Get product keys/Serial numbers/licenses of softwares on your computer

Download license crawler and find product keys, serial numbers and licenses for all software applications installed on your computers running windows OS.

License crawler is a small and free utility. It is free for any non-commercial usage and it is an ideal software to retrieve product keys, product IDs etc. of all the programs installed on your computer. This will prove to be handy when you lost the CD keys for any legally bought software and find a need to re-install them. You can use this tool to retrieve the information from the windows registry.

This free software works on windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP and all earlier versions. It doesn’t require any installation as it is a portable software. Being small in size, it can be carried in your USB sticks and used anywhere.

License crawler is a very quick scanner and lists down the Serial numbers, product keys or licenses, Product IDs and CD Keys of most software installed on your computer including office 2007, windows vista, windows XP, photo editors like adobe Photoshop, etc.

It can even be run from the USB stick or through the local network to scan all the computers on such network. After downloading this software, it is recommended to run it immediately to extract the keys for all the software currently installed on any computer. You may then back up this information in a safe location.

Get product keys or licenses of software on your computer

Free download license crawler:

Download license crawler and use it on windows 7, vista, windows XP or any other version of windows operating system. It is a very simple tool and the interface makes it easy and straight forward for any user to use it without the need for any assistance.

We had earlier reviewed another free software to retrieve the product ids and CD-keys of Windows 7, Vista, windows XP, windows 2000, MS-Office, Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer using ProduKey.

You can even try Magical Jelly bean key finder to get products keys of vista and XP.

If you are on Windows XP, try rockXP to find or change windows xp product key.

Windows Vista users can download and try windows vista CD key finder to find the vista product key and change vista product key.

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