Play Chrome Fast Ball on Youtube

Google had partnered Adobe and has built the Adobe Flash Player into Google Chrome browser! So you don’t need to install any flash plugin like you used to on other browsers like firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

To celebrate the partnership Google has a Chrome Fast Ball game on youtube and you can play it now @ chromefastball.

Google had recently experimented creating buzz around its products through games and it was succesful. This game has been released to not only celebrate the occasion, but also to create buzz around Google chrome. Though we are not sure of further plans, we suspect google chrome to create a channel of flash games and make it easily accessible via Google chrome browser.Games had always been a big attraction for people around the globe and google might take this route to increase the market share of Chrome browser. Well, the browser war is definitely hotting up further and it would interesting to see the plans of the popular players in this space like Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and Mozilla (Firefox).

The website googlechromefastball seem to be hosted on mediatemple and the server was down when we tried initially.But later it did come up .Enjoy “google’s games”!

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