PowerPivot for Excel 2010 – The ultimate data analysis add-in

Free download PowerPivot for Excel 2010, an ultimate data analysis add-in for the world’s most widely used spreadsheet software.It can be used to process and analyze large volumes of data from all data sources, by using all its familiar features like Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers etc.

Microsoft have taken the popular Pivot tables in Excel to new advanced levels in Excel 2010 with PowerPivot. PowerPivot for Excel is an add-in to Excel 2010. This add-in is not only available for Microsoft Excel 2010 but it is also available for Sharepoint.

Gemini is the code name given by Microsoft for Powerpivot.Though we haven’t fully experimented the capabilities of Powerpivot yet, we are excited to share with you on whatever that we have heard or seen or read about Power Pivot here.

Power Pivot for Excel 2010

PowerPivot is essentially a data analysis tool within Excel 2010 and it lets you make quick and brilliant business decisions. PowerPivot for Excel 2010 is an unbelievable excel 2010 add-in as it delivers unmatched computational power from directly within the world’s most widely used spreadsheet application.

The primary purpose of this add-in is to perform data analysis on large data sets. The add-in makes it easy to import the data from any external data source.After importing the data, it also makes it easy to analyze the data by visualizing it using all the familiar Excel tools like Office Fluent user interface, Pivot Table and Pivot Charts, Slicers and more.

The following are the primary features of Excel Powerpivot add-in.

  • It makes it easy to analyze large data sets by taking advantage of all the existing Excel tools and features. It is a powerful add-in as it simplifies the task of analyzing data trends and in making business critical decisions.
Powerpivot Excel 2010 Free Download
  • The most significant aspect of Power pivot add-in is its performance. It not only imports and processes huge volume of data but it also does it very quickly. It achieves this by making use of its in-memory engine to process the data at lighting fast speed.
Power Pivot manages large data
  • Data can be imported from virtually any external data source. Excel 2010 PowePivot offers native connectivity to all the popular databases such as Terradata, Sybase, Informix, IBM DB2. It can also be easily connected to any other external data source using the OLE DB or OLE DB for ODBC provider. Data can also be imported from data feeds and Microsoft analysis services like SQL Server analysis service cube.
Native Connect
  • After importing the data, PowerPivot processes the entire data and builds amazing relationships between the data sets. It completes this processing at exceptional speeds.
powerpivot excel addin
  • The add-in uses powerful new analytical capabilities, such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).It puts powerful analytical capabilities into the hands of users who want to create advanced analytical applications using powerful excel like expressions such as SamePeriodLastYear(), ClosingBalances(), PrevisDay() etc.
Powerpivot relational data analysis
  • It makes the most of multi-core processors and gigabytes of memory
  • The add-in also provides an option to publish to Microsoft Sharepoint.

Powerpivot is a free download for Excel 2010. Download Powerpivot from here. You would however need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or above to use this feature.

Powerpoint is available only for Office 2010 and it is one good reason for small and medium sized enterprises and home users to buy Office 2010. Experience the power of Powerpivot by getting the Office 2010 Free Download, as we delve into Powerpivot as a power user and find out what is in store further.

Picture Credits: Microsoft Powerpivot.com.

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