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How to print to PDF any web page or any other document in windows 7, vista or windows xp

– While office 2007 and office 2010 have the native Save as PDF option, if you do like to print any office 2003 document or the content of any notepad file or a web page, the best option is to download and use the free cutePDF writer!

Download and install cutePDF Writer for Windows

Download cutePDF writer and converter as a single pack here.

Extract the content in the zip archive to a folder and install both the PDF writer and the converter.Note that during installation of the PDF writer, you will find that it also installs an Ask toolbar! If you don’t want it, uninstall the toolbar from your browser.If you have multiple browsers like internet explorer 9, firefox, google chrome etc. you will have to uninstall the toolbar from each one individually! This was the only annoyance. But they provide this free tool as an ad free software and the Ask toolbar is probably how they are monetizing it!

Towards the end of installing the writer, you will be prompted for installing the converter.This will however need internet connection to be enabled on your computer. You can instead cancel it and double click the converter executable file that you extracted from the zip, to install it.This will not require you to be connected to the internet.

How to print to PDF?

After completing the installation of both the writer and the converter, you will find cutePDF writer as a virtual printer on your computer. To print to PDF, any web page or a notepad file, simply choose File => Print and you will find cutePDF writer as an option.

PDF Writer

Choose it and click Print.You will get a “Save as” dialog box, where you can specify the location to save the PDF output.

print to PDF

That is it!

cutePDF can not only convert Word to PDF or Excel to PDF, but it can also convert any picture to PDF i.e convert JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF and more!

cutePDF is free for any kind of use – personal, commercial, government or educational! It does not annoy you with those not so cool watermarks, like most other trial software! It is available for windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit), vista and windows xp to convert almost any document anything to PDF!

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