settings page.

  389. Hi! The problem with the output tags for the single post! Displays on in the encoding .. site is UTF-8, and displays in Windows 1251 (website language – Russian)

  390. I don’t get it correct… Does it support UTF-8 languages? Like Greek? Or not…

  391. I have encountered a bug. I posted it on the WordPress forum for your plugin.

  392. @Steven Vachon thanks…fixed it and released 1.2.8. Though superficial, it is still a bug…

  393. @Rajesh I posted a reply on the WordPress forum. It seems there’s still 1 error message remaining.

    On another note, “Home Title”, “Home Description” and “Home Keywords” aren’t really the home page. I’m sure they rely on is_home() which is really just the “posts” page. On my site, I have the posts page assigned to a static page called “Blog”. How can I customize that page’s title so that it doesn’t contain %blog_title% ?


  394. Platiunm Seo pack > all in seo i think. Thanks for plugin.

  395. @Vachon Can you tell me where you get the error message? I didn’t understand your second question…

  396. @Rajesh in admin, go to Settings->Reading. In there I have the “Front Page” set to a static page, instead of to the default (which is “-Select-” I think.. but either way, it points to the posts (or blog listings) page).

    In Platinum SEO, if I give “Home Title” a value, it is set on the blog listings page instead of the index page for the entire site. I’m looking for a way to add such an override title to the index page.

    As for the error– it appears on every page. It says it occurs on line 353 of platinum_seo_pack.php


  397. @Vachon I will correct that error in line 353.

    Regarding setting up of a static page as a front page, I have deliberately avoided giving such static front page the “Home title” you set in Platinum SEO settings. Why do you want to set an overriding title to that static page via the Platinum SEO settings? You can very well give the static page, the title you want.

    The reason why I didn’t override the title for that static page( index page) with the Home title is because it is a special option in wordpress and when you choose that option I assume that you want to retain everything in that special page (static front page) including title, description and keywords. I don’t want to give an overriding title to it.

  398. @Rajesh The page in which is_front_page() returns true is my website’s landing page. I’d like for its title to NOT be a subtitle, with my blog’s title in it, e.g.: “Landing Page • Steven’s Blog”. I’d like for it to just be “Landing Page”, that way I can add more keywords and not worry about redundancies.

  399. If I understand you right, you want to display page titles as “Landing Page • Steven’s Blog” except for the page that you have chosen to be a static front page? Instead, why don’t you set your Platinum SEO plugin “Page title” option to just the page title, without appending the blog name? This will let you add more keywords to all your page titles instead of just the static front page.

    If I assign home title to the static front page as you desire, then what title can be assigned to the posts page or the blog listing page as you term it? I thought it is better to assign the Home title page to blog listing page (posts page) and the static front page’s title can be controlled by you easily.

  400. Well, with that idea, I’d have to manually insert “• Steven’s Blog” to every static page title. Whereas it’s automatic my way.

    What about having the option to customize both the “Front Page” and “Posts Page” titles (and descriptions and keywords) in the admin settings for Platinum SEO?

  401. @Steven Vachon, Ok…Let me see how I can help this situation…

  402. Hi
    I cant seem to get the plugin to work, I have written my own theme.
    Is there something I should have in the header.php to get this to work?

  403. Hi Rajesh,

    Thanks for this excellent plugin, great job.
    I have a question. I have a wpmu installed and would like to have all the blogs affected by Platinium SEO, i.e. any posting from any blog would have to automatically generate own description and keywords.


  404. Nice plugin but it didn’t import my all in one seo pack settings. Am I missing something?

  405. I have been trying Platinum SEO out as an alternative to All In One and find that the ability to nofollow/noindex on a per-page level is awesome. I miss how All In One has the Page Menu Editor integrated, but I can always install it separately. The only other plugin I’ve found that can do the nofollow/noidex (Robots Meta) tends to cause problems with the newest version of WordPress and my chosen theme. So for now, I was very glad to find Platinum. Keep up the good work!

  406. This is so dang helpful for this project I am working on for a family member. It rocks!

  407. @Steven Vachon, i think you could solve your problem now with version 1.2.9 of platinum seo plugin.

  408. @Rajesh thank you. But, I’m not really sure how this applies to me. I must not be understanding how to use this new feature.

    I’d like to display my custom title for the front_page, but not have it apply “Page Title Format” which is currently “%page_title% • %blog_title%”.

    My front_page should be:

    “Steven Vachon :: Web Design & Development with Flash and JavaScript”

    … but because of my page title format in Platinum SEO, it generates this instead:

    “Steven Vachon :: Web Design & Development with Flash and JavaScript • Steven Vachon”

    I could just take out the “• %blog title%”, but then I’d have to manually insert it into every page’s title.

  409. @Steven Vachon, Ok here is how you do it…

    Go to the page and give it the title “Steven Vachon :: Web Design & Development with Flash and JavaScript”.Then under PSP form (for that page), make sure you check this new option to disable title rewrite for a post/page.

    What will then happen is PSP would not apply “%page_title% • %blog_title%” to this page and it will have the original title.If you choose this as the front page, it (front page) will have the same title as you give to this page.

  410. Hello Rajesh!

    Thanks for this really complete plugin!
    I have a problem with the “meta robots”. I just index/follow 3 posts on my website,, but when I check online (even if my website is not yet indexed) with ctrl+U, all the website and all articles are with the meta robots follow/all.

    Do you have any idea, why it doesn’t work? I use the last version of WP.

    To be more precise, the only page already indexed by google is one page with noindex/no follow!

    Thanks for your help

  411. hi – is this a set it and forget it plugin – where is the documentaition on how to configure this ?

    tx so much for it btw : )

  412. @Ben Rama, you will have to read the post and all related posts linked from here.

  413. Hi!
    Just a small up!
    No more idea about this problem, you are my last chance 🙁


  414. @Rajesh After disabling both “title rewrite” and “psp” (individually and combined), my page title only displays the url. Not the Platinum SEO title, nor the WordPress page title.

  415. @Rajesh Also, I’m not even really sure what PSP stands for? “Platinum SEO Plugin”? If so, it may be best to write it out in full to avoid confusion

  416. Yes PSP stands for what you guessed and it is quite intutive 😉 You shouldn’t be disabling “title rewrite” in Settings –> platinum SEO. you should be disabling title rewrite only for that particular page.

  417. @Rajesh I’m not disabling in Settings, and am doing it on the post. My About page has no title now. It just displays the URL.

  418. @Steven Vachon,

    You should be checking “Disable title rewrite on this page/post” in the psp form for your “About” Page. This is a newly added option in Platinum SEO and you could read about it and see a screenshot of it here –

    For example, in this blog I have checked the above option for “About” page alone while i have set the “Page Title Format” as %page_title% | %blog_title% in Settings –> Platinum SEO. You could thus see the title for About page as “About” while you see the page title for “Archives” page as “Archives | Techblissonline Dot Com”.

    If your about page is simply showing the url, check whether there is a Title tag in your wordpress page.php template.

    While it works here, it should work for you on your blog.

  419. @Rajesh I have checked that very option on my About page. However, I created my theme, so I could have done something wrong. Does this look correct?

  420. I have given an example on this blog and it definitely looks correct.

  421. My code got removed on my first post:

  422. It should be just this in your header.php – <title> </title>

    Why do you add that within title tag?

  423. @Rajesh I copied that part from K2, cuz I wasn’t sure what was best. Your plugin has worked fine with it in there, up until now. Having removed it now, I’m still having the same issue.

    WordPress admin -> Pages -> Edit -> [x] Disable title rewrite on this page/post

    Yet, this is generated in the output html:

    Which results in Firefox displaying the URL as the window’s title.

  424. I am not sure…You need some professional help…I can just give you examples of how it works…

  425. @Rajesh It’s because my About page is set to the front_page. I just tried it on my Contact page, and the title renders “Contact” only. So, that may be a bug with this new feature.

    However, this is not really what I was requesting. My PSP title for my contact page is “Getting In Contact” and I’d like for that to display, instead of just “Contact” (which is what I want to display in the navigation menu).

    I guess my feature request would be called “Disable PSP Post/Page formatting”, which would use the PSP title, but not the title format (%page_title% | %blog_title%)

  426. @Steven Vachon,

    i never intended to disable title format alone but retain psp title. it is not a bug.
    I think, you can still customize your display of titles in the navigation menu even if you give the original title as “Getting In Contact”.

  427. @Rajesh If I change the original title to “Getting In Contact” that’s what will come up in my nav. I want “Contact” in the nav and “Getting In Contact” in the title.

    And the bug I was referring to was that disabling PSP title does not work if the page has been assigned to the front_page.

    Do you have MSN? I’m sure we can discuss quicker there. Plus we can, perhaps, talk of future additions and how I may be able to help you (for free and no credit).

  428. I will talk to you over the weekend…

  429. Great plugin, thanks. Really easy to use and comprehensive.

  430. […] With the help of Platinum SEO, the title of this article has been changed to How To Increase Targeted Web Site […]

  431. I’m a freelance SEO and only just got around to playing with Wordress. The majority of the quality pluggins are amazing, when you have been doing all this manually, especially the url rewritting. It makes no sense buiding plain html/css sites anymore.

  432. @Steven Vachon, now you have the option that you wanted 🙂

  433. Thanks for the several SEO updates God bless you.

  434. This Is by far the best wordpress plugin, I don’t know what I would do with out it. Thank You so much for giving it away for free.

  435. @Rajesh Awesome, man. Works perfectly 😀

    I like the new position for the settings panel too. Maybe rename its parent header to “SEO”, that way it looks as though it’s native to WordPress. Kinda like how Gravity Forms does it with “Forms”–

  436. Forgot to add…

    So it looks like this plugin doesn’t allow you to alter the title tag for categories?

    I can’t find one that allows me to alter this info that doesn’t break my design or simply not function in the first place.


  437. @Chris,

    Why don’t you change the category name then?

  438. Ok, now that it has been confirmed by all big three search engines that the keywords meta tag is *dead*, can you include an option to turn them off? Cheers 🙂

  439. Don’t enter keywords if it is so…

  440. @Rajesh I think I can see where he’s coming from with his request. What if all posts/pages have keywords entered, but since they’re no longer useful, he’d like to disable all of them from appearing. But, in the event that the keyword meta tag makes a come-back, he’d like to be able to turn them back on without having to re-enter them all.

  441. They “might” not be useful, but there is no harm in retaining the tag for past posts and google will definitely not penalize for having those tags…

  442. True, but hiding them can optimize the page’s file size.

  443. optimize the page’s file size!!! don’t tell me that disabling meta keywords will optimize page’s file size… it will be so negligible that you wouldn’t even be able to quantify it…
    on the other hand, having the option indroduces some additional processing..sorry i am not going to introduce it….

  444. lol, okay

  445. I put a little review to my blog Platinum SEO WordPress Plugin versus All In One.
    Thank you Rajesh for your good work.

  446. Thank you Vladimir.

  447. I came here after reading Vladimir’s plugin review. I have translated his “Thank You Counter Button” plugin into spanish and I’m going to check this one in order to help you with spanish locale version (if it’s not done yet).

    Mail me if you need give me any sort of special guideline.

    Thanks Rajesh.

  448. Hi, I’m using your SEO pack and I’m happy with it, I have a problem.

    I want to change “Description Format” to: %post_title%, %description% but it is writing to page as “%post_title%, bla bla bla the real description here”

    Why %post_title% is not working at “Description Format” area? And are you planing to add %post_title% usage here?

  449. Dude great work !I love your plugin using it in my blog 🙂 I am too from chennai,broadway 😉

  450. Hi Rajesh,

    I upgraded to WP 2.85 (from 2.71)and Platinum SEO 1.3 but unfortunately the plugin has stopped working, e.g. title tags not rewritten. Has anyone else had this experience?


  451. It works and check this blog…

  452. Thank you so much for sharing this new plug in I love it! I am FREE to help multiple NPO’s / companies needing it – in this economy – for a fraction of the cost a traditional VP would be compensated. Please see the University Masters Program PDF for my level of online business dev, sales, marketing experience!

    Can we set this up for my 2 websites below for my name and other keywords needed? Let me know ok Rajesh as I am teaching many US companies / NPOrgs how to use this SEO Blog tech for their own improved results. But I need to show them it works for Steve Rene / ParentsWhoCare based on the themes.

    Thank you again,

  453. @Steve sure, you can and let me know of any help you need…

  454. Great plugin – thanks for the effort…it works great for me

  455. To the person above who said it has stopped working, upgrade the plugin.. and re-enable it again it will then work again ! Good luck

  456. @battlefield 3

    Thanks, but I upgraded to 1.3.1 and the plug-in works but does not change the title. As it does change the title using a different template, and using the same Studiopress Lifestyle template that I’m currently using with WP 2.7.1, I reckon that the template combined with the new 2.8.5 somehow is rendering the title unchangeable. The title part of the template code is:

    and this has been the same for a while.

    I’ll put in a query to Brian at Studiopress and see what he says.


  457. OK, try this:

    <?php wp_title(”); ?>
    <?php if(wp_title(”, false)) { echo ‘ : ‘; } ?>
    <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>
    <end title>

  458. Make sure that you don’t copy paste the above code give by Tony as the single quotes may create problems if you copy paste.Rather recreate (type) the above code to replace the the title tag in header.php of your wordpress theme.

  459. Sorry, Raj, misunderstanding. The code I posted was the code missing from my previous post (obviously I changed the brackets to square so it would not be stripped) that is currently in my Studiopress template, not a suggestion. I thought that the above code might be causing the problem. You mention the single quotes, might this be causing a problem with PSP?


  460. nope.. the single quotes has nothing to do with platinum seo…what i meant was if users want to copy paste your code for title tag then be warned that copy paste will cause issues as the code has single quotes…so my suggestion was to type the code…so, is that the code which is causing issues?

  461. Rajesh, I have filled in the SEO Platinum several times on my blog and the information will not save. And I definately hit the save button at the very bottom. Can you tell me what is happening and what I need to do to fix it.

  462. I’m a long time All in One SEO Pack user. I have a lot of Title Tags I’ve created overtime with All in one.

    When I deactivated All in one and activated Platinum, none of the title tags are coming over.

    Is this normal?

  463. you need to do an import.All in SEO’s current author has changed the attribute names.

  464. Rajesh, is there a way I can do a sql query and find which posts are set to noindex?

  465. The “Home Title” doesn’t work when using a static start page in WordPress 2.9. I had to add is_page(‘start’) (“start” is what i’ve named the page) next to every is_home() in the code.

    I’d appreciate a built in solution.

    The site in question is this:

  466. This is a smart SEO plugin, i have increase traffic from google (organic) with this plugin.
    thank you..

  467. This enhancement to all in one seo definitely does have merit. So does the Chennai Plugin.

  468. I certainly needed a plugin to easily add at meta tags in posts, home page etc. I searched for some of them and I read somewhere that Platinum SEO is better than All in One SEO. Also I read some comments that All in one SEO is broken.
    I installed this plugin, and I was amazed because, it not only fulfilled my Meta tags and description requirements, it provide me easy option to no follow external links, to noindex category, tags, archieves and search results to avoid duplicate content, and also no follow them to save link juice for posts, which actually attract organic traffic.

    Thanks for your hard work, it is working. : )

  469. Hello? You haven’t authorized any of my last 3 comments. Could I pay you to implement my 2 feature requests?

  470. Hi,

    Thank you for a great SEO plugin. I created a PHP page to call for a specific category(was not part of my theme I bought). The SEO pack does not really work well with this page and all the posts that are under this category have the blog name after the title even though I told it not to.

    Is there any way:
    1. To “tell” SEO Platinum to include this PHP page I just created.
    2. To make sure that all my posts that are under this category behave the same as the rest of test of the blog?

    Thank you very much,

  471. There had been a lot of comments (with spam) in recent times and I had to mass delete them…sorry about that…what were your requests…let me see if implementing them is useful for all…

  472. No prob.

    My tags have capital letters in them so that when used in paragraphs, they have appropriate casing (first letter capitalized, or all letters capitalized). But, there are places where I’d prefer them to be strictly lower case:

    1. meta keywords
    2. %tag% in titles

    Perhaps adding in options to enable such for both?


  473. @Rajesh I don’t see the comment I posted yesterday on here. Did that one get deleted too?

    Anyway, I’ve found a bug. If descriptions have & or similar characters in them, Platinum SEO does not seem to convert them to & (HTML entities) in the resulting markup. This causes validation errors.

  474. Can you tell me, does Platinum SEO overwrite the .htaccess file? All in One SEO does & that’s causing some problems.

    Thank you.

  475. Hi.

    Thanks for creating this great plugin.

    Now, here is my problem:

    I changed the settings a lot. Now it’s messed up. How can I reset the settings. I want to use only recommended settings best for search engines.

  476. Thanks for this great plugin. I have been using it on my site. Recently, I noticed that my site shows some script error in internet explorer. When I check for details, it shows something like this:
    Object does not support this property of method
    code: 0

    Is it due to Platinum SEO plugin?

  477. Nope.Platinum SEO doesn’t have anything to do with jquery or javascript.

  478. Thanks Rajesh, just found the culprit, it was a photo plugin.

  479. Hi There! I wanted to let thank you for Platinum SEO Pack. My legal marketing blog runs Platinum SEO. It was suggested by a colleague and so far I can only say that I’m very happy with it. Thanks!

  480. i lost my platinum-seo-pack default setting in wp-admin, plz rewrite for me…

    Post Title Format:
    Page Title Format:
    Category Title Format:
    Archive Title Format:
    Tag Title Format:
    Search Title Format:
    Description Format:
    404 Title Format:
    Paged Format:

    thank you so much…

  481. Hello, I would like to know if there’s an option for this plugin in order to have some “default” tags added. I use feedwordpress for rss sindication and I would like this option so I don’t have to go to each post to add the ” tags” and “keywords” for Planitum SEO.

    Thanks a lot!


  482. Hi there, Great plugin! I have basically been using it since I started my site (and promise that if I ever start making money from it, I will donate). One question though. AS looking at my site and selecting “view source”, I noticed a meta description that I wished to change. My Atahualpa theme has this option, so I made a new description but to no avail. As viewing the source code, I realized it mentioned this seo plugin, so I attempted to change it there but with no luck as well. I have put a new meta description tag into my theme via the editor and am happy with the results; however, I now have TWO meta descriptions and I cannot seem to get rid of one. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  483. The plugin generates a meta description.You should turn off or remove the one that is created by you theme. if you do not want the plugin’s meta tag, you can turn off meta tag generation for that post.

  484. How to make Search Title Format paged like home and archive pages…any one can help me please….

  485. No doubt Platinum SEO is better than All in One SEO Pack.

  486. I’ll admit, I was slightly scared to replace All In One SEO with Platinum SEO, but I did it anyway and am glad I did.

    What I needed was the capability to replace my default post title format with the title I wanted for certain posts. Here’s my default post title format:

    %post_title% Review by %post_author_firstname% %post_author_lastname% | %category_title%

    All In One SEO just replaced the %post_title% when entering a new title in the custom field on the edit post page, so the title format didn’t make any sense. For example:

    A Random Post Title Review by My Name | Category

    I only wanted “A Random Post Title” as the title. All In One SEO couldn’t handle that very easily. Platinum SEO makes it possible and easy for any post I want. I’m very happy I switched!

  487. Great plugin! I am using it on both of my sites. Thanks!

  488. when I visite some pages, I get this 2 errors:
    PHP Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in….plugins/platinum-seo-pack/platinum_seo_pack.php on line 846
    PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in …./wp-includes/cache.php on line 93

    I am useing wordpress mu 2.9.2
    This error is reproducible.

  489. Your plugin looks awesome but I wanted to know will it work on MU sites if installed sitewide or in the mu-plugins folder? I am using wp 3.0 ~ mu

  490. Hey, i am using your plugin since 2 month now and it works pretty good! Thx verry much for your platinum SEO Plugin.

  491. hi, great site. I am interested in using this plugin instead of All in one it compatible with the latest WordPress3.1 and also can you make a detailed post on setting up a wordpress site with all your plugins..that would be incredibly useful. Thanks.

  492. Migration from All in one SEO to Platinum SEO is a piece of cake. The ability to add index, noindex, follow or nofollow to individual pages and posts makes it the more complete solution and a five-star recommendation.

    Wish list:

    – An in-depth tutorial on the various option would help SEO novices to make the right choices.
    – The blue font in the admin interface is somewhat distracting. Look like an error message.
    – I am missing the description and keyword overview in the admin pages/posts overview.

    Great plug-in which is worth a donation!

  493. Thanks for this outstanding plugin.
    I looked around for a long time and tested many plugins.
    But one is for sure this one is the most comfortable and most advanced i know!

  494. Just curious, have you guys ever thought about putting a “character” counter next to the Tile and Description in the main settings for Platinum SEO? I find myself counting these characters EVERY time I input these fields. That would be an awesome addition to the plugin!

  495. It has already been added in the last version.As you type in the title or description in the platinum seo settings for a post, you will find the count of characters displayed in a read-only box beneath them.

  496. Your plugin is not able to universally replace the code with the code’s info info where ever it appears. Like I want to add the post title as a prefix to the post description so I put this “%post_title% %description%” in the description field of the plugin but %post_title% remains as it is while description code replaces itself with the posts description.

  497. Excellent plugin. My blog love this plugin.


    Fernando de Moraes

  498. 2ddlz, you should use %wp_title% and not %post_title%. Click on the “Description format”‘ and it will list the supported tags.

  499. Hello

    “Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.”

    – is your plugin fully compatible with WP 3.1 ?

  500. yes.

  501. I have a feature request if you are still taking them. Would it be possible for you to allow custom (user generated) canonical link elements?

    I know you already have automatic canonical support and setup 301 redirects which is amazing. I have a couple of pages that I would really like to be able to generate a custom tag, but wordpress doesn’t make it easy to do that. I love Platinum SEO and would love if that feature were added.


  502. Blake, custom canonical links are dangerous. I guess you are looking for a solution where you can specify the URL of a completely different page as the canonical link. This isn’t advisable and the best solution is to do a 301 redirect. Else don’t get the page indexed.

  503. I really like your plugin. But now I’m having troubles. I failed to backup before clicking the “migrate from AIOSEO”. Once I clicked, even though I don’t seem to have AIOSEO installed, the plugin isn’t working. Any updates I make to the fields has no impact. I disabled Platinum, even deleted it and reinstalled it, and nothing’s working. Any suggestions about how to restore the functionality of your excellent plugin, now that I’ve screwed it up?

  504. What isn’t working?

  505. I have used several SEO wordpress plugins in the past and I find Platinum SEO to be one of the best available. Note that the success gained will be much higher if you actually take the time to fully learn SEO, and then apply that knowledge when setting up your website or blog.

  506. Hello,

    I’m using the Platinum SEO plugin and it won’t allow me to tick the box for my category? It’s forcing me to use the Uncategorized box?

    Can you help please?

  507. I used to write a small piece of codes and insert them into header.php to change the web page title for SEO purpose. However, if I changed theme, I need to remember to insert the codes into the new theme. Since I installed your plugin, I can now change theme freely. Thanks for your great work!

  508. Platinum SEO doesn’t do anything to those check boxes.You might have to check others.
    I use the plugin on this site and I am not facing any such issues.

  509. I have the Use noindex for sub pages: ticked but my home sub-pages are being indexed still (set to index). I use a Page for my homepage, so not sure how these are still being picked up, but a new one somehow appeared in the SERPs the other day – at least /page/108 was cached by Google on the 18th May.

    Is this a bug? I am sure they were set to noindex at some point. Works fine for category sub pages.

  510. After updating wordpress and disabling the plugins as specified.

    I later re activate the SEO platinum plugin and find all the work has disapeared in the SEO plugin section of the existing posts?

  511. You mean the recent version of wordpress? The plugin has got nothing to do with it.Probably something happened to your db and wordpress highly recommends to backup the db before doing an update.

  512. No it isn’t with the plugin.

  513. Thanks , works fine

  514. The plug in doesn’t set the title in the title meta-tag. Google picks up the H1 and puts it in the title.. Please advice. Thank you.

  515. Riccardo, I do see the title tags set on your blog. Are you saying that Google isn’t picking up those titles? If yes, I would have to say that Google has been experimenting with its own titles for several months now and the title changes in their SERPS are felt by more and more people now.

  516. This plugin is Free ?

  517. If you look at my site, the title shown at the top of the screen is
    fixmyownbackpain-Mozilla Firefox.

    When in the Edit Page for that same page, in the platinum SEO Plugin container, the “Title: Fix My Own Back Pain ” appears.

  518. Came across this SEO tool recently. Hope this will enhance my site performance in many folds. It there any thing which I am supposed to do at the time of activation?

  519. You are using another SEO plugin that is messing up with it.Use only one SEO plugin.

  520. Yes, it is free.

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