Rapidshare Search Engines for best rapidshare searches

Rapidshare Search Engines are search engines that have been specifically built to search rapidshare, one of the biggest and widely used file hosting service provider.

Rapdishare community uploads several thousands of files every day. These rapidshare files include movies, songs, videos, office templates, softwares, tools and many others. If ever you are looking for rapidshare links to one of those files, the rapidshare search engines listed below should be your first destination.

While free users of rapidshare can upload files of sizes upto 200 MB, rapidshare premium account holders can upload files of sizes upto 2MB. Moreover files of free users are deleted after 90 days without download (i.e. if they have not been downloaded for the past 90 days, at any point of time), but files of premium users are never deleted.Free users also face time delays and captchas while downloading files while premium users can start downloading files instantly. However we had covered a free rapidshare download manager for easy Rapidshare downloads. We also covered a good download manager for rapidshare premium account.

However, before you download, you need a link to the file you intend to download from rapidshare. How will you find the links to the files you are looking for, as there is no integrated search engine in rapidshare. This is where rapidshare search engines help. All you need to do is to go to one of those search engines and type in the relevant keywords for the files you are looking for.

Rapdishare Search Engines:

There are two types of rapidshare search engines. While many are Google custom search engines, that does the rapidshare file search using the power of google and complex algorithms, Others use their own database of rapidshare links to search the appropriate files.This database is updated at regulated intervals.

Here are some of the rapidshare search engines that you could try to search files on Rapidshare.

Update: Many of them either don’t exist or do not work well anymore.

  • CheckedSearch.com
  • RapidShare1.com
  • rapidshare-search-engine.com
  • rapid.tvphp.net
  • rapidshare.tvphp.net
  • xoogo.com
  • rapidsharedata.com
  • rapidshareindex.com
  • filecrop.com
  • rapidzilla.net
  • megadownload.net
  • kvaz.com
  • sharedigger.com
  • rapidosearch.com
  • rapidsharesearch.co.uk
  • filesbot.com

Hope you enjoy the above list while we discover more such rapidshare search engines for you…

6 comments on “Rapidshare Search Engines for best rapidshare searches

  1. just found a cool rapidshare search engine: although it takes longer
    to search, the results are really good: checkedsearch dot com (it
    checks the results before displaying them). so in the end its a time

  2. checkedsearch.com has just updated its functionality, leaving
    behind all other rapidshare search engines: almost no ads, extremly
    good results and showning only checked rapidshare links. this
    combination makes it currently the best rapidshare search engine.
    recent updates are really cool, must check it out!

  3. how about crawlrapidshare.com ? I love it…

  4. New Rapidshare Search Engine With a lot of Rapidshare.com links.


  5. I recommend another rapidshare search engine – http://rapid4me.com/ . Personally for me it is a nice source of all kinds of files, movies, music etc…

  6. Nice List , Thank you.
    But The Best I found is http://www.crawlrapidshare.com
    it searches the net in real time.
    I suggest you to add this to your list 😉

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