Creating Polaroid Photo

Create a polaroid photo from your digital photos using Rollip.It is a simple free online Polaroid creator that lets you create polaroids.We had earlier covered a few online tools to make polaroid out of your digital pictures.

Rollip is a simple polaroid photo creation tool that lets you apply the retro Polariod effect to your digital pictures. It is a free online service and does not require any kind of registration to use it.

Polaroid Photo, Polaroid Picture

How to create a Polaroid Photo on Rollip?

  • Go to
  • Click the “Click here to start” button
  • Choose the polaroid effect to be applied to your digital picture. There are nine kinds of effects that can be applied, and you may choose to create either a small or standard sized or large sized Polaroid.
  • After choosing the polaroid effect, upload the digital picture that you want to convert to a polaroid and wait until it is processed by Rollip
  • Download the Polaroid and share it by email. Alternatively, you can share the link to the polaroid.

Enjoy making polaroid photos easily.

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