Receive faxes and voice messages in your email inbox freely with K7

Receive faxes and voice messages without having to be at the office with K7. You can receive both faxes and voicemails, as email attachments. K7 Unified Messaging makes it possible for you to receive your voice messages and fax messages as email attachments.All you have to do to hear/view those voice or fax messages is to just click those attachments.

How does K7 Unified Messaging work?

Sign up freely with K7 Unified Messaging and a confirmation letter will be sent to your email address containing your free phone number (K7 number), security code and additional information about this free service. The free phone number (K7 number) will act as an independent voicemail box but it is not attached to any of your actual phone numbers! This free phone number from K7 Unified Messaging will also act as your fax mail box. With K7 Unified Messaging, no one other than you can hear or view your voice/fax messages, since your messages are not tied to any phone.

Your voice messages and fax messages will be sent as email attachments (as a”.wav” or “.tif” file) and can be heard/viewed with the click of a mouse. If you can’t access your email remotely, you can receive both faxes and voice messages via the K7 Web site. K7 will also work with free email services such as “Hotmail”.. The K7 number (free phone number) enables you to have your voicemail messages and faxes delivered directly to your inbox.

What equipments are needed to use K7 Unified Messaging?

With K7 Unified Messaging, your PC or computer system becomes your gateway to receive faxes. Your faxes can be easily received, viewed and printed. All you need is only a web enabled computer and you also need a sound card, speakers and software such as real player or winamp to hear voicemails.

Other features of K7 Unified Messaging:

  • You can have your home, office phone and fax machine automatically answered by K7.
  • Unlike fax modems, which require your PC to be “on”, K7 messages are received at your ISP and are downloaded when you receive your email.
  • You can personalize your outgoing messages
  • Your K7 mailbox can hold up to 20 messages at any time.But in any case, all your voicemails or fax messages will be available in your inbox until you clean them up.
  • Voicemails delivered to your K7 number can be up to five full minutes in length.
  • You can also receive multiple pages in a single fax transmission, but the file cannot exceed 2 megs.
  • You can also get a Toll Free 800 number pointed at your K7 Account.

However all K7 numbers are assigned randomly from an available number list in Seatle, U.S.A (area code 206). Calls made to your K7 number are long distance for people outside the Seattle area. These calls will incur normal long distance charges from the long distance carrier used by the sender.International callers will incur normal international long distance charges.

For more information read K7 FAQs. Go to K7 dot net. and start creating your web based unified messaging solution.

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