Prevent Yahoo pipes from mashing up your full feeds

Are you finding your feeds being mashed up by sploggers(Content thieves)? There are millions of blogs around and the ratio of splogs to original articles are pretty high in the blogosphere.(Is it so high that it should be called splogosphere?)

There is nothing wrong in any two bloggers writing on the same topic.For example, if I write about an interesting tool,it doesn’t mean that another blogger who writes about it is a splogger, as long as he writes it in his own words and expresses his own opinion in the article.But if the other blogger copies the same content or mashes up my feed content on his blog, then he is a splogger.

Blogs that syndicate full RSS feeds, seem to be main content source for these sploggers.They either mashup or misuse such fully syndicated content.But fully syndicated RSS feeds and subscription numbers are very vital promotional tools for bloggers.Many prefer to syndicate RSS feed in full, as this definitely increases the number of genuine subscribers.

Many sploggers create their mashups using yahoo pipes.Though sploggers cannot be fully prevented from stealing content,there is a way to prevent such sploggers from mashing up your blog’s feeds using yahoo pipes.

  • Logon to your feed burner account
  • Go to Publicize tab of your blog’s fleed
  • Click “No Index service listed at the bottom of “Services” list on the left pane.
  • Check “Indicate that your feed should not be used by Yahoo Pipes” option

Google now owns Feedburner and they give this option to control your feeds.But for some reason this option is available only against Yahoo Pipes.But mashing up content is still achievable with Google’s own google Reader.

7 comments on “Prevent Yahoo pipes from mashing up your full feeds

  1. Great info Rajesh .. lots of sploggers are scraping my feeds 🙁 … I need to check this. 😀

    kanak’s last blog post..How do you feel when your comment is caught by a spam protector plugin ??

  2. Same problem for me too. Too many sploggers using my posts. Will check out this option.

    Nirmal’s last blog post..8GB 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption USB Drive from Kingston

  3. Hey Rajesh,
    Thanks for the info. Most of my posts are splogged by some sites! Is it actually so bad?

    Mohan’s last blog post..MPlayer – the movie player – installation for Windows and Mac OS X

  4. It is definitely not gud…

    1. someone else is taking credit for your posts by just reproducing it…

    2. Google sometimes ranks your splogger’s article higher than yours and considers your article as duplicate…this is very bad for your search engine traffic…

  5. Nice information. Just found out one splogger using my feed.

  6. hey very nice info.. m off to my feedburner!

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  8. you can also use robot.txt to block yahoo pipe

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