Quick Start Menu For Windows

Organize Start Menu in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000 and earlier versions of windows with Express Menu. This is a free windows Start Menu organizer that removes clutter from the programs list and improves your PC experience.

The default Windows Start Menu is easy to use only when you have a few software programs installed. But as time passes by, you install more and more software on your PC and the list of programs in “windows Start menu” becomes lengthier.You will often find it difficult to quickly locate a program from the Start menu. This is where programs like Express Menu are very handy.

Express Menu is a good supplement to windows start menu. It does not affect the existing start menu in windows but it provides an alternative Start menu that is quick to navigate and easy to use.

How to install and use Express Start Menu ?

  • Free download Bullzip Express Start Menu
  • Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to a desired location
  • Find and run the program setup from the extracted contents
  • Express Start Menu gets installed on your PC. After installation, you need to define your own Express start menu by overwriting the default Start Menu installed by the program. To do this, copy shortcuts to the “menu” folder where Express Menu was installed. This would usually be “C:\Program Files\Bullzip\Express Menu\menu” folder. You can also organize the shortcuts by creating appropriate folders under “menu” folder and moving the shortcuts to them
Start menu in Windows
  • After defining your alternative windows start menu as outlined above, right click the Express Start Menu icon in the system tray and Click “reload” to load the Start menu. You need to reload the “Express Start Menu” whenever you make changes to it.

That is all! To start using your windows Express start menu, simply press “Win key + Z” on your keyboard. The Express start menu will appear on the top left corner of the PC screen. You can also activate the Express Start menu by right clicking the Express menu icon in system tray and clicking “Show”.

Enjoy a better Start Menu on Windows with Express Start Menu .

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