Rapidshare Downloads With RapidDownload

Free users of Rapidshare can rapidly download Rapidshare files with RapidDownload. This is a small, powerful and fast Rapidshare downloader, to download a batch of files from Rapidshare Links, contained within a file called download.txt, that has to reside in the same directory as RapidDownload.

Earlier we covered a hack for Free Rapidshare Downloads with Zero wait time. However, the hack does not work always. You can give RapidDownload a try, which lets you download files rapidly with no Wait time.

How to use RapidDownload?

Simply Copy Paste a few Rapidshare links into the download.txt document and run the main application, rapiddownload.exe. The tool will automatically check the availability of files on Rapidshare, scan for the real download links, run down the wait timer countdown and finally download the files to you PC.

If you do a search for rapidshare files via Rapidshare Search Engines and have a results page in your browser, full of Rapidshare Links, simply save that page as downloads.txt and Rapid Download is intelligent enough to process them, even if it is html .

Features of RapidDownload:

  • High performance Rapidshare downloader and Crawler, created in assembly language
  • Ultra small program with only 14 KB size
  • Supports Proxies and it uses Internet Explorer proxy settings. You can auto change your IP easily with a command line proxy switcher executed from “IP_changer.bat”, and that will permit you to the next download with no waits
  • Works on windows vista, Windows XP and all other windows versions
  • Does not contain any adware or spyware or viruses or malware or junk
  • Very simple to use and maintain, and you are in control
  • Does not require any installation or registry changes. You can simply unzip and run!
  • Complex crawling engine, automatic retries, server pages recognition and user extensibile
  • Has a very intuitive interface. Copy your Rapidshare links to the file “downloads.txt” and then start RapidDownload to download them automatically

Rapid Download is a very simple program with zero configuration requirements and it is a good tool to rapidly download files from Rapidshare. Enjoy fast Rapidshare Downloads With RapidDownload.

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