Platinum Seo Plugin – 1.3.4 released

A new new version of the popular WordPress SEO plugin – Platinum SEO Pack has just been released.This ultimate wordpress seo plugin will also see a few more updates in the near future!

Platinum SEO is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that has seen more than 3,00,000 downloads.This, despite the fact that the plugin is updated only when necessary. Version 1.3.4 will now support wordpress custom taxonomies.If you would like to know about custom taxonomies and custom post types, you should be reading this article (Post types and taxonomies: Linking terms to a specific post) by Justin Tadlock, the ultimate wordpress writer.None explains wordpress better than he does.

Custom post types are supported by the plugin by default. Platinum SEO will now support special title formats for taxonomy archive pages, like it does for “category” and “tag” pages. i.e. This will be the first SEO plugin to support custom taxonomies.Thanks to Aidan of for this version.

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