QuickRes for better display from your PC monitor

Do you like to have a different resolution and color depth when you view videos or photos on your monitor? Then here is Quick Res for you…

    Quick Res

Quick Res will allow you to change resolution, color depth and frequency of your monitor through a little icon in the system tray.

This can be useful if you want to enjoy videos, older computer games, if more than one user is using the computer (everyone can define the size of Fonts and Icons on the screen) or are using VNC to access your computer.

    Quick Res for better resolution

Quick Res lists all the supported resolutions and allows you to choose the one you desire. Most used resolutions can be stored in a favorites list to have faster access to them.

A timeout (that you can define) makes sure that you only choose resolutions you computer really supports.

Download Quick Res from here.

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