Recover Instant Messenger password with Messenger Key

Recover Messenger passwords of any of your favourite IM clients including MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ with Messenger Key. This is a free tool to instantly recover your lost Messenger password.

Many individual home users of instant messengers choose the IM client option to remember (save) the login and password information, as it helps to login automatically, without the boring task of typing them for every login. But over time, there are chances of they forgetting their passwords.This usually happens in the case of users who use different IM tools with different passwords.

Though, many IM (Instant messaging) service providers including Google, have a single signon option for all their applications, many users prefer to use a different user account for their IM needs i.e. they maintain seperate user accounts for their IM clients including MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ. Here again, the chances of forgetting such IM passwords are more.

In the above situations, a free tool like Messenger Key is immensely useful.

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Features of Messenger Key:

  • Messenger Key supports password recovery for all versions of Mirabilis ICQ (starting with ICQ 99), MSN Messenger, Google Talk (GTalk) and Yahoo Messenger
  • Supports instant password recovery with state of the art password recovery engine
  • Supports recovery of multilingual passwords

Messenger Key works on windows vista/XP. Free download Messenger Key and enjoy recovering your lost/forgotten MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ password .

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