Protect your website from spambots with Bad behaviour

Bad Behaviour, as the name suggests, protects your PHP-based website from badly behaving spam bots. Thus Bad Behaviour prevents spammers and e-mail address harvesters from spamming your site with junk or scraping your site’s pages for e-mail addresses. Bad Behavior also blocks many automated Web site cracking tools.

How does Bad Behaviour work?

Bad Behaviour validates every request to your web site for possible automated spam bots.If it detects a spam bot, it will not allow your website to respond and will instead send appropriate 4xx error codes.Thus Bad Behaviour helps reduces the amount of server CPU time, database activity and bandwidth spent on processing robots, which are just harvesting your site and delivering junk.

Bad Behavior is very good for website security as it works completely different from other anti-spam solutions. Bad Behavior works by targetting the methods by which the spam is delivered rather than the actual spam. This is a very efficient architecture, as it helps prevent a lot of malicious activity, not just spam. It blocks automated website cracking tools and also blocks many email address harvesters.

Bad behaviour is platform independent and uses a connector to integrate with web applications like wordpress, phpBB, Joomla, mediawiki etc. It can even be used to protect static HTML pages with some web servers.

How does Bad Behaviour help?

Bad behaviour prevents automated spam bots from accessing your website and lets you filter them out of your server’s logs. Thus it helps you do a better log analysis, by making logs more accurate and thereby giving better insight into the real traffic visiting your site, rather than the spammers.

Free download and install Bad behaviour:

Free download Bad Behavior. Unzip the file, and you will have a Bad-Behavior folder containing all the Bad Behavior files.

How to install Bad Behaviour in wordpress?

Upload the Bad-Behavior folder and its contents to your wordpress plugins directory, in ASCII mode. Then activate the plugin from wordpress plugin admin page.That is it folks.

Bad Behavior will from then on protect all of your WordPress posts,pages and even RSS feeds automatically.

Bad Behaviour administrative options in wordpress?

The following are the Bad Behaviour administrative options in wordpress.


This lets display Bad Behavior statistics in your wordpress blog’s footer. But for those who are performance concious, this may be turned off.


When verbose mode is turned on, all HTTP requests are logged.When verbose mode is off, only blocked requests and a few suspicious (but permitted) requests are blocked. Verbose mode is off by default.Verbose mode may be turned off in high traffic sites to ensure good performance.One can even disable logging completely but Bad Behaviour author does not recommend it as additional spam can get through.Bad Behavior stores its log in the bad_behavior table in your WordPress database.Probably the information in this table is used to block repeat spammers.

Turning on verbose mode causes all HTTP requests to be logged. When verbose mode is off, only blocked requests and a few suspicious (but permitted) requests are blocked. Verbose mode is off by default. Using verbose mode is not recommended as it can significantly slow down your site; it exists to capture data from live spammers which are not being blocked. You can also disable logging entirely, but this is not recommended since it will cause additional spam to get through.


Bad Behavior operates in two blocking modes: normal and strict. In strict mode, certain types of corporate and government users may be blocked apart from the spam from those sources.

You can also make Bad Behavior to protect your wordpress pages cached with WordPress Advanced Cache 2 and WP Super Cache plugins.

Install Bad Behavior as it must be the first line of defense to any php based site including wordpress, phpBB, mediawiki etc. while Akismet and other spam preventing plugins act as the secondary line of defense.

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  2. Thanks,that sounds really good. But does Bad Behaviour know difference between good (Googlebot, Google AdSense, Yahoo FeedSeeker, etc.) and bad bots?

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