Rapidshare search engine add-on for firefox

Manage Rapidshare files with RSE Tools for firefox. This is a free firefox add-on to work on rapidshare files and it provides all rapidshare-search-engine.com tools via right-click or Tools menu.

Earlier we covered a free rapidshare downloader to download files/content from rapidshare easily.We also covered Freerapid, another free tool to manage rapidshare downloads.

rapidshare-search-engine.com is a search engine for rapidshare.Now all the tools of this search engine can be accessed from your firefox browser.

Rapidshare search engine add-on for firefox

Features of Rapidshare search engine add-on – RSE Tools:

  • Get rapidshare links from any specific page
  • Test selected rapidshare links on a page that has rapidshare links
  • Search rapidshare files for selected terms,that does not include rapidshare links, using rapidshare-Search-Engine.com (RSE)

The rapidshare links will be presented in such a way that they can be easily used with download managers.Free download RSE Tools firefox add-on and easily search for rapidshare files from firefox browser.

2 comments on “Rapidshare search engine add-on for firefox

  1. the most advanced rapidshare search engine I have found so far:
    www.checkedsearch.com (shows really good results and checks the links)

  2. Nice , Thank you.
    But The Best I found is http://www.crawlrapidshare.com
    it searches the net in real time.
    I suggest you to add this to your list 😉

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