Avoid WP 2.7 Comment paging duplicates with Platinum SEO plugin

WordPress 2.7 introduced a number of new features related to Comments. This included features such as threaded (nested) comments and break comments into pages i.e. comment pagination.

Though these features were well received by the wordpress community, the option break comments into pages introduces a duplicate content issue. If you choose to turn on the break comments into pages setting (under Settings >> Discussion), WordPress 2.7 breaks the post into multiple pages, with comments spread across those pages.However the main post content and the title and description tags, will remain the same for all such pages. This will create duplicate title or duplicate description issues, if you or someone else link to the comments page of the Post, rather that the main post and search engine spiders try to crawl those links.

WordPress 2.7 comment pages of posts have unique URLs. These are automatically generated by the WP 2.7 by appending “/comment-page-n/” to the end of the Post URL, where n stands for number of the comments page.The pages represented by these comments pages are duplicates (except for the comments). If you have a Google webmaster Tools account, you can notice these duplicates getting reported under Duplicate Title Tags or Duplicate Meta Description, in case someone links to the URL of your comments page of post rather than the main post URL.

Platinum SEO Plugin now introduces a new option to add “NoIndex” meta tag to these comments pages of posts.This is turned on by default.With this option, you can now safely enable the option to break comments into pages, without worrying about duplicates. With this meta NoIndex tag, Search engines are prevented from indexing these Comments Pages of Posts.This option has been introduced in version 1.2.3 of Platinum SEO plugin.

Another option introduced in version 1.2.3 of Platinum SEO plugin (PSP) is to add NoFollow tag to Category links in breadcrumbs of Posts or Pages, if the PSP options to nofollow category listings on posts or nofollow category listings on pages are chosen.

Enjoy Version 1.2.3 of platinum SEO Plugin 🙂

4 comments on “Avoid WP 2.7 Comment paging duplicates with Platinum SEO plugin

  1. I am already using All in one seo plugin for a long time. What happens if I switch to Platinum SEO? Would all the earlier custom titles and meta descriptions disappear?

    I am facing exactly this problem on my site. It started with comment urls appearing in blogsearch.google.com and then slowly Google indexing of the site ground to a halt. Dup content has that effect on indexing sometimes.

    Seriously looking at this plugin, but cant afford to lose all earlier titles and meta descriptions…

  2. They would not be lost. Infact Platinum SEO imports everything automatically. But make sure that you disable All in one SEO before enabling Platinum SEO and check a few old pages randomly to verify that everything is fine… 🙂

  3. I just flipped from All in One to your Platinum SEO, and just wanted to ease some fears for potential users. Everything seemed to have ported over just fine.

    hope that helps.

    One Question I do have is whether there is any functionality to modify titles/metas for TAG and CATEGORY pages? Does that exist now in this plugin (or a diff plugin?). Any plans to add in the future?

  4. Title and Meta description for category pages can be specified through your WP admin (Category name and description under Post-> Categories).

    But it doesn’t exist for tag pages now.Will look at the possibility of adding the feature.

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