HP Smart Web Printing – Free download and print multiple web pages smartly

HP Smart Web Printing is a free download from HP (Hewlett Packard). It is a free internet (web based) application that adds on to Internet Explorer and Firefox. HP Smart Web Printing lets you print web pages smartly by selecting, collecting, storing, combining and printing your desired content from multiple websites.

HP Smart Web Printing not only lets you print what you want from multiple websites but it also allows you to print in whatever manner you desire.This can be achieved by selecting, storing and organizing text and graphics from several different web pages and then editing and printing in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) manner.

How does HP Smart Web Printing help?

HP Smart Web Printing saves you paper and time:

It is a great and easy printing solution from HP, that saves you time and paper. It saves you from printing all the content from different web pages. Rather, it lets you print only the desired content from multiple web pages, while leaving behind unnecessary content.

Select and aggregate desired web content:

It lets you easily select text and graphics from multiple web pages and combine and store them in a custom document.

Edit the aggregated web content with HP Smart Web Printing:

It lets you edit the aggregated content, both text and graphics, in your custom document.You can thus get the aggregated content printed in a WYSIWYG editor (your custom document).

Save the aggregated web content as a PDF file with HP Smart Web Printing:

It also lets you save the aggregated web content as an Adobe PDF file.

Get paper friendly prints with HP Smart Web Printing:

It automatically scales the custom document (a web page) output to fit the width of your paper.This helps ensure that your print copy contains the information that you see onscreen. All text and images will remain intact.

It also fixes right-edge clipping automatically, eliminating wasteful prints containing clipped pages or sparse lines of useless text. But this feature works in IE 6.0 only.Hopefully HP (Hewlett Packard) will make it compatible with other browsers and higher IE versions.

Free download HP Smart Web Printing:

Free download HP Smart Web Printing application for internet – HP_Smart_Web_Printing4.0.exe and double click the exe to install it.

HP Smart Web Printing works in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

It is an add-on (enhancement) to the following browsers.

  • Internet Explorer version 6.0, 6.0 SP1 and 7.0 (32-bit versions only)
  • Mozilla Firefox version 2.0.0x

How to print web pages smartly, neatly and accurately?

The tool lets print web pages,

  • by selecting text and graphics easily from any web site and saving a handy list of clips
  • saving paper by combining portions of numerous web pages
  • by Previewing and modifying clips before printing

Enjoy the smart web page printing solution.

4 comments on “HP Smart Web Printing – Free download and print multiple web pages smartly

  1. Internet explorer 8 and HP Smart Web Printing not compatible

    Am I supposed to download HP Smart Web Printing something (software?)

    If it is not compatible with IE 8 what good does downloading it do?

    I cannot back out IE8 download.

  2. Yes it is not yet available for IE8.But you may expect HP Smart Web Printing to be available for IE8, as IE8 is now out of beta.

  3. Is HP Smart Web Printing available for google Chrome?
    many thanks – Jack

  4. I would love to have it for Google chrome but i am not sure about it though…