Find Product Keys On windows

Retrieve Product keys of sotwares installed on your computer system, from the windws registry, using the free Product Key finder.Product keys/CD license keys are vital to install and use most of the softwares.

Product Key Finder has both a GUI and a command line version that supports recovery of product keys or CD keys from computers.It can also recover product keys from network computers. This software is useful in case you had lost the product key/CD key of the any software installed on your system.It is quite common You can use it to retrieve the product key from the windows registry and keep a record of it.

Features of Product Key Finder:

  • Support for retrieval of product keys from more than 200 windows applications
  • Support for both GUI and command line interface
  • Supports retrieval of product keys from Windows vista, windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008
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How to retrieve product keys using the command line option?

The following are the Command line options to retrieve the software product keys on Windows, using Product Key Finder.

CPP-ProductKeyFinder.exe /csv

Outputs the license keys to the current directory in CSV format.

/remote <computername>

Queries the remote host for license information. For Example: “CPP-ProductKeyFinder.exe /remote techbliss-VM01″ queries the remote host “techbliss-VM01” for the keys and logs them to a txt file, in the working directory, named whatever the computer name is i.e. techbliss-VM01.txt.Any errors that occur while retrieving the product keys, will be logged to Errors.txt in the working directory.

Free download Product Key Finder from here and retrieve product key or CD Key information from the Windows registry.

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