Free pop3 email client Ymail

POP3 email client yMail is a free standalone mail client that offers protection against spam. It has an inbuilt intelligent spam filter that trains itself to identify and filter spam from your inbox.

yMail is a portable pop3 mail client. You may carry it on your USB flask stick and use it anywhere. yMail’s spam filters use Bayesian techniques and you train it to recognize spam, by showing it which messages are spam and which are not, before the mails are downloaded to your computer. yMail will adjust its spam filters accordingly and after a few days, it will be able to sort all mails quickly and efficiently, without any input from you.

pop3 email spam filter

The above is a screen-shot of yMail spam filter settings window. You determine whether a word is to be included in the spam database, based on the number of times the word appears in the body of the email.

While a setting of ‘1’ includes everything, the ’65’ and ’95’ settings are the levels at which emails will be regarded as possible spam and definite spam. “Number of significant words” is the number of words used to determine whether the email is a spam or not. A higher number leads to more accurate filtering, but you can always experiment to determine the right levels.

The other good thing about yMail is it could be used along with any other pop3 email client. For example, if you have thunderbird on your desktop and you totally love it, you can download and use yMail along with thunderbird. You can use the yMail as an email scanner and ignore the client program. By setting up yMail as a mail scanner, you can use it to preview incoming mails and automatically delete any spam before downloading them into your regular pop3 email client, say Thunderbird. Though Thunderbird has its own automatic spam filtering mechanisms and preventive measures against virus and malware infestations, you can use yMail as a additional spam filter layer.

If you want to use yMail as a pop3 email client, then you must understand how it works. This pop3 mail client doesn’t render any HTML. It doesn’t even load or display images attached to the mail, and completely ignores return-receipts! It does all these to protect your privacy and making you immune to mail based viruses and other malicious tricks by the senders.

To ensure your privacy and PC security, yMail doesn’t open or display attachments automatically. It warns you whenever you try to open any attachment. yMail does not run any executable file and also ignores receipt notifications and scripts.Thus, yMail renders any mail in pure text format.

After ensuring the mail to be from a contact you know (by previewing it through the preview window), you can click a special link to open the HTML mail in your default browser

yMail is free to download and use – Download yMail.

Free pop3 email client yMail

The above is a screen-shot of the main interface in yMail. The pop3 client’s interface can be used to create folders for your mail, read messages in the preview window, drag and drop mails between folders and set up inbound mail filters. You can also import your contacts into yMail, using a standard CSV file.

Pop3 mail scanner

The above is a screen-shot of yMail scanner. Those marked red have been identified as spam.If there are any false positives, you can select them (ctrl+click), right-click and choose “mark as not junk” from the pop up menu.

Get yMail, a free pop3 email client.

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  1. POP3 email client Ymail is a free standalone mail client to protect you from spam. It has an inbuilt intelligent spam filter that trains itself to recognize spam from the contents of your inbox.

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