Polstergeist Browser – download, install and view the consolidated content from multiple websites concurrently

Polstergeist Browser – Free download and search for any desired information.Polstergeist Browser lets you view the consolidated content from multiple websites concurrently, within a single interactive report.
Polstergeist Browser is a revolutionary free browser that enhances and streamline your browsing experience.For extracting information on any topic we normally do a search through google or yahoo or any other search engine.But the results are from multiple website and may not be a consolidated one.We will have to manually click through each of those resultant links and consolidate the information.Polstergeist Browser eases this most tedious and time consuming task of extracting information from the web using search engines.

How does Polstergeist Browser work?

See this example of finding the cheapest flights between Phoenix and Las Vegas with a departure date of April 18 and a return date of April 21 to understand how Polstergeist Browser works.

Polstergeist Browser will give a single consolidated interactive report that lets you avoid the hassle of manually consolidating the results from a search via search engines.

Polstergeist Browser 6.5 features:

  • Produce daily briefing reports containing content from all your favorite websites with the click of a single button.
  • Consolidate opinions, ratings, price targets, quotes and news stories from multiple sources for a particular stock
  • Consolidate news headlines from around the world into a single report, that can be filtered on key words
  • Collect your own RSS feeds and integrate them into your consolidated reports.
  • completely automated consolidation engine
  • You can also create a sidebar of quick links to experience the benefits of tabbed browsing without the tabs!

Free download Polstergeist Browser 6.5:

Free download and install Polstergeist Browser 6.5

Update: This browser is no longer available.

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  2. Nice find, I think its worth a try 🙂

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  3. Yeah, I have never seen this type of a tool before either. I would certainly give it a try as well.

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