Ultimate rapidshare download manager for free users

Download files and other content from rapidshare, with the free downloader Rapidshare Plus. Free users of rapidshare have to wait for a period of time before they can download any desired content. These timers make downloading multiple content, a very painful task.

If you are a frustrated rapidshare free user, then here is a tool that you would adore, namely, Rapidshare Plus. This is a simple and user friendly utility that helps the free users, to download multiple files from rapidshare automatically. Rapidshare Plus is a free download manager for rapidshare, and this has been built for the convenience of free users.

Do you have several files to download from rapidshare? Don’t worry.Simply paste all those rapidshare download links in the interface of this free download manager, select a download folder location on your computer, and click “Download”.Then grab a cup of coffee or enjoy your favorite music, until the files get downloaded to your computer.

free rapidshare download manager

Rapidshare Plus does not cheat on rapidshare, as it does not bypass the timers, imposed on free users, for content downloads.Rather it makes life simpler for the free users, to manage multiple downloads from rapidshare automatically. It also lets you know the status of downloads, by way of a progress bar.

Free download Rapidshare Plus.

2 comments on “Ultimate rapidshare download manager for free users

  1. Hey everyone,

    Here’s a site that lets you download rapidshare premium links for free and no wait times…. check it out:

    RapidshareDaemon dot com

  2. This is great news! I’ve run across a site with tons of files I wanted to download but I kept putting it off due to the rapidshare timers. This will certainly save me time on my downloads. Thanks.

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