Rapidshare Links

Rapidshare links are links (URLs) to files hosted on Rapidshare. Rapdishare is one of the most popular file hosting services on the web and users upload and download thousands of files everyday.You could almost find any file that you are searching for on Rapidshare.

How to find Rapidshare links?

We earlier covered a few good Rapidshare Search Engines to search for files in Rapidshare.They list Rapidshare links to files you want to download.You can find the links to Rapidshare files by searching using relevant keywords, via the Rapidshare Search Engines. But how do you ensure that those links are valid before you download the files? Let us find out the way to check the validity of rapidshare links in this article.

How to check the validity of Rapidshare links?

If you have Firefox browser with the Greasemonkey Add-on enabled, then you could install this Rapidshare links’ checker script. Upon installation, if you visit any web page with Rapidshare links, the script will automatically check those links for validity.

Rapidshare links

The script can check hundreds of links on rapidshare.com, within a few seconds. Moreover there is no limit in the number of links that can be checked. Infact, you can even check 2000 links at once and you will not be blocked from rapidshare.com . The speed at which the script checks the rapidshare links is amazingly fast, as it checks all the links in a batch and not sequentially.

Enjoy the Rapidshare search engines and ensure the validity of Rapidshare links by enabling Greasemonkey on firefox and installling the above mentioned Rapidshare links Checker script.

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