Platinum SEO plugin crosses 5000 downloads

Platinum SEO plugin, that provides the wordpress community, smart options for smart SEO benefits has crossed 5000 downloads today.

Platinum SEO soars taller

It has been less than two months since its release, and the plugin has become a hit with this fantastic community, that keeps growing everyday.This has to be one of the youngest plugins to see one of the fastest growths (in terms of usage and appreciation) among the wordpress community.There seems to be a new sub community within the beautiful wordpress community, and this continues to grow tall.

The biggest adopters of Platinum SEO seem to be the community from Europe followed by Australia and U.S.A. Thanks to all, for making this possible. Check out the Platinum SEO stats here

5 comments on “Platinum SEO plugin crosses 5000 downloads

  1. Congrats on developing the plugin and making it popular.

  2. Thanks Nirmal…The wordpress community is liking it and there wasn’t much effort from me in making it popular 🙂

    Infact it is yet to receive a good review from any of the top blogs.Weblogstoolscollection had a small note upon its launch…But otherwise the community seem to be constantly looking out for plugins and my stats show that news about it is spread out more through mails (Gmails in particular) and a few forums….It is interesting to follow these stats 🙂

  3. […] Platinum SEO plugin, that has seen more than a 1,000,000 downloads, helps in automatically 301 redirecting your visitors, for pages/posts whose permalink structures […]

  4. That’s really a very nice plugin… Thanks for that…

  5. Rajesh,

    The plugin is very good and most essential.

    the number of downloads will definitely increase exponentially.



  6. thanks nihar…yep it is growing in popularity without making any noise 🙂

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